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You may simply go on being you. Follow Add an Interview. I will never know what it feels like to have my country hate me for doing my job. Your session is about to expire Are you still there? You are my workout guru and I am 71 years old.

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This had been an easy-to-use app up until the latest updates. I Do Not Want a video to start every time I make a selection! This need to be an option I can turn off. I dislike scrolling for colors and sizes.

Look at the HSN app. On it I can see all the colors and available sizes on one screen. Not like this app where I'm scrolling and trying to find a combination that's available.

This is now a mess and I hate it! Jul7 update and it's still awful. I'm going to save money because I hardly look at it anymore and I used to look at it several times a day. And make regular purchases. It's weird that QVC would choose to show so few items on their home screen. Moved app off my home screen for first time ever. Although I do still like their product pages better for viewing available sizes and colors. QVC what happened to the show preview pages? I used to look ahead to see what products would be shown in AM Style and other shows.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone Apple Watch. Description Mobile shopping has never been more simplified and fun. This release includes bug fixes and optimization updates to help create a seamless shopping experience. This release includes optimization updates to help create a seamless shopping experience. We made bug fixes to help maintain a seamless shopping experience. We also made the app compatible with the iOS update. This mobile update is designed to help maintain consistency across all of QVC's platforms.

This release includes an optimization update to help maintain a seamless shopping experience. This release includes optimization updates to help maintain a seamless shopping experience. What's New in Version 2. As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please share your thoughts so we can continue to improve your performance.

This release incorporates 3D Touch technology for the iPhone 6s, as well as an optimization update to help maintain a seamless shopping experience.

This release includes a an optimization update to help maintain a seamless shopping experience. Please share your thoughts so we can continue to enhance your experience and improve your performance. This release includes various bug fixes and the following new functionalities: The app has been optimized for iOS 9.

This release includes new functionalities and adjustments: Please continue to share your thoughts so we can enhance your experience and improve performance. Based on your feedback, we have fixed some bugs and crash issues for a more seamless experience. It is too bad that they resorted to covering up their real reasons for cancelling your appearance when the truth is obvious and they are not fooling anyone.

Having said this, I do believe you want to move on but the unfortunate thing is that what you did, whether on purpose or by accident, deeply offended and hurt many people.

Many people in my age group remember the hurt. It would be much better, I believe, if instead of constantly defending yourself when things like this happen, it would serve you better to always acknowledge you were wrong and apologize each and every time. I think that if you did that, rather than take the defensive attitude, this would possibly eventually go away. People, for the most part, are forgiving when a heartfelt regret is expressed.

Perhaps you might want to look at a different way to react. I do not hold anything against you, btw. And I would probably be considered part of the right you refer to. Lumping all of us together is not advantageous either. Just trying to help here…. Pam, I did something that was a terrible lapse of judgement and I have been apologizing for it for the last years…sitting on that gun site.

I will go to my grave regretting that. Its gone now and our children are brainwashed at an early age to go along with the crowd. The justice system is corroded and people no longer think for themselves. I really think the country is going to implode-. Jane, I e-mailed QVC and registered my outrage. Unlike some people, you have truly walked the walk. I remember when you had a clothing line and used only unionized labor.

How many others can make the same claim? Would they give up a higher profit margin to do the right thing? You have heart and moxie — love that combination. Always been a huge fan, and when the opportunity arose, I took a 6: I also loved your book and have recommended it to many people. We need you more than ever. I am very disaponted with the attitude of QVC! If there is a lot of Americans that do not agree with you, there is millions of others that do, and those deserved some respect!

I will buy your book with Amazon anyway, cause it is the only way for me away in Brazil! Congratulations with the Website. We, yours trylly fans, will follow you anywhere! And I myself, already started to find the best way to bring you to visit Bahia!

Lots of love and best regards from Brazil. Just about everybody on that line had seen the photos that demonstrated his pugilistic talent. Certainly, 1 television studio that he recently had trashed in anger, realized that his temper still could get the best of him.

A major network on a major morning program aired his live performance. The show boasted, via its Twitter account, that this appearance generated its biggest crowd ever. America, where even abusers of dogs and beaters of women get another chance. This morning QVC, a network whose audience comprises mainly women, cancelled an appearance by Jane Fonda.

What was she guilty of? She acted like an American — she spoke. Some 40 or so years ago, she voiced an opinion against a war that many believed back then, and even more so today, was unnecessary. History, with its hindsight, is on the side of her opinion. So, Jane Fonda said something 40 years ago and a few unenlightened malcontents called QVC to complain. Or, perhaps as Jane surmises, it was a right-wing organization that complained.

Perhaps a male celebrity who beat a woman is not as threatening as a woman who expressed an opinion — even when such opinion was expressed decades ago. What exactly has Jane Fonda done? She has devoted her life to charitable causes. She pours honesty and excellence and passion into everything she does — her books, her physical fitness DVDs, and her films. Her work has informed, entertained and inspired generations.

This decision does not bode well for QVC. Jane, your fans — and they are many — will boycott QVC. Posts on message boards already attest to this. Your new book will be a bestseller for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I will not buy your book from QVC. I look forward to hearing you speak at the 92Y in August and buying your book when you appear at Barnes and Noble. I am so sorry about the horrendous actions of QVC and have repeatedly voiced my anger and disgust on their facebook page. It greatly concerns me that QVC would crumble to the threats of these right wing tea party type groups.

You are a wonderful person who has done so much for women, the arts and many other causes.. How QVC could do this to you is just terrible!

I am sure that you arranged a contract to appear.. I hate injustice and this is a prime example driven by fear from uninformed radical and intolerant groups, the same groups that are destroying our country.

Hang in there There are many behind you! What an utter waste of time and energy. Oh, and a positive outcome from all of this headline grabbing fodder: I now plan to buy your book from my local bookstore and mug-shot tshirts for all of my closest friends and family—QVC be damned!

The execs at QVC should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling your appearance, Jane. I will not be watching that channel anymore. You have inspired, and encouraged, countless people. I am positive your new book will affect many more people.

We all make choices in life and live with the consequences. So why all the fuss? They made a business decission just like you and I have done many times in the past. I opposed the way the war was run too, but I was for a more agressive approach. Patton philosphy, either fight a full scale war or get out. Without this we are no better than the 3rd World nations that show no tolerance for the opposition.

I disagree with you on probably just about every issue, but I will fight with you against those who say you should be punished for those beliefs.

Signed, A Right-wing, Bible carrying, gun toating fanantic that knows right from wrong. I got up this morning to check my e-mail only to find this horrible story about you and the QVC. I am so sorry that our country has been so mislead by the men in power who have literally brainwashed these poor souls.

As a 4th grade teacher, I want you to know that I teach free thinking along with ethics in my classroom on a weekly basis. I certainly know how unpleasant it feels to be shut out, rejected, censored as my heartfelt post from last night clearly disappeared.

Perhaps it was a bit wordy and brought up too much of the past, but I have always felt that you have been judged far too severely and have been made a political lightning rod for far too long.

Thanks for the amazing charity work you have done through the years and for having the courage of your convictions to speak your heart. As humans we often go about things in ways that may not be best, but we live and learn.

It is my greatest hope people with true Christian values will finally put down the stones, forgive, and move on. All the very best to you. What a shame that ignorant, bigoted and unhappy people, who are a small majority of Americans can create change such as this.

You are definetly too damned classy to be featured on QVC, since these folks obviously make up a majority of their viewers. Keep up the good work! Yes, I must agree with all the supportive comments. I am almost 60 and have always been a fan of yours. I also have had an account with QVC for many years.

I sent them an email today informing them that I support you and will no longer buy from them. Who knows if they actually get the emails from customer service.

Thank you Deborah, for expressing my sentiments. Jane, I have been an admirer of yours for years. I worked out with your videos way back in the 80s and as a result I still work out everyday. You are my workout guru and I am 71 years old. For QVC to decide not to market your new work and deprive others of your knowledge and inspriation is totally nuts. People need to stop churning about the past and past lies and try to start making our now a better place to live.

As long as you are in this world I know you will do that. Besides I think you love Big Sur as much as I do. You are the best. With admiration and thanks. A fine star you are, Jane; a fine actor and I would venture to guess, without having read any of your works, a fine author.

You have a right to do a wrong thing, just as I do. If you see the wrong in it and apologize, and avoid doing similar things over and over, you have the right of forgiveness and having no one bring up that one mistake again.

I know that many on the left labor under the same malady. I am a very right wing, Limbaugh-ish person. I am not ignorant, small minded nor jealous of you or anyone else, even Alan Colmes. I hear and read other people who give me good, logical reasons to believe otherwise. I think Obama is a very smart man with the strange idea that if we all work for each other, ie. I have never heard of QVC. But, it must be important to its listeners or you would not have bothered with it.

So, talk to them nicely. Explain that you were not intending to be offensive either; that you had been of a mind to talk about a book that some have declared helpful in their lives. That you had not intended to discuss the evil that you personally perceive in war. Let them know that you would do nothing to threaten their commercial interests and that, in fact, you know your interests, like theirs, is both commercial and beneficial to their public.

But, no one can please every one all the time, not you and not QVC. Cee Lo has a good song for QVC! I have always been inspired by your courage, honesty, and compassion. You have many more fans and have helped many more people than QVC ever has. Just called QVC and emailed them that I will order the book from Amazon and they were wrong to cancel your appearance.

Last time I looked it was still a free country with freedom of speech. We all have done things in the past that we wished we would have done differently, however, it is the totality of how you live your life that counts.

QVC is not an individual nor is it part of a representative government. It is a business that must make decisions that are in the best interest of its shareholders and are not idealogical. They may benefit or they may suffer economically from their choice but either way it will be the consumer who has the final say. Jane, try not to let it upset you. Lots and lots of people feel the same way.

QVC already has their own reward. And they know what kind of awesome person you are. You are a very special woman! I emailed QVC and told them how I feel about what they did. My life is just fine-fabulous without QVC! Well, I have taken the time this weekend to seek out every possible piece of real information that I can verify and I even more dismayed than ever before.

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