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The Ten Step Plan to escape the pain of Plantar Fasciitis
Found a herbal clinic Hakeem where I was standing and he checked my nerves. The air cleaners take most of the the dust away and if you've never had them before you will be amazed that you may sleep better just from something that simple. Some devices are definitely more accurate than others. There is not a one-size-fits-all eating pattern for individuals with diabetes, and meal planning should be individualized. I've tried many of the remedies suggested and thus far all have worked in there own way, including cold Or hot steamy air whichever I need at the moment of relief. I don't have insurance, so I don't have any Rx medicine that I take. This morning, my BS level was 4.

What Level of Blood Sugar Defines Diabetes and Prediabetes?

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B Diabetes distress DD is very common and is distinct from other psychological disorders — Referral to a Mental Health Specialist Indications for referral to a mental health specialist familiar with diabetes management may include positive screening for overall stress related to work-life balance, DD, diabetes management difficulties, depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and cognitive dysfunction see Table 4.

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Clinical depression versus distress among patients with type 2 diabetes: Constructs of depression and distress in diabetes: Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol ; 3: Perception of neighborhood problems, health behaviors, and diabetes outcomes among adults with diabetes in managed care: In this Issue January , 41 Supplement 1. Search for this keyword. Sign up to receive current issue alerts.

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Diabetes Care in the Hospital: I felt fine all morning and went for a walk, drinking plenty of water. This afternoon, it started again. I was exhausted and started feeling poorly, even after lunch. I took my blood sugar after I ate and came up with Is that what might be causing me to feel ill?

I am 43 years old and female. Thanks for the help. It reflects your body shifting from a carbohydrate-based energy system over to fat-burning. Sometimes it is counteracted by increasing salt consumption, such as a bullion cube dissolved in water, or a half tsp of salt in a glass of water.

Of course, there are other things that can cause headache and nausea, and some of them are life-threatening. Work with your personal physician when you have symptoms. Hello, so happy to have found this page, My doctor has me on metformin but he says I am not type 2 diabetic, it is just prevention. Does that make sense. I am usually around with fasting.

If I am not diabetic why am I taking metformin. Would love your opinion, TY. Hello I did some lab test and my. Glucose test was after drinking75 great glucola. I am wondering if you can help me. I was T2 diabetic and last July I had a gastric bypass, since then my diabetes has been in remission. Are these constant low levels something I should be worried about? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You are probably aware that a significant portion of folks who seem to have cured their T2 diabetes after bariatric surgery, go on to develop diabetes again within the five years after surgery.

Check out this info on hypoglycemia from UpToDate. My sugar level is at the fasting time and after two hour take as meals my sugar levels is Kindly tell me is that I am diabetes patient. I am 40 years old and my weight is 65 Kgs.

Please advice what should I do further? I am going to speak Gospel here and anybody that contradicts me well may god have mercy on your soul.

I was type 2 for 6 years and on the verge of going on the insulin pen. I started really working out. I began working out 3 hours a day I would walk 2 miles every morning, 1 mile after lunch, and then run 3 miles after dinner.

Every single day of my life. I have lost 30 lbs, my A1C is 5. The big lie is telling people that walking up a couple of extra flights of stairs will help their diabetes. I guess it is better than nothing, but if you want to change your life you have to exercise HARD every day. In the beginning my blood glucose would spike during and after exercise. Some days I would start my run at , and it would spike to by the end of the run. This scared me, but it is part of the healing process.

After a while though the numbers started dropping after a workout. Now I eat lunch and leave the office at and come back after a mile walk at My father 44 yo is T2 diabteic.

He was kg before he was diagnosed. Since then he losses 24 kg. Is it normal to loss weight? He often do exercise and eat less carb like rice unlike before. I want him to maintain his weight without high BS. Hi I am not a diabetic. I am sure of that but my husband is. I even exercise with him. I just need to know the facts please. Does my husband have a good chance to living a very long life with this disease? We have to grow old together. My grandfather died when he was 45 and he was diabetic.

My uncle died when he was 60 and he was also diabetic. Also note that longevity is gradually improving as science advances. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes but think I am prediabetic.

There is a family history of diabetes. So I have been monitoring my glucose levels in the morning and after meals. My fasting glucose levels in the mornings are above and sometimes after meals over if I have extra carbs. But majority of the time after meals its in the s or less. My question is should I see a Dr. I had a heavy breakfast as usual and then an hour later did the test. My blood sugar was 2. My Mothers family passes down diabetes.

And I was hoping it would skip me. I have a 1yr old who constantly wakes me up periodically throughout the night and I have been feeling nauseous in the morning. My blood sugar after sleeping for 4hrs is How can I stop this? AMS, here are some ideas for prevention of type 2 diabetes: My blood sugar today was 71 4 hours after eating… I felt very shaky and freezing and sweating I checked again it was I drank juice it went to 93 after 20 minutes. See your personal physician.

I was diagnosed with diabetes. My blood sugar was at What does that mean? Your experience is not unheard of. I am 74 female and had a reading this morning of This fasting just waking up after eating and waiting two hours later it was Your answer is up above in the original article.

All the numbers in this post are for adults in general. We do know that blood sugars tend to rise with age. I am quite impressed with this indept analysis. It is highly educative and it will for sure serve as a precursor to so many diabetics. Dear Sir,I am a 62 year old male and I keep having accruing colds cough soar throats so I keep doing my blood sugar level first thing mornings and the readings are Blood sugar is 94 to before bedtime, however — without fail first testing in morning is always or over.

To be honest you are all dumb. Shame on you for promoting ketogenesis which is a literally natural sick state for the body on these people. My fasting sugar and postman sugar after 2hrs i am taking half tablet Glycomate gp1 morning before break fast and evening before dinner yr sujjestion. I took another reading after eating and my blood sugar level dropped to 7.

My fasting blood sugar is 4. I am trying to limit my sugar intake because my dad has a very critical case of diabetes. I am non diabetic I had a monitor at home I keep for guests just in case. Anyway I was feeling gross so my doctor told me to do it 4 times a day for two weeks.

Usually two hours after a meal. The blood tests came back normal. How can that be. For my American readers: If so, your home monitor may be inaccurate. Hemoglobin A1c reflects average blood sugar levels over the last three months. If your HgbA1c is normal but multiple fasting glucoses are really around 8.

My fasting blood sugar read 4. I am scared of increasing my sugar level because my dad has a serious diabetes problem. Wat do i do? Your web site and clear concise replies are much appreciated by this year newly diagnosed old female.

A brand new journey at my age, who would have thought? I have recently begun monitoring my blood sugar due to brain fog with numbness and joint pain in my hands and feet. I do not understand why my fasting morning blood sugars are consistently between and If I eat a meal with meat and some carbs my 60 minute post meal results are usually between and which is when I have the most tingling in my extremities. If I eat oatmeal my 60 min post test results average 84 which is when I experience the most brain fog.

My A1c is 5. I am confused by my test results when combined with my physical effects. Can you shed some light? With regards to your symptoms, I suggest you have your personal physician rule out or in other possibilities before attributing them to blood sugar levels. I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes September 8, , my A1C level was 7. I have a very healthy diet. I do drink wine maybe 3 glasses a week. It often can go from directly after I eat and then shortly perhaps half an hour it drops to 70 or even lower.

So, long story for short questions, could large amounts of insulin in my system be causing the seizures? Thank you for your time! Higher-than-average protein intake, and avoidance of rapidly processed carbohydrates, is a standard approach to reactive hypoglycemia.

See what your doctors think. I would kindly request you to let me know that should i increase the Dose Currently 7.

I will be thankful to your for your response. Hi… I am very confused, I had blood test done and it came up that I have a1c of 5. I am a 48 year old female in good shape, do spinning at least 3 times a week, no diabetes history in my family. The doctor told me to cut carbs almost completely because I was considered to be pre-diabetic.

But how can the two tests show such a different result. Aida, hemoglobin A1c reflects an average of your serum glucose over the preceding three months. It would be like checking a fingerstick glucose every hour for ninety days, then averaging the numbers. On the other hand you have compared your HgbA1c to a single fasting serum glucose value. Oh, and surprise, that drug causes elevations in Blood Sugar, in addition to other lovely side effects. I was very concerned that he would be given insulin and then refuse to eat.

My A1c number, last it was checked about 2 weeks ago, was 7. I feel fine, and while I avoid carbs and sugars, I do continue to enjoy my favorite meals, including Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, and Cajun cuisine, while avoiding bread, rice, pasta, candy, etc. My name is Ajay Kumar.

My fasting sugar was 85 early morning. One hour and three quarters after I started eating was My fasting sugar level was 77 and after eating breakfast and waiting for 1hour 55 minutes sugar test came out to be 70…. What is going on?

Should I go for another random sugar test? I got my fbs result thru glocumeter which is My last meal at 8pm then i test 6am. So, is this accurate? Do i need any medicine to get rid of it? Thank you and more power. So when it reads , the true value could be anywhere between and These numbers sre off the too of my head; no calculator used. You need more data points.

Hi ,i am a type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed 2years ago. I was being on insulin till one year before i dropped them for meal. Since this present one year ,my readings never crossed after 2hours of meal and after 4hours unless when i drink one can of beer without exercise.

Unlike before when i usually clock upwards. Please what will i do to reverse it to normal. No one in my family has it. Its usually disturbs my right toe when its ranging i guess. What will i do. I also need to get weight. I used to have 85 on weight but now 68 I went this morning for my yearly labs and has the nurse to check my glucose readings also. Is there an alarm at this point? My AC1 is 5. Amy, the American Diabetes Association website has a calculator that converts average glucose readings to hemoglobin A1c , and vice versa.

For instance, if your blood sugar was always , it would be equivalent to A1c of 6. I am not diabetic, but do have many other health problems…what Could make my Glucose go from 56 to in one week…I had 2 blood tests during that period??? This is a paid article.

People like the author of this article are usually paid by pharmaceutical companies. But here it is being mentioned much below that. For maintenance of sugar levels within tight limits as mentioned by the author of this article, one will surely depend upon the medicines of pharmaceutical companies, what this author actually wants. I want folks with diabetes to use fewer diabetes drugs.

Ok I was told that I have been prdiabetic since I was 27, however, at that I was over weight. I have list over and have kept it off for the last 20 years. I am now at my goal weight of and go by the Mediterranean diet plan on an every day for the last two years. I usually have pretty good fasting readings, and my A1C was 5. But this morning my fasting was at an astonishing high of I did not alot for dinner just regular veggies 5 , 2oz of fish for prtein, I ecen took a 30 minute walk after that meal.

I do work out at 4- 5 days a week playing basketball, swimming, treadmill walking for 30 minutes and sometimes 50 minutes a day. So please help me with what I am doing wrong here, I do not drink soda, or any caffeine at all, just plain water, and no sugar or sugar substitutes, no junk food in my diet all, so no, I do not get it at all.

I always eat very healthy maintain a healthy lifestyle and very fit for my age 51 , I can not understand what is going on and why this is happening. Usually my bs run at between in the morning and are stable during the day. Due to limits of technology, your true reading could have been You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Time for a brief daydream. November 20, at 5: November 23, at March 16, at May 20, at 9: November 3, at 3: September 30, at 7: November 4, at 6: November 4, at 9: February 17, at 8: June 13, at 5: November 27, at 6: Brandy, that is type 1 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is too much insulin in the body. December 4, at July 14, at 8: August 9, at 5: August 9, at February 13, at December 9, at September 4, at December 23, at 4: December 26, at 7: November 3, at 4: January 19, at 7: January 23, at 2: Thanks for chiming in.

Hope this is helpful. February 2, at 5: February 3, at 8: February 17, at February 18, at 4: October 4, at October 12, at 5: February 21, at February 27, at 7: March 6, at 3: March 21, at March 8, at 6: March 12, at 9: April 26, at 1: I missed on writing it. Do I have reasons to be concerned? April 27, at 1: May 1, at 4: June 24, at July 8, at 4: July 27, at 1: October 12, at 1: October 25, at 4: I am just really puzzled. March 17, at Doctors in Finland are excellent.

State Medicare system Really Works! November 12, at 9: December 27, at 9: January 4, at 2: January 22, at 9: April 13, at 5: March 4, at I also have lots of lows, etc. April 13, at 6: April 13, at 7: I work with him as much as I can.

I see him quarterly for A1C, etc, Thanks for the reply. March 11, at 1: Your targets however are much better than the ADA and for that your patients should be grateful. March 13, at April 15, at 4: March 24, at 9: April 15, at 5: April 21, at 5: May 18, at 2: May 25, at May 25, at 5: May 25, at 7: Steve Thanks to Mr.

May 29, at 5: June 6, at 5: September 9, at 3: Eat to the Meter! September 10, at 3: September 30, at 4: September 30, at 9: October 27, at October 29, at 5: November 7, at 2: November 10, at 4: November 11, at November 11, at 3: November 17, at December 19, at December 19, at 4: January 25, at 5: January 28, at 2: February 3, at 6: February 9, at 8: March 18, at March 22, at 6: May 8, at May 9, at 2: This only works for glucose.

May 9, at May 14, at 7: May 17, at 4: May 18, at 4: May 20, at 5: June 15, at 9: July 21, at 5: I have been told that metformin can cause kidney stones. Is there any truth to that? July 30, at 8: August 18, at 5: September 7, at 8: September 12, at 2: September 12, at 4: September 23, at 2: September 18, at 1: September 24, at 3: All my research kept pointing to diabetes, which I thought was impossible given my physical state and the lack of diabetes in my family, but to be on the safe side, I bought a blood sugar monitor and gathered the below results: Fasting bs level — 59 1 hour after a bagel — 2 hours after the bagel — 3 hours after the bagel — 70 1 hour after lunch — 79 Are these normal levels?

September 29, at 5: But check with your personal physician. September 28, at 8: October 1, at Hi, Myself 29yrs old female, yesterday I had a check for blood glucose as prescribed by my physician, the results are as follows: October 26, at 3: October 30, at 1: November 8, at 8: November 11, at 2: November 5, at Steve, My blood glucose always was normal in the past.

November 18, at 7: My sugar level is 90 before fasting and 87 after 2 hours of eating. November 21, at 4: November 24, at December 11, at 3: December 11, at 7: January 4, at 3: Hi, My 95 year old father was a type II diabetic staying in a nursing home that failed and would not let him take a finger stick or any other kind of blood glucose test for 3 months. January 5, at 6: January 5, at January 6, at I must mention that I was at the gym yesterday and was working in the garden picking up bricks Why would my bloodsugar all of a sudden go up like that.

I measured my bloodsugar on a monthly basis and it is always between 4 and 5. January 12, at 1: January 9, at 7: January 14, at 7: January 27, at 3: February 11, at 5: I done my blood sugar test I am 37 years of age women my result is 79 is this nirmal for me? February 20, at February 20, at 1: February 27, at 8: February 25, at 6: March 3, at Hi Steve, My recent A1C level is around 6.

Can you help to give me an advice Thanks, Trinity. March 5, at 2: Thanks for answering my question. March 16, at 3: May 26, at April 5, at 9: April 13, at April 16, at 6: April 16, at April 17, at May 12, at 8: May 15, at 4: May 20, at 6: Are the levels the same for people post gastric bypass operation? May 24, at 1: Ygri, the values defining diabetes and prediabetes would be the same before and after surgery. May 28, at 7: June 11, at June 18, at 4: July 27, at 5: I see a lot of physicians prescribing metformin for prediabetes.

July 28, at July 31, at 2: Hi Steve, I am wondering if you can help me. August 16, at 4: August 10, at 8: August 21, at 9: August 24, at 7: August 30, at Hi, I am 40 years old and my weight is 65 Kgs.

September 3, at 7: September 11, at September 13, at 4: September 13, at 3: October 7, at 9: I am 45 years older. My blood sugar is 7. Please advise i am suffering diabetes. October 27, at 4: November 2, at November 7, at November 20, at 3: November 22, at 8: December 6, at 5: January 8, at 5: January 8, at 8: January 13, at 6: January 17, at 1: January 15, at 6: January 17, at 9: January 20, at 2: January 23, at 8: January 26, at 3: This fasting just waking up after eating and waiting two hours later it was 91 What should it read upon waking and what should be two hours after a meal Thank you.

March 29, at April 11, at 4: April 12, at 9: April 20, at 7: April 22, at 8: April 26, at 7: May 11, at 8: I eat no snacks or food after 8pm… I have taken a 3: Type II age 75,.

May 11, at 9: May 12, at 3: May 12, at 6: June 14, at 5: June 24, at 8: June 27, at 5: June 28, at 7: July 3, at July 5, at 5: July 5, at 8: July 6, at 9: July 13, at 4: August 7, at Hello, I have recently begun monitoring my blood sugar due to brain fog with numbness and joint pain in my hands and feet. August 8, at 2: September 26, at October 20, at 6: October 20, at 4: November 24, at 4: November 30, at December 1, at 9: December 2, at 3: Hello Sir, Good Evening.

December 7, at December 22, at 8: December 22, at 7: December 26, at December 29, at 3: Parker, I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for about 4 years. Each day I take mg of Januvia, mg of Metformin, and 4 mg of Glimepiride. I also walk 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week. December 29, at 4: January 25, at 4: January 28, at 1: January 29, at 3: February 8, at 8: This info is SO informative..

March 14, at 4: March 31, at May 19, at 9: May 20, at 8: June 3, at 1: My fasting sugar level is My ageis 57 yrs. July 4, at 6: Hi, I am dI acetic. July 7, at 7: When my blood sugar is I get sick to my stomach and light headed. August 6, at September 24, at My blood sugar tested ,what should I do.

I am not on medical pills. September 26, at 6: November 19, at 3: November 28, at December 1, at 8: December 20, at Dear Sir My Hb1Ca 7. January 6, at 3: February 4, at 2: January 8, at 2: January 13, at 9: January 18, at 6: I am year-old woman and I have prediabetes what should my sugar level Be?

February 1, at February 13, at 5:

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