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Mercedes-Benz 2003 SL 500 Operator's Manual
How long did it take you to lose that 16lbs? Courtesy Lighting Manual control Switching lamps on Press switch 3. Our mill was traditional, and it was also our home. I lost 4lbs in the first week and only one in the second. Emergency Engine Shut-down Getting started Parking and locking 1 Lock button on the door handle After exiting the vehicle, press the lock button 1 on the door handle. Use of any such linked web site is at the user's own risk.

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Setting parking position for exterior rear view mirror You can store a parking position for the passenger exterior rear view mirror using the memory switch page Controls in detail Control system Fuel consumption statistics after start Press button ÿ or è repeatedly until you see the first function of the Trip computer menu.

Resetting fuel consumption statistics Press button ÿ or è repeatedly until you see the first function of the Trip computer menu. Press button j or k repeatedly until you see the reading that you want to reset in the left display. Press and hold the reset knob in the in- strument cluster page 21 until the value is reset to Controls in detail Control system Never operate radio transmitters equipped with a built-in or attached antenna i.

You have ended the call. In the right display you will again see the standby message. Dialing a number from the phone book If your telephone is ready to receive calls, you may select and dial a number from the phone book at any time. Controls in detail Control system Redialing The control system stores the most recent- ly dialed phone numbers.

This eliminates the need to search through your entire phone book. Press button ÿ or è repeatedly until you see the menu in the left display. Your transmission adapts its gear shifting process to your individual driving style by continually adjusting the shift points up or down.

Controls in detail Automatic transmission One-touch gearshifting Even with an automatic transmission you can change the gears yourself when the selector lever is in position D. Downshifting Briefly press the selector lever to the left in the D— direction. The transmission will shift from the cur- rent gear to the next lower gear. The selected gear range will appear in the tachometer display field. Coasting the vehicle, or driving for any other reason with selector lever in N, can result in transmission damage that is not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.

Getting out of your vehicle with the selector lever not fully engaged in position P is dan- gerous. Less throttle Earlier upshifting More throttle Later upshifting Kickdown Use kickdown when you want maximum acceleration. Press the accelerator past the point of resistance. The transmission shifts into a lower gear. Activating steering wheel gearshift control Press the program mode selector switch repeatedly until the for manu- al shift program appears in the tachom- eter display field.

Automatic gear shifting is deactivated. Upshifting Press the button located on the right side of the steering wheel. Move selector lever to P. Turn off the engine. Wait at least ten seconds before re- starting. Move selector lever to position D for 2nd gear or R. Have the transmission checked at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible. Controls in detail Good visibility Headlamp cleaning system The switch is located on the left side of the dashboard.

Rear window defroster For information on the rear window de- froster page Sun visors The sun visors protect you from sun glare while driving. Controls in detail Automatic climate control Item Center air vent, adjustable Center air vent, fixed Air temperature controls for cen- ter and side air vents Air volume control for center and side air vents Center air vent, adjustable Side defroster vent Side air vent, adjustable Automatic climate control panel For draft-free ventilation, move the slid The automatic climate control is operation- al whenever the engine is running.

You can operate the climate control system in ei- ther the automatic or manual mode. The system cools or heats the interior depend- ing on the selected interior temperature and the current outside temperature.

Controls in detail Automatic climate control Adjusting the temperature for center and side air vents When outside temperatures are low, you can manually raise the air temperature for the center and side air vents. The controls 3 are located between the center air vents page Adjusting air distribution Use the air distribution controls 2 and 6 page to separately adjust the air distribution on each side of the passenger compartment.

The following symbols are found on the controls: Symbol Function Directs air through the cen- ter air vents Directs air to the windows Directs air into the entire Controls in detail Automatic climate control Air recirculation mode Switch to air recirculation mode to prevent unpleasant odors from entering the vehicle from the outside.

This setting cuts off the intake of outside air and recirculates the air in the passenger compartment. Rear window defroster The rear window defroster uses a large amount of power. To keep the battery drain to a minimum, switch off the defrost- er as soon as the rear window is clear.

The defroster is automatically deactivated af- ter approximately 6 to 17 minutes of oper- ation depending on the outside temperature. Controls in detail Automatic climate control Residual heat and ventilation With the engine switched off, it is possible to continue to heat or ventilate the interior for up to 30 minutes. This feature makes use of the residual heat produced by the engine.

The compressor has turned itself off. The air condition- ing cannot be turned on again. Have the air conditioner checked at the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Controls in detail Automatic climate control Ventilated storage compartments The glove box and the armrest storage compartment are have their own air vents that allow for cooling ventilation when the automatic climate control system is acti- vated.

You should keep these air vents closed when outside temperatures are low. Power windows Opening and closing the windows The side windows can be opened and closed electrically. The switch for the passenger side is on the pas- senger door. Controls in detail Power windows Opening the front side windows Press switch 1 or 2.

The window left or right will move downwards until you release the switch. If the hardtop is open, the respective rear window will open automatically as soon as the front window is completely open. Retractable hardtop Opening and closing the retractable hardtop For safety reasons, the retractable hardtop can only be opened and closed when the vehicle is standing still.

Before operating the switch for the retract- able hardtop, make sure that no persons are injured by the moving parts retractable roof, roof frame, and trunk lid due to inat- tention. Controls in detail Retractable hardtop Luggage cover The luggage cover is located in the trunk. Hook the luggage cover into the left and right side holders 2. Opening luggage cover Unhook luggage cover from side hold- ers. Pull up on the hardtop switch as indi- cated by the arrow until the hardtop is completely lowered into its trunk stor- age compartment and the indicator lamp in the hardtop switch goes out.

The multifunction display will briefly show the message Hardtop open Be sure that the roof is dry before you open it. The hardtop is not fully closed and locked or not fully opened and locked if: If the retractable hardtop does not com- pletely open or close, the roof hydraulics will lose pressure and the retractable hardtop is lowered after approximately seven minutes when the ignition is switched on after approximately 15 seconds when the ignition is switched off Shortly before the hardtop is lowered, a warning will sound and the hardtop switch lamp will blink.

Properly lock the retractable hardtop page before continuing to drive. If the indicator lamp continues to blink af- ter you have carried out the above actions, there is a malfunction. Have the retractable hardtop system checked at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. The retractable hardtop will not lock There is a malfunction in the retractable hardtop system. To prevent a possible accident when visibility is limited e. Controls in detail Retractable hardtop 2 Close the fastening straps Guide the fastening straps around the top of the roll bar and close the buck- les.

Tighten the fastening straps if neces- sary. Lower the roll bar. Fold the upper section of the wind screen up towards the head restraints until it stops. Opening Squeeze the stop buttons 1 and guide the sunshade towards the rear. Controls in detail Retractable hardtop Controls in detail Driving systems Driving systems The driving systems of your vehicle are de- scribed on the following pages: Briefly lift 1 or depress 2 the cruise control lever. The speed stored in memory should only be set again if prevailing road conditions per- mit.

If the Distronic distance sensor detects a slower moving vehicle directly ahead, your vehicle speed will be reduced so that you follow that vehicle at a preset distance.

Controls in detail Driving systems Warning! Distronic cannot take street and traffic con- ditions into account. Only use Distronic if the weather and traffic conditions make it advisable to travel at a steady speed. Use of Distronic can be dangerous on slip- pery roads. Distronic displays in the speedometer dial If Distronic detects a vehicle directly ahead, the DTR indicator lamp E in the speedometer dial lights up white. If the distance to the vehicle ahead is too small for the DTR to be able to maintain the preset distance, the DTR warning lamp E in the speedometer lights up red.

The Distronic brakes your vehicle with a maximum of 6. Distronic brakes the vehicle in an effort to restore the preset distance or to maintain the speed. Distronic activated When Distronic is activated the DTR sym- bol and the set speed are seen in the left display.

The cruise control lever is the uppermost lever found on the left-hand side of the steering column. Controls in detail Driving systems 1 Set speed 2 White DTR indicator lamp E The vehicle speed displayed on the speedometer can briefly vary from the speed setting on the distronic system.

Setting the current speed Accelerate or decelerate to the desired speed. Setting a lower speed Depress the cruise control lever to position 2 page and hold it down until the desired speed is reached. Release the cruise control lever. The new speed is set. When you use the cruise control lever to decelerate, the transmission will au- tomatically downshift if the rate of de- celeration is too low.

Controls in detail Driving systems Deactivating Distronic There are several ways to deactivate the Distronic system: Briefly tip the cruise control lever in the direction of arrow 3 page Step on the brake pedal.

Distronic will be deactivated. The last speed set will be stored into memory. Decreasing distance Decreasing the distance setting tells Dis- tronic to maintain a smaller following dis- tance to the vehicle ahead. As required by the traffic situation, apply the brakes and navigate around a possible ob- stacle.

Distronic works to maintain the speed se- lected by the driver unless a moving obsta- cle proceeding directly ahead of it in the same travel direction is detected e. Controls in detail Driving systems Offset driving A vehicle traveling in your lane but offset from your direct line of travel may not be detected by Distronic.

There will be insuffi- cient distance to the vehicle ahead. Lane changing Distronic has not yet detected the vehicle changing lanes.

Suspension tuning The suspension tuning is set according to: Controls in detail Driving systems Vehicle level control Your vehicle automatically adjusts its ride height to: With increasing speed, ride height is re- duced by up to approximately one inch 25 mm. The following vehicle level settings can be selected when the vehicle is stationary: Vehicle level when Use for stationary Normal Normal operation Level 1 Driving with snow chains page Level 2 Very rough road surface conditions Dependent on loading The switch and the indicator lamps are lo- cated in the lower section of the center console.

Parktronic is a supplemental system. It is not intended to, nor does it replace, the need for extreme care. The responsibility during parking and other critical maneuvers always rests with the driver.

Special attention must be paid to objects with smooth surfaces or low silhouettes e. Range of the sensors To function properly, the sensors must be free of dirt, ice snow and slush.

Clean the sensors regularly, being careful not to scratch or damage the sensors. Front sensors Center approx. Controls in detail Driving systems Front area warning indicator 1 Left side of the vehicle 2 Right side of the vehicle Each warning indicator is divided into six yellow and two red segments for either side of the vehicle.

The Parktronic system is ready when the border around the indi- cator is illuminated. Have the Parktronic system checked by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Cen- ter as soon as possible. Controls in detail Driving systems If only the red segments of the Parktronic Controls in detail Useful features Useful features Interior storage spaces Warning!

To help avoid personal injury during a colli- sion or sudden maneuver, exercise care when stowing objects in the vehicle. Put lug- gage or cargo in the trunk if possible. Do not pile luggage or cargo higher than the seat backs. When not in use, keep the cup holder closed.

Place only containers that fit into the cup holder to prevent spills. Use lids on open containers and do not fill containers to a height where the contents, especially hot liquids, could spill during vehicle maneu- vers. Controls in detail Useful features Warning! When not in use, remove the auxiliary cup holder. Place only containers that fit into the auxiliary cup holder to prevent spills. Use lids on open containers and do not fill con- tainers to a height where the contents, es- pecially hot liquids, could spill during vehicle maneuvers.

Armrest storage spaces The buttons are located under the cushion of the armrest. Opening storage compartment Press button 2 and lift the armrest. Locking the storage spaces The storage spaces are centrally locked when you lock the vehicle from the out Controls in detail Useful features Locking the storage compartments separately You can lock the storage compartments separately, e.

Parcel net in trunk There are three nets available in the trunk to secure loads: Controls in detail Useful features Pull the strap 2 out of the holder 1. Secure the luggage with the strap so that it cannot move. Insert the strap in the latch 3. Releasing the strap Press the release button 4 and guide the strap back to the holder.

Cigarette lighter The lighter socket can be used to accom- modate electrical accessories up to a maximum of W. Push in the cigarette lighter 1.

The lighter will pop out automatically when hot. Never touch the heating element or sides of the lighter; Controls in detail Useful features Switching on Make sure that the ignition is switched All the lamps in the instrument cluster should light up.

Turn lever in the direction of arrow 1. The steering wheel is heated. Indicator lamp 2 lights up. Switching off Turn lever in the direction of arrow 3. The external antenna must be approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Please contact an autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center for informa- tion on the installation of an approved external antenna. Refer to the radio trans- mitter operation instructions regarding use of an external antenna. Please do not forget that your primary re- sponsibility is to drive the vehicle. For your safety and the safety of others, we rec- ommend that you pull over to a safe location and stop before placing or taking a tele- phone call. If a malfunction is indicated as outlined above, the system may not operate as ex- pected.

Have the system checked at the nearest Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible Emergency calls An emergency call is initiated automatical- following an accident in which the The Tele Aid system is available if: Activation requires a subscription for monitoring services, connection and cellular air time the relevant cellular phone network and GPS signals are available and pass the information on to the response cen- ter.

Press and hold the button for longer than 2 seconds A call to a Mercedes-Benz Roadside As- sistance dispatcher will be initiated. The button will flash while the call is in progress.

This func- tion permits the Mercedes-Benz Road- side Assistance dispatcher to download malfunction codes and actu- al vehicle data. For more details concerning the Tele Aid system, please visit www.

In case you have locked your vehicle unin- tentionally e. You will be asked to provide your pass- word which you provided when you completed the subscriber agreement.

Report the incident to the police The police will issue a numbered inci- dent report. Pass this number on to the Mercedes-Benz Response Center along with your password issued to you when you subscribed to the service. A second person may make the following training procedures quicker and easier. Locate training button on the garage Operation of remote control Turn key in starter switch to position 2.

Select and press the appropriate but- ton to activate the remote controlled device. The integrated remote control trans- mitter continues to send the signal as long as the button is pressed — up to 20 seconds. Operation The first miles km Driving instructions At the gas station Engine compartment Tires and wheels Winter driving Maintenance Vehicle care The first miles km The more cautiously you treat your vehicle during the break-in period, the more satis- fied you will be with its performance later Drive your vehicle during the first miles km at varying but Mercedes-Benz Center Fuel consumption is also increased by driv- ing in cold weather, in stop-and-go traffic, on short trips and in hilly country.

Operation Driving instructions Power assistance Warning! The brake system requires electrical energy for operation. Have the brake system inspected at an au- thorized Mercedes-Benz Center immedi- ately. All checks and service work on the brake system should be carried out by an autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Doing so may cause serious damage to the drive train which is not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty. Simultaneously depressing the acceler- ator pedal and applying the brake re- duces engine performance and causes premature brake and drivetrain wear. Inspect the tires and the vehicle underbody for possible damage.

If the vehicle or tires appear unsafe, have it towed to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Center or tire dealer for re- pairs. Tread wear indicators TWI are required by law. These indicators are located in six If ice has formed on the road, tire traction will be substantially reduced.

Under such weather conditions, drive, steer and brake with extreme caution. On packed snow, they can reduce your stopping distance as compared with summer tires. Winter driving instructions The most important rule for slippery or icy roads is to drive sensibly and to avoid abrupt acceleration, braking and steering maneuvers.

Do not use the cruise control system under such conditions. When the vehicle is in danger of skidding, move selector lever to position N. The trunk is the preferred place to carry ob- jects. Driving abroad Abroad, there is a widely-spread Mercedes-Benz service network at your disposal.

If you plan to drive into areas which are not listed in the index of your Mercedes-Benz Center directory, you should request pertinent information from your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Refer to the radio transmitter operation in- structions regarding use of an external an- tenna. Catalytic converter Your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with monolithic type catalytic converters, an important element in conjunction with the oxygen sensors to achieve substantial con- trol of the pollutants in the exhaust emis- sions.

Mercedes-Benz Center authorized techni- cians. Engine adjustments should not be altered in any way. Moreover, the specified service jobs must be carried out regularly according to Mercedes-Benz servicing re- quirements. For details refer to the Service Booklet. At the gas station Warning!

Gasoline is highly flammable and poisonous. It burns violently and can cause serious inju- ry. Whenever you are around gasoline, avoid inhaling fumes and skin contact, extinguish all smoking materials. Never allow sparks, flame or smoking materials near gasoline! The fuel filler flap is located on the right-hand side of the vehicle towards the rear.

Engine compartment Hood Warning! Do not pull the release lever while the vehi- cle is in motion. Otherwise the hood could be forced open by passing air flow. Opening 1 Hood release Pull lever 1 downwards. The hood is unlocked. To avoid damage to the windshield wip- ers or hood, never open the hood if the wiper arms are folded forward away Operation Engine compartment Warning!

If you see flames or smoke coming from the engine compartment, or if the coolant tem- perature gauge indicates that the engine is overheated, do not open the hood.

Move away from the vehicle and do not open the hood until the engine has cooled. Avoid environmental damage caused by oil entering the ground or water. Excessive oil must be siphoned or drained off. It could cause damage to the engine and catalytic converter not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty. Screw the cap back on the filler neck. The transmission fluid level does not need to be checked. If you notice transmission fluid loss or gear shifting malfunctions, have an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center check the automatic transmission.

In order to avoid any possibly serious burns: Use extreme caution when opening the hood if there are any signs of steam or coolant leaking from the cooling system, or if the coolant temperature gauge indi- cates that the coolant is overheated. When replacing batteries, always use bat- teries approved by Mercedes-Benz. If you do not intend to operate your vehicle for an extended period of time, consult an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center about steps you need to observe.

Windshield washer system and headlamp cleaning system Fluid for the windshield washer system and the headlamp cleaning system is supplied from the windshield washer reservoir.

It has a capacity of approx. When replacing rims, only use genuine Mercedes-Benz wheel bolts specified for the particular rim type. Failure to do so can re- sult in the bolts loosening and may lead to an accident. Life of tires The service life of a tire is dependent upon various factors including but not limited to: Driving style Tire pressure Distance driven Warning!

Tires and spare tire should be replaced after six years, independently of the remaining tread. Operation Tires and wheels Regularly check your tire pressure at inter- vals of no more than 14 days. Tire pressure changes by approximately 1. Keep this in mind when checking tire pressure where the temperature is different from the outside temperature.

Follow recommend tire pressures. Do not overinflate tires. Overinflating tires can result in sudden deflation blowout be- cause they are more likely to become punc- tured or damaged by road debris, potholes etc. Do not underinflate tires. Underinflated tires wear unevenly, adversely affect handling and fuel economy, and are more likely to fail from being overheated. Have the tightening torque checked after changing a wheel.

Wheels could become loose if not tightened with a torque of 96 ft. Only use genuine Mercedes-Benz wheel bolts specified for your vehicle's rims.

Winter driving Before the onset of winter have your vehi- cle winterized at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. This service in- cludes: Check of anticorrosion and antifreeze concentration. Addition of cleaning concentrate to the water of the windshield and headlamp cleaning system. Chains should only be used on the rear wheels.

Follow the manufacturer's mounting instructions. Only use snow chains that are ap- proved by Mercedes-Benz. Your autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center will be glad to advise you on this subject. Use of snow chains is not permissible If you have exceeded the suggested ser- vice term, you will see the following mes- sage in the tachometer display field: Service A exceeded by xx days Service A exceeded by xx miles km The Mercedes-Benz Center will reset the service indicator following a completed service.

Resetting the service indicator In the event that the service on your vehi- cle is not carried out by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center, you can reset the service indicator yourself.

The standard display of the control sys- tem appears page Post-production treatment is neither necessary nor recommended by Mercedes-Benz because of the possibility of incompatibility between materials used in the production process and others ap- plied later.

Vehicle washing Do not use hot water or wash your vehicle in direct sunlight. Only use a mild car wash detergent, such as Mercedes-Benz ap- proved Car Shampoo. Thoroughly spray the vehicle with a dif- fused jet of water. Direct only a very weak spray towards the ventilation intake. To prevent scratches, never apply strong force and only use a soft, non-scratchy cloth when cleaning the sensor.

Mercedes-Benz approved Wheel Care should be used for regular cleaning of the light alloy wheels. If possible, clean wheels once a week with Mercedes-Benz approved Wheel Care, us- ing a soft bristle brush and a strong spray of water.

Follow instructions on container. Operation Vehicle care Steering wheel and gear selector lever Wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly or clean with Mercedes-Benz approved Leather Care. Cup holder Use a gentle dishwashing detergent or mild detergent for delicate fabrics as a washing solution. Wipe with a cloth moist- ened in lukewarm solution.

Practical hints What to do if … Where will I find? Suggested solution Turn the ESP back on page If the ESP cannot be turned back on, have the system checked at an autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible. During take-off apply as little throttle as possible.

Continue driving with added caution. Wheels may lock during hard braking, reducing steering capability. Have the system checked at an autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible. Failure to follow these instructions in- creases the risk of an accident. For your safety, we strongly recommend that you visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center immedi- ately to have the system checked; otherwise the SRS may not be activated when needed in an accident, which could result in serious Read and observe messages in the display page Carefully stop the vehicle and notify an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Do not add brake fluid! This will not solve the problem. If you find that the brake fluid in the Have the cooling system checked. Avoid high engine loads e. Stop as soon as possible and allow the engine and coolant to cool down. Attempt to raise the roll bar manually. Have the roll bar checked by an au- thorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Refuel at the next gas station page Check the fuel cap page Suggested solution Have the vehicle checked as soon as possible by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

An on-board diagnostic connector is used by the service station to link the vehicle to the shop diagnostics sys- tem. It allows the accurate identifica All messages contain important information which should be taken note of and, where a malfunction is indicated, addressed as soon as possible at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Failure to repair condition noted may cause damage not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty, or result in property dam- age or personal injury. Visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible. Stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe to do Press the vehicle level control button to se- lect level 2 page Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible.

The SBC brake system is still Failure to follow these instructions increases the functioning normally but without risk of accident.

If the ESP message does not go out: You have turned off the engine Place the selector lever in position P.

Practical hints What to do if … Continue driving with added caution. Stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so. Stop immediately and check the poly-V-belt. If it is broken Do not continue to drive. Notify an autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center. If it is in order Drive immediately to the nearest autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Adjust driv- ing to be consistent with reduced braking responsiveness. Have the brake pads replaced as soon as possible. Do not drive any further. Stop the vehicle and notify an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Significantly greater force must be applied to the brake pedal. Call for roadside assistance. There is insufficient brake fluid in the reservoir.

Visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center immediately. Adjust driving to be consistent with reduced braking responsiveness.

Driving while these messages are displayed can result in an accident. Have your brake system checked immediately. The brake system is overheated due to an excessive load on the brakes. The message disappears when sufficient voltage is available. Change the position of the card in the vehi- cle. Operate the vehicle with the key if neces- sary. Take the card out of the vehicle. Practical hints What to do if … Left display Right display Chip card!

You are driving with the parking brake set. Insert key in the starter switch. Do not ignore the low engine coolant level warning. Extended driving with this message and symbol displayed may cause serious engine damage not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty. Close the trunk lid. You could otherwise damage the engine.

If it is broken, do not drive any further. Notify an authorized Mercedes-Benz Cen- ter. If it is in order, drive immediately to the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Cen- ter.

A backup bulb has been brought into use. Observe the coolant temperature gauge. Have the fan replaced as soon as possible. What to do if … Have the LEDs replaced as soon as possible.

Have the LEDs replaced as soon as possible. Replace the bulb as soon as possible. The rear left side marker lamp is malfunctioning. The rear right side marker lamp is malfunctioning. The right front parking lamp is mal- functioning. Switch on headlamps using the exterior lamp switch. Have the engine checked as soon as possible by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center page Close the hood page Carefully bring the vehicle to a halt as soon as possible.

Check the engine oil level page and add oil as required. If you must add engine oil frequently, have the engine checked for possible leaks. Have the oil checked. Have the measuring system checked by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Left display Right display Tire pressure Caution tire defect! Tire pressure ChecK tires! Do not drive with a flat tire. A flat tire affects the ability to steer or brake the vehicle. You may lose control of the vehicle.

Possible cause Possible solution One or more tires is rapidly deflat Practical hints What to do if … Left display Right display Tire pressure Pressure display after control activated!

Practical hints What to do if … Have the tire inflation pressure monitor checked by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Carefully bring the vehicle to a halt, avoiding abrupt steering and braking maneuvers. Tire pressure, RR Check tires! Tire pressure, FL Caution tire defect! A flat tire affects Possible cause Possible solution The right rear tire is rapidly deflat Tire pressure, FR Caution tire defect! Tire pressure, FR Check tires!

A flat tire affects Possible cause Possible solution The left front tire pressure is low. The right front tire is rapidly deflat- ing. Raise the roll bar using the roll bar switch page Have the roll bar checked by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

The displays for several systems Have the electronic systems checked by an au- have malfunctioned. Some sys- thorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Certain electronic systems are un- Have the electronic systems checked by an au- able to relay information to the thorized Mercedes-Benz Center page The following sys- tems may have failed: Practical hints Where will I find?

Where will I find? First aid kit The first aid kit is located in storage space under the passenger seat. Fold the lid 2 down. You can now remove the first-aid kit. Vehicles with spare wheel 1 Spare wheel 2 Electric air pump 3 Vehicle tool kit 4 Battery for electrical consumers 5 Jack under spare wheel 6 Wheel wrench under spare wheel Practical hints Where will I find?

Unlocking the trunk If you are unable to unlock the trunk with the key, open the trunk with the mechani- cal key as follows: Trunk lid lock 1 Unlocking Insert the mechanical key into the trunk lid lock. Perform the following two steps simul- taneously: Turn the key counterclockwise to position 1.

It should gradually lower into the trunk. When top is completely lowered, return locking screw 2 to its original position. Do not overtighten the screw.

Replace the trunk floor. It is recommended to have the batteries re- placed at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Keep the batteries out of reach of children. Lithium, type CR or equivalent. Pry open the cover 1. Have headlamps checked and readjusted at regular intervals and when a bulb has been replaced. See your autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center for headlamp adjustment If the headlamps are fogged up on the inside as a result of high humidity, driv- ing the vehicle a distance should clear up the fogging.

Low beam and high beam use the same D2SW lamp. See your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Always use a clean lint-free cloth when handling bulbs. Your hands should be dry and free of oil and grease. If the newly installed bulb does not light up, visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Turn the locking mechanism 2 clock- wise. Plug the connector onto the bulb. Align headlamp cover and click into place. Replacing parking and standing lamp bulbs Switch off the lights. Open the hood page Press ends of headlamp cover tab to- gether and remove cover. Practical hints Replacing bulbs Gently push bulb into socket, turn counterclockwise and remove.

Insert new bulb and reinstall bulb sock- The bulb socket should audibly click into place. License plate lamp 1 Screws Switch off the lights. Loosen both screws and remove lamp.

Replace the bulb and reinstall lamp. Never open the hood when the wiper arm is folded forward. Do not allow the wiper arms to contact the windshield glass without a wiper blade inserted. For your convenience, we recommend that you have this work carried out by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Do not drive the vehicle under such circum- stances. Attach the sticker where it will be easily seen by the driver on the instrument cluster.

Remove tire valve core 6 from valve stem 1 using valve stem tool 2. Keep tire valve 6 clean and dry. Drive the vehicle back and forth very slowly approximately 30 ft 10 m. Take the electric air pump out of the trunk.

Observe safety instructions on air pump la- bel. Do not drive the vehicle. Detach the electric air pump. The air hose may still be hot. Please ex- ercise appropriate caution. Park your vehicle safely away from the road- way and contact the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Center or Roadside Assis- tance.

If tire pressure is at least 20 psi 1. If sealant has leaked out, let it dry. You can then peel it off. Pull plug 4 and air hose 5 out of the pump housing. After attaining a tire pressure of 26 psi 1.

Drive to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Center as soon as possible to have the spare wheel replaced with a regular road wheel. On wheel to be changed, loosen but do not yet remove the wheel bolts ap- proximately one full turn with wrench. The jack support tubes are located behind the front wheel housings and in front of the rear wheel housings. Practical hints Flat tire 1 Jack arm 2 Jack support tube hole 3 Crank Insert jack arm 1 fully into the tube hole 2 up to the stop. Insert the jack arm fully into the jack sup- port tube hole up to the stop.

Otherwise the vehicle may fall from the jack and cause per- sonal injury or damage to the vehicle. Practical hints Flat tire Warning! Only use genuine equipment Mercedes-Benz wheel bolts. They are identi- fied by the Mercedes star. Other wheel bolts may come loose. Do not tighten the wheel bolts when the ve- hicle is raised.

Otherwise the vehicle could tip over. Practical hints Flat tire Inflating the spare tire Do not lower the vehicle before inflat- ing the spare wheel tire. Otherwise the rim may be damaged. Take the electric air pump out of the trunk page Observe instructions on air pump label. Do not operate the air pump longer than eight minutes without interrup- tion. Otherwise it may overheat. You may operate the air pump again af- ter it has cooled off.

Press 0 on the electric air pump switch. Turn the key in the ignition to position 0. Practical hints Flat tire Lowering the vehicle Lower vehicle by turning crank coun- terclockwise until the full weight of the vehicle is resting on the ground. Pull the jack out of the jack support tube. Have the starter battery checked regu- larly by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center Refer to Service Booklet for mainte- nance intervals or contact your autho- rized Mercedes-Benz Center for further information.

Practical hints Batteries Warning! The brake system requires electrical power to operate. The same applies if battery is disconnected. To brake, the driver must then apply signifi- cantly greater brake pedal pressure and de- press the pedal much further to obtain the Removing the batteries Removing the battery for electrical con- sumers Remove the screws securing the bat- tery in the trunk.

Remove the battery support and brack- et. Take out the battery. Removing the starter battery Remove the screws securing the start- er battery in the engine compartment. Practical hints Batteries Reconnecting the battery for electrical consumers Turn off all electrical consumers. Connect the positive lead and fasten its cover. Connect the negative lead. Reinstall the trunk floor. Rehook trunk luggage cover into hold- ers. Never invert the terminal connections!

The following procedures must be car- ried out following any interruption of battery power e. Only use 12V batteries to jump start your vehicle. Only use jumper cables with sufficient cross section and insulated terminal clamps.

Remove the jumper cables first from the negative terminals 1 and 2 of the batteries and then from the positive terminals 3 and 4. Have the battery checked at the near- est Mercedes-Benz Center. The vehicle cannot be started via tow-start. Practical hints Towing the vehicle Warning! If circumstances require towing the vehicle with all wheels on the ground, always tow with a tow bar if: When towing the vehicle with all wheels on the ground, please note the follow- ing: Practical hints Towing the vehicle The towing eye bolt is supplied with the tool kit located in the storage compart- ment under the trunk floor.

Screw towing eye bolt in to its stop and tighten with lug wrench. Fit cover and snap into place. Fuses Only install fuses that have been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz and that have the specified amperage rat- ing. Never attempt to repair or bridge a blown fuse. Have the cause determined and remedied by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

More than different spare parts for Mercedes-Benz models are available. Mercedes-Benz original spare parts are subjected to stringent quality inspections.

Each part has been specifically developed, manufactured or selected for and adapted to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Technical data Warranty coverage Maximum engine speed Firing order Poly-V-belt The quoted data apply only to the standard vehicle.

See an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for the corresponding data of all special bodies and special equipment. Rims and tires Only use tires and rims which have been specifically developed for your vehicle and tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Other tires and rims can have detrimental effects, such as poor handling characteristics increased noise increased fuel consumption Technical data Rims and tires Mixed size tires Front axle: Rims light alloy Wheel offset Summer tires radial-ply tires Rear axle: Rims light alloy Wheel offset Summer tires radial-ply tires Must not be used with snow chains.

Fuels, coolants, lubricants etc. Please follow FSS recommendations for scheduled oil changes. Failure to do so could result in engine damage not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty. José actually graduated from dentistry and practiced as a dentist for three years. The sweetness is very jammy and has a cherry flavour and mouthfeel to match. These micro filters are the perfect fit for the AeroPress Coffee Maker.

But the coffee you can produce with it speaks for itself: You just pop the used grounds out using the plunger, then rinse. It has ample capacity for up to 28g of wholebean coffee. The included adapter also allows you to grind straight into an AeroPress. The sleek design and the stainless steel housing gives it an attractive shiny appearance. A set of scales can help you do just that. By using weight rather than volume, you can ensure you are using the exact right amount of coffee and water allowing for a perfectly extracted, great tasting cup.

Duarte decided to return his small village home of Ragonvalia and pursue his dreams in coffee production, only after months and months of hard work as a day labourer could he afford to buy his own farm; El Cabildo. It has enabled me support my wife and 2 children, while dedicating myself every day to making the best coffee in the world.

The sweetness is like caramel and the acidity is orange with a buttery mouthfeel. These various components come together to produce a delicious cup of coffee. The darker roast develops a more toffee like sweetness and a rich cocoa flavour is rounded off by the creamy mouthfeel, reminding me of milk chocolate. The acidity is very mild and there is a pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste. The calendar contains some of the finest beans from around the world, which our coffee team has expertly roasted to bring out each coffee's unique roast profile.

As all of our calendars are lovingly handmade at Pact HQ, we'll try to ship them as soon as possible. But rest assured, they'll be with you ready to countdown to Christmas. Will, our Head of Coffee, even claims it to be his favourite brew method. Although it looks like a typical dripper, there is actually a stop tap at the bottom of the cone. This means you can just put your coffee in, add hot water and let it steep for a few minutes. Once it is ready, you just place it straight onto your cup or jug as it can serve up to two cups worth , the tap opens up, and voila, a coffee brewed to perfection.

You just chuck the paper filter in the bin with the grounds and rinse the filter. Add 2 heaped tablespoons 30g of coffee ground for cafetiere.

This plastic is the best food grade heat resistant plastic available. This area of Colombia is rich in different terrains such as: Norte de Santander is an area that we have found to be a bountiful area to source coffee, having taken several from the area in the past.

The acidity is muted a little by the espresso roast but this fits very well with the other taste components, making it particularly delicious with milk. A perfect fit for the Clever Dripper. The depth and diameter of the basket allows for a proper infusion and affords tea leaves the room they need to unfurl and release their flavours over multiple infusions.

Their aim is to curate the best teas of each origin and processing style and for those teas to be brewed to perfection. Ginger's warming effects are said to relieve rheumatic aches and pains, by widening the blood vessels and stimulating circulation.

Peppermint is renowned for settling the stomach, since it stimulates bile production in the gall bladder, thus breaking down fat in the digestive system. And green tea is high in antioxidants, compounds produced in the body that protect the cells from damage from things like pollutants. Green tea is high in antioxidants, compounds produced in the body that protect the cells from damage from things like pollutants. The aluminium pot features Bialetti's distinctive eight-sided shape that allows it to diffuse heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee.

This was a visit which Victoria did not believe would happen and even as we met at a gas station outside the local town, it was clear she could not believe that I was there.

The relationship that we look to build with producers is almost unique in the coffee industry amongst the millions of bags shipped every year, and a key indicator of this is that in one of the larger coffee producing nations of the world, Pact are often the first coffee buyers to visit a region let alone an individual producer and in the case of this town, this is the case.

I bought the lot and although the small quantity makes it is bit more labour intensive to work with, it is worth it to get this great coffee to your door. Victoria has bought an extra manzana of land enabling her to increase her output of specialty coffee over the next few years it takes around 3 years to get the first production from a coffee tree. Meaning there will be more of this delicious to go around for Pact customers in the future.

Most importantly, it means that Victoria and her family will have a much higher quality of life. The acidity is like grapes but in the same way as with dried fruit, this acidity is covered by the intense dried fruit sweetness. Pact scours the globe for hidden coffee gems and trade directly with farmers to give everyone a better deal. More importantly it delivers absolutely amazing coffee. Craig Simon, the Australian Barista Champion scores it: We scour the world for hidden coffee gems and trade directly with farmers to give everyone a better deal.

I have used mine daily for over a year and both my wife and I love it - great espresso, perfect milk and the right level of control for me. I even bought one for my dad, though this was partly for my own benefit when I visit! Dose control is customisable to suit your taste and the digital temperature control ensures optimal extraction. While the Pact service means you can choose to receive your coffee freshly-ground, some of our customers choose to order whole beans so they can work their sweet-smelling magic at home.

Its dosing IQ technology adjusts the dose automatically, whenever you change the grind, and even allows you to tweak for personal taste. Two grinding cradles enable you to dose directly into espresso portafilters and it even comes with an air-tight storage container, to keep that freshly-ground coffee fresher for longer.

We love how clean and crisp and refreshing it is. We love how complex the flavours can be. We love how the super-long extraction allows the true character of a coffee to shine through in all its gorgeousness. And we love how much you love it. Serve over ice, with cold milk or just straight from the jug. Great tasting cold brew coffee made at home. Jug only; glass and cup not included. As well as giving shelter to the coffee, these sturdy trees also produce large legumes known as ice cream beans.

Edgar Noel, the farmer who runs El Abuelo settled on this name because of the way the farm cares for so many members of his extended family. That is what the farm is like to us. It cares for many members of my family, who pick and process the coffee.

The acidity has the intricate lightness of grapes, while the sweetness makes me think of ripe sweet fruits, and both of these qualities work perfectly with a really satisfying, creamy mouthfeel.

The acidity is low which balances perfectly with the rich bitterness and caramel tones of sweetness. Think of it as a selection box of coffee goodness that's been roasted, ground and filled in the UK, ready to be delivered to you in a letterbox-friendly pack.

It contains 40 pods, 10 of each coffee, colour coded and ready to brew. We focus on the quality of the coffee inside, so regardless of which of the four coffees you choose, you'll get an incredible cup at the touch of a button. The Coffee Explorer pack is three different coffees in 80g bags - the perfect size for you to sample and find your favourite. The darker roast develops a more toffee-like sweetness and a rich cocoa flavour is rounded off by the creamy mouthfeel, reminding me of milk chocolate.

But despite this financial turbulence, the size of the Honduran coffee sector has swelled so much that following the political crisis, it was coffee that protected the country from bankruptcy. Marcelo, and people like him are very important to this country. Changes on the farm mean the cup quality has increased dramatically. Delicious stone fruit flavours, previously masked by underripe cherries and poor fermentation practices, have now been unveiled.

He has always taken me out with him to the plantations so my love for coffee and the process began there. I learnt a lot in my time there, but they way I process coffee now is very different.

Farming coffee takes a lot of work but the benefit for all the effort is a higher price for my coffee. He has been great at checking the quality of my coffee and giving me feedback on how to improve. Through Ronnie I met Will, and he wanted to buy my coffee!

I would then like to help my father implement new methods to improve our coffee or even start my own café to sell it. My dream is to get a technical or engineering degree and use it to help my father.

Flavours of fresh ripe blackcurrant and apricot really add to the coffee's complexity, it is delicious. Frankly, farming is not a glamorous, especially lucrative job, so many young people are abandoning their coffee-growing communities in favour of office jobs in the cities.