8 Ways to Get Enough Carbs on GAPS

Carbohydrates: Good or Bad?

All Carbs Are NOT Created Equal!
The category "other carbohydrate" represents the digestible carbohydrate that is not considered a sugar natural or otherwise. Water, diet tonic, zero calorie flavored waters,tea and coffee. We are keto enthusiasts. You must however know the right times to ingest them so you can use them to your advantage involving performance and recovery. Radishes are about as guilt-free as food can get. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Obesity Silver Spring ;

Why Carbohydrates Matter

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For those times you do need a sweet hit, natural, simple carbohydrates such as fruit are your best bet. Fruit contains fiber which balances out its sugar content so makes that energy hit a little more slow-releasing and sustainable than a refined carb such as a cookie or chocolate bar. Fruits are also a great source of vitamins that protect your body against disease, so when you satisfy that sweet craving by reaching for a banana or handful of berries, you are also doing yourself some good.

However, the only healthy way to deal with refined simple carbohydrates are to keep them as an occasional treat. Anything with added sugar, or made from refined white flour is likely to lack the fiber to balance out the sugar, and has little nutritional value to make it worthwhile.

In addition, refined carbs may contain hydrogenated vegetable oils, additional fat, and processed sugars. Eating refined carbs like a cookie in the morning will neither give you the energy nor give you the nutrition to maintain a balanced body. Photograph by Mike Ryn.

Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike. Excellent Sources of Complex Carbohydrates. Correct Daily Carbohydrates Intake. The Carbohydrate Addicts Appealing Diet. May 2, at Antioxidants are essential because they quench free radicals, those unstable molecules in your body that wreak havoc on healthy cells and tissues. Excess free-radical production remains the biggest impediments to your quality of life.

Although you need some free radicals to transform food into energy, any excess production of them caused by eating too much food in general triggers a breakdown in all areas of your body. Free radicals degrade your cellular DNA, which can turn a healthy cell into a cancerous one. They can also cause inflammation leading to heart disease, arthritis, and even wrinkles.

Sears considered three factors to determine the top-quality carbohydrates for his Top Zone Foods list:. The following are carbohydrate sources according to Dr. The number in parentheses is the anti-oxidative capacity per gram of carbohydrate. Realize that all protein even tofu contains fat. To quality for my Top Zone Foods list, a protein choice must contain at least twice as much protein as fat.

This eliminates most cuts of beef, pork, and lamb, with a few exceptions like well-trimmed beef tenderloin. Switching from high-fat protein choices to lower-fat ones will reduce your intake of saturated fat. This will not only decrease cholesterol levels but also make the insulin receptors in your cells more responsive to insulin so that your body needs to make less of this hormone.

So why choose the Atkins diet plan over all the rest?