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Is Maltodextrin Bad for You? The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Is there any difference in buying malto from a brew shop vs. It can be made on many different mediums, and the origination medium is not always divulged. Amazing, that more than answers it! The effects lasts for days depending on the amount consumed. Thank you for your reply.

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I can barely eat anything while I watch everyone else enjoy food. That would be why im lbs. Hi Peter, thank you for your informative post, unfortunately it is not as simple as you put it to avoid the dreaded XG, it is also in medication which has been high lighted to medical staff by myself, during my son 14 years of age stay in hospital. What is even more worrying is that people are not aware that it may be derived from, soy, corn,dairy and or wheat as it does not state which of the above.

We also have to prepare food to take with us. It is very difficult to find foods at a restaurant or fast food place that is safe for us to eat. I have had digestive issues for a long time and found that I am best when I eat fresh fruit and vegetables and no processed foods. On two occasions recently, after eating a coconut based ice-cream marketed as vegan, dairy free, certified kosher, soya free, egg free, gluten free, nut free, no added sugar!

I have had terrible diarroeah and on the second occasion nausea as well. Kylie, You might have an issue with coconut, not necessarily xantham gum. Check out the app or book from Monash Univ. A list compiled from their Nov. Whether they are natural or scientifically safe, they have made my life miserable. I used to eat any food, but now these additives are everywhere as others have noted.

I eat GF because gluten gives me migraines. All the ingredients I mentioned give me migraines. I would believe MANY more people are suffering in silence or ignorance of what food additives are doing to their bodies.

I have friends who mention things, but are embarrassed to discuss. Science is unsympathetic, so writing to food companies, not eating such foods, writing about such problems elsewhere might be helpful. After months of strange allergic reactions to different types of foods, I began a food journal to track and discover what the trigger may be. I had allergic reactions in the form of hives on my lips and would immediately need to use the restroom. My lip skin and the skin surrounding, would take weeks to fully heal.

So after eating certain Cheese products, ice cream, Chalula hot sauce , Siracha hot sauce , I realized the common ingredient was Xanthan Gum!!!! But its not just in food, I also has to throw out a few body lotions as well. I have gotten into the habit of checking all ingredients before ingesting although I rarely eat prepared foods. A coworker brought me in a Caramel Frappacino yesterday; I fully enjoyed it until I started breaking out in hives!

My arms were red and swollen in less than ten minutes and started getting dizzy. Lucky for my purse being stocked with Benedryl; took 3 pills and drank about a. Once my body calmed down I googled the ingredients of the Frapp, and what do ya know?

So this additive has found its way into all areas of production. That was my worst reaction yet, and very scary. The food journal for the purpose of pinpointing allergies is a great idea.

I did a juice cleanse recently and felt great after with none of these symptoms. The first solid meal I had after was stir fry with veggies, quinoa and chicken. About 2 hours later I felt awful again. Today I had a salad with marzetti salad dressing. The common ingredients are soybean oil, yeast extract and xanthan gum. I guess I know what to avoid now. Its also possible you may have developed a grain allergy, which is what happened to me.

Bake your own items using Tapioca flour, Garbanzo flour, and Coconut flour mixed together, unless you have an allergy to any of those I develop intolerance to Tapioca and Coconut too if I have it frequently.

She has restricted diet due to intolerances including dairy, many fruits, xanthan gum. During a recent illness she was prescribed amoxicillin. She has experienced continuous hiccupping, bloated stomach and tummy pain. After searching the web for amoxicillin ingredients, found out it contains xanthan gum.

I always ask the pharmacist…if it contains XG, Maize, or Guar guar gum…which is derived from bean product!!

Recently found out…you can have the same meds such as cetirizine, a antihistamine, with or without Maize Sweetcorn you would never know unless you read the ingredients!! Usually the liquid does not contain the Maize…but the tablet does. Thanks, Chris, just what I needed: You just confirmed that my gut might not function on a physiological level but its instincts are doing fine: My father had Huntingtons, and this eventually meant he had difficulty swallowing. We were told to use Simply think in all of his drinks, soup.

He did suffer great digestive distress. I wonder if this was why? In our desire to help, but in ignorance, we may actually cause more pain. By giving my autistic daughter who had digestive issues from before I adopted her gluten free products, I may very well have exacerbated her problem.

So many gluten free foods contained and now even more contain xanthan gum. I even bought a big bottle to use in cooking. Thank heaven I never got around to using it! We can only learn and move on. Hi, Great post, I have been gluten free 4 years now, basically I know the diet is very basic but have never felt better. I am 66 and am still working. I use hemp flour as a protein supplement in my smoothies with no side effects.

Almost everything I eat is fresh. Aches and pains in joints etc are minimal unless I stray. I love xanthan gum. I have IBS-C and taking just 1 tsp of this per day is about the only thing that prevents me from getting blockages, which could get me in the ER 3 times per year because of impactions, even with prescribed meds.

I had tried anything from any and every type of probiotic, to any and every type and dose of fiber, to any and every type of med, to any and every type of diet, bowel training and so on. I spent the last 10 years struggling with that. Not enough gas to bring discomfort at least not more than my initial issues , and as time passes the colon gets used to it and it lessens. It would be great if it could be left out of food and only sold as a supplement for health and home cooking and the rest of the world not be fed it in so many other items without knowing the possible consequences.

I agree, it should be sold as a medication or remedy for constipation for those who need it to relieve symptoms, not forced upon the general public as an additive, for whom it can cause severe and even dangerous side effects, like for me intestinal hemorrhage. Recall reading original use was as an oil rig drill lubricant; its discovery was from mold found on cabbage. In addition to the above reply I would also like to comment that intestinal Fluora composition can cause inflammation responses to foods and polysaccharides.

The above product has also been used to correct C. The probiotics repopulate the intestinal fluora and prevent other bacteria from overwhelming the gut with toxins that can cause inflammation. Please look up this product or a similar one and try it. See if some of your food allergies abate. I am looking to cook gluten and grain free except for grains Mike amaranth, millet, etc. I am always hunting for anything that will take down the inflammation levels.

My son is allergic to dairy and I have been reading labels, researching and blogging like crazy now… I too found some of the only truly dairy free products we can use, contain this gum now also… so idk what to do.. I am going to call the companies to check, but otherwise there is almost nothing completely dairy free out there to have on hand..

I am having the same concerns. The thing that is making me think that is OK, as un-natural as it is, xanthan gum is derived from the sugars, not the proteins. Hi All, My son is in his 14th year and has multiple allergies……. I was diagnosed with celiac about 5 or 6 months ago.

Prior to that, I had a soy intolerance — probably from half a life-time of eating lots of soy products as I was a vegetarian due to my religion. Once the celiac kicked in, I started having problems with gluten free foods, like most people on this site.

I use a pendulum to let me know what is in foods before I buy or eat them. But being older and lazy, I sometimes neglect to bring it out. But it has saved me a lot of grief. So, I went over every ingredient with my pendulum, and sure enough, it was xanthan. Last night, we took my DIL out for her birthday dinner — restaurant had a very nice gluten free menu, and I went over it with the pendulum, and my meal was fine.

This morning, my tummy felt like crap and I was nauseated. So, I took the pendulum out and went over everything I ate, and sure enough, xanthan gum in the ice cream.

Now I have to go through everything in the house to make sure none of my toiletries, etc. I am almost 80 years old and would really like to feel good the rest of what is left of my life if I can. For years I struggled with some sort of mystery food intolerance. It happened often, especially when eating out.

I could not figure out what was bothering me, but whatever it was would have me doubled over on the toilet for hours, sometimes also leading to vomiting.

Doctors ran all sorts of tests, including an upper GI and allergy tests. I tried an elimination diet, but was unable to find the culprit. Fast forward to when I was breast feeding… my son was having a skin problem that may have stemmed from something in my diet, so I cut the likely culprits dairy, egg, soy, etc. I had bread with xanthan gum in it and, boy, did it make me sick!! Just about every commercial gluten free baked good had the same effect.

Then, I noticed that I often got sick when I had salad at restaurants nearly all commercial dressings contain xanthan gum- at home I always made my own dressing, so how would I know this? Now that I avoid it, the mystery is solved. Whenever I do have a reaction, I can generally trace it back to a xanthan gum source. That stuff is awful, and in so many things! Thank you Shea for sharing your knowledge about the different foods that have bothered you.

I also often have to literally run to the bathroom after eating in restaurants, usually before I even finish eating. I knew it was not spoiled food because no one else would get sick from the same food. I always attributed it to something that is sprayed on salads. Now I truly believe it is an Xanthan Gum allergy or reaction. Are Xantham Gum molecules absorbed into the skin? Will it be safe to use them, or should I avoid them completely?

I had this same question. I react badly to xantham gum in my food, but do not have a problem with it in cosmetics I do check that it is not in anything going on or near my lips. Thanks for the info. I have been on large doses of supplements for a year.

Is it possible for you to expand on what happened with your frat brother? Perhaps lead me somewhere to find out more about this? Although I do not know his great brother, I can tell you taking supplements is safe as long as you know what you are taking. Simply doing your research on the supplement you are using can shove many problems. I use coconut oil and essential oils for most of my supplemental needs.

I was born with Gastroschisis born with my insides on the outside of my body and and Xanthan Gum kills me. None of it is safe in my opinion. I couldnt figure out why i was swelling up and in lots of pain until i seen the 4th allergy specialist and he know right off back what it was and since ive cut out eating them ive felt much better but its tricky cause that stuff is in everything we eat.

There sure are a lot of comments on this post and I must confess I have not read them all but agree with a number of posts to stay away from processed foods. You have to consider that these all contain processed products. So when gluten-free products became widely available I still avoided them because they too contain processed products.

I think the biggest difference in my food life was to just avoid as many store-bought products as possible. I found that making my own baked goods makes a huge difference in my health. I make cookies with only 3 or 4 ingredients in them, same for pie crusts, and many more processed foods.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! So citric acid E is made using black mould involving yet another evil…fructose corn syrup. While ascorbic acid listed as E is found to be naturally occurring also, the industrial manufacturing process is different to citric acid and on a molecular level is the closest to vitamin C out of the two naturally occurring ascorbic acid is a form of vitamin C.

As with anything manufactured, that slight difference in structure most often denies it the ability to be assimilated as a food component by our bodies. Yes au naturale is prize 1 but everything is made up of a chemical combination, whether natural or man-made.

I mean numerous fruit seeds contain cyanide but at such tiny doses do no harm to our bodies. I recently found out that I have a later in life intolerance to gluten. A search about this led me to this page and others. I am going to search for products without it, and for the occasional treat, bake my own, using chia seed and banana and egg.

That seems to work. My wife has an supra pubic catheter which blocks with long strands of a mucoid white substance when she uses a liquids thickener containing xanthin gum. I am convinced that the blockage is caused by the gum and on cutting the catheter open and examining the substance it does mould in to something resembling chewing gum. However it seems unlikely that the thickener would be absorbed to pass into the bladder. Any thoughts on this, anyone? When I have used Truvia sweetener it gave me a bladder infection, apparently a common side effect.

I had a colonoscopy that revealed a type of colitis. However, I was shown to be negative with many tests prior to.. I gave up my sugarless gum but had no relief. I just finished a book by a favorite author and the character thought he was dying. He had all the tests and turns out it was a reaction to gluten-free products. How did you determine you had a reaction to xanthan gum? I never heard of this additive.

By the way, I was negative on gluten intolerance tests too — they can actually only detect coeliac disease or wheat allergies. There is no medical test for what a lot of people have — hypersesitivity to gluten. You just have to cut it out and see if you feel better, and then, if you or those around you need further convincing, after a few weeks eat a little bit and see how you react.

Allergy tests for gluten are always accurate. I had a lot of allergy testing done over the last few years and nothing showed any gluten or gliadin intolerance.

But then I did the 23andme genetic testing and holy cow! Having this information and a doctor that knows how to interpret the information has been life changing for me. I had no idea about the Xgum and am now beginning to think that is why I am not feeling better.

Confusing, I know, but too much to explain. My daughter works at a bakery where they make many gluten free products that I have been eating for several months and I still feel like crud! They use Xgum in almost everything gluten free! So excited to find this article and comments.

I have read all of them to this point to learn from regular people, so thank you everyone! So sorry for the typo! The only thing you can do is read the labels on absolutely everything, and know the number E I am very alarmed at how the use of xantham gum is spreading all the time.

It started out with vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, and sauces, spread to cough medicines, a prescription antibiotic please trust us to just shake the bottle instead of glooping everything! I would be interested in hearing of any other bizarre uses. The manufacturers of xantham gum who are they? On a trip to England I stocked up with lots of gf treats — biscuits, cakes, breads etc. If you think you have some unidentified food intolerances, keep a full food journal of everything you eat and drink for a few weeks, and any symptoms that you feel, it can really help to identify the culprits.

By doing this I realised that I am also intolerant to aspartame I always knew I hated diet drinks — learn to trust your instincts — but this aspartame was in a cough medicine and that in France tinned lentils are contaminated with gluten. What was the book incidentally? Unfortunately it will be a few months before my,insurance covers allergy testing.

I have a friend who claims gluten intolerant but buys gluten free products. I am going to share. Is there anyone else who suffers from insomnia after eating products containing xanthan gum or guar gum? I am very intolerant of caffeine so am wondering if these products also contain caffeine.. I would love to hear from anyone else who can verify this.

One evening after work I was too lazy to cook, so I had some gluten-free brownies which contained xanthan gum. I went to sleep for 10pm as usual. I was up until 2am just lying in bed, wide awake and alert, with thoughts rushing through my head. So only eat xanthan gum products in the day as an alternative to coffee. But even then, I find the rushing thoughts midday to be overwhelming. Hi yes i am the same. I can not tolerate xanthan gum or preservatives additives.

I find i have insomnia. Also i find coffee affects my guts badly.. I tried a new organic pea protein powder tonight, and the next thing I know I was anxious and paranoid like a free basing crackhead. I took an antihistamine just now and the throat tingling, lips and fat tongue subsided, but Hello!

I had no idea xanthan gum was an issue for me. Xanthan gum contains free glutamate. Hi, Genius have not removed xanthan gun. I have had severe IBS for over 20 years and for the first time every I bought two loaves of white gluten free bread last week: I have IBS and celiac disease…needless to say, I have suffered for many years with stomach disorders.

I am a gluten-free vegan who cannot have any wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, yeast, high mannitol or lectin content foods…and the list goes on I bake all my own muffins, pie crusts etc. However, I recently had a craving for pizza. I was actually fine the first few times I ate the pizza, but that soon changed and each time I ate it I would be sick the entire next day…it has a cumulative effect.

I now understand why I reacted so adversely to the xanthan gum…I hope my post can be of help to others who may have had a similar reaction. I have many of the same issues! Thanks for the tip of using baking powder and salt. I have to make everything from scratch and this will help with my baking. Thanks for the tips!! I, like you, cannot eat any of the foods you mentioned in your original post, and sometimes find it difficult to cook for the day.

It is now considerably easier than it was 2 years ago but it is still a huge problem. Lots of people do not believe that food plays a part in either one but my experience tells me otherwhise. I hope that you will carry on with the posts and suggestions for us!!

I have been increasingly concerned about the dose, frequency, and duration of Miralax ordered for these children ages from infants as young as 12 months up to young adult.

Most receive it for numerous years consecutively. We use arrowroot as a thickener quite often. Later, it is added to a liquid medium to form the gum. Isopropyl alcohol is used to remove the oxygen from the element, thus preserving the shelf life, this is called esterification.

This produces an element that can be dried and last virtually forever. As a result with the use of zanthan gum it appears to draw large amounts of H2O from the body, to bind with the oxygen, and cause diarrhea, along with electrolyte imbalances, for children this can be deadly. For adults with fluid balance problems, hypertension, or cardiac disease this can also be deadly.

Esterification is used in the production of all fat soluble commercial vitamins. And Read Your Labels. Xanthan gum gives me terrible abdominal cramps, diarrhea, bloating and gas for three days after consuming even small amounts. My daughter is now in the hospital after eating food that had only small amounts of it. Her colon swelled to a very large size she has a colostomy and part of her colon would come out into her bag each day. After eating the food with the xanthan gum, it got so big that it popped off her colostomy pouch.

Why do I think xanthan gum is the culprit? A couple years ago, my daughter was in the hospital for gastrointestinal issues. She had been vomiting for three days straight and her intestines shut down. After about a week on IVs, things started moving again and she was going to get to go home in another day. The doctor decided to add thickener to her juice. I also took a sip to see what it was that made her not want any more.

Nasty feel and taste. I flushed the remainder down the toilet. She writhed around in the bed, almost yanking out the IV tubes still in her. It was horrendous to watch. I was having my own problems, having to go to the toilet with explosive diarrhea and having painful stomach cramps. I had these for three days. Finally at 6 in the morning, she calmed down and was able to sleep after suffering the whole night.

As awful as that experience was, I learned that xanthan gum is a big problem for us. I later found an article online that described others who have had similar trouble. For those with gastro troubles, I would encourage you to stay away from this additive. I stumbled upon this site to read about Xanthan Gum and I found your comment about you and your daughter. It was tough to read. I am not a doctor but since young adulthood, I have struggled with intestinal issues — not super bad but whether it was bloating, gas, yeast infections or pain — it always tied back to intestinal flora.

I have been to many doctors and read much on the subject. We have trashed our intestinal flora. As well, my best friends son had the exact symptoms that you described with your daughter.

Absolute excruciating intestinal pain and his intestinal walls would overlap and they opted for surgery. For starters, get yourself and your daughter the best strains of probiotics. Not the ones you get at regular grocery stores! Only get the kind in the refrigerator sections because they are live cultures.

Then switch stains from time to time. It sounds like your intestines have lost the ability to defend themselves. Anyway, I hope that helps and I wish for you and your daughter to recover and oh, stay away from sugar and refined carbohydrates!

Thanks for the reply. I believe that oral antibiotics have been accomplices with less than optimum foods and additives in causing the harm we are seeing. As a kid, I was thrilled when science allowed me to swallow my medicine instead of getting a needle. Instead, we seem to have become more reactive to the bad things.

Probiotics refrigerated and in the billions of cells , organic food, whole food, pasture raised eggs and meat, drinking good water vs. Twice I was given clindamycin and both times it took off all my skin on the outside and I thought I was dying on the inside.

Had the hospital where I received it and Levaquin and large doses of Tylenol taken greater notice of the effects, I might never have taken it again. What this antibiotic does to me on the outside, it also does to some degree on the inside. Perhaps this is why xanthan gum is so hard on me now. A more recent episode with cafeteria prepared food has me realizing this is even more serious than I previously thought.

I ate a chicken salad sandwich after asking about the ingredients and thinking it was pretty safe. Pain in my chest and pain in my upper arms. I was keeping my daughter company in the hospital and never thought to have them take my blood pressure. No one was too concerned when I mentioned how I was feeling. The pain eventually worked its way down the intestinal tract and after three days of hurting, burping, acid reflux, farting, and diarrhea, I began to feel better.

My daughter and I might be in the minority in the herd, but we are the majority at home. I cpould never see ant real difference in my digestion while taking them. I take two with breakfast and two at bedtime. If I have some gastrointestinal upset, I take two every few hours. For me, any digestive upset clears up far more rapidly using PB8. Who would have thought? Apparently, some probiotics do not need refrigeration to work well.

Hi great information I am reading. Just wondering whether anyone has had problems with gerd or heartburn, reflux when having anything with xanthan gum in it? Thinking this may be my problem? Yes, and also when I eat starchy or sugary things. I have been wondering what ingredient in certain brands of gluten-free bread still gives me terrible gas.

When I went grocery shopping, I was reading the ingredients of various relish brands, because some dill relishes are cabbage instead of pickles. Suddenly I saw it! ALL the relishes had xanthan gum! Maybe an alternative for you to use instead of mayo is to just use plain greek yogurt which is thick and add some pickle juice to the desired consistency and perhaps spices.

The mayo is fine. See if it makes difference. I have an allergy that no traditional test was able to detect for my entire life and once I found out what it was it completely changed my life. My allergy was diagnosed -finally! Hope this is helpful! Rude and insensitive, Xanthan gum is intolerable for many people and they we are very relevant. If Xanthan was that amazing chances are this site would not be so popular or relivent. It is derived from many known allergens e. Corn, wheat, dairy and soy, and if you have a condition simular to mine none of those are an option.

Bottom line it is overused and unnecessary in many of the supposed healthy food items on the market. Why would that comment be rude somehow. Honestly, there are people allergic to even water out there. Are they the majority? I saw a food store the other day that had banned xanthan gum. Now, fair enough if this is food you are talking about and your customers have tons of allergies. However, many ingredients xanthan gum included do nothing to those customers when used in a shampoo topically for instance.

There is ZERO gluten in wheat protein used in a conditioner. So in our case we had to switched to rice protein. Tons of debate now with the big rise in allergies in people.

I get that, but sometimes we are freaking out about nothing. Back to cosmetics, many ingredients when added to a cosmetic blend into the formula, they react with the other ingredients. It took us a few years to find a replacement preservative for organic grapefruit seed extract supposedly adulterated with benzylkonium chloride.

I do not wish to gamble with my health and consume this product, and your comment that diminishes those who do is reprehensible. Trolls take up your time purposefully, and share their conquests with other trolls as to what they posted, how upset people get, etc.

Their actions are designed to upset the group and tie up their attention and time. Ignore, do not feed the troll. Neil — where do you work? For whom do you work? I have a feeling you work for the processed food industry!! After developing severe problems consuming wheat, milk, soy all those soy-based dairy alternatives were so yummy until.. I was astonished they finally caught up with my problems and created a cocount whip like the popular dairy whip well it says no dairy, but still seems to have some bad ingredients anyway.

Except, in the midst of some kind of bowel infection, while eating very little, I put a couple spoons in my poor little meagre rice protein drink, and felt later as if someone were inflating a basketball inside my stomach. Thank goodness I was finally able to begin to belch.. Both guar gum and xanthan gum were in the coconut whip. But I sure was enjoying it while it lasted! No rest for the wicked, I guess. Eating mostly liquids to rest my bowels, I think it caused a quick reaction, due to the cleansing effect of mostly drinking my meals, and that knowledge is bound to be helpful down the road, so thank you for this.

All these comments are amazing, to be sure. Look into and maybe try Agar-agar, it seems to be the only additive that is safe for me. My issue is very similar to yours as Gluten protein or similar oats , all dairy and all beans legumes in any form are bad food poisoning a reaction which takes my system up to 48 hours to recover from.

Look for coconut milk that does not have additives added to it. You are more likely to find it in coconut cream than coconut milk. If you put it in the fridge it will separate to solid coconut cream at the top and coconut water at the bottom.

You can use the coconut cream at the top in any way you would use cream; you will just need to let it soften first. It has a melting point of about 76 degrees, so it is solid in the fridge. If you have a high speed blender you can also make it yourself in the blender by whipping flaked, unsweetened coconut. Shortly after starting that, I started noticing these sores on his back, they look black are dry and bumpy. So I called they said it was yeast die off. But, this has been going on for almost 2 months.

It does not seem to be getting better. Can yeast die off last that long? Btw I just switched to the dry Dinovite probiotic 2 weeks ago. He is Maltese btw. Do I give even if there are no problems with the puppy? Are amounts breed specific? You can't be specific to every single breed - however, there are groups of dogs who have certain specific genetic traits that can be addressed -I.

Thank you for your help. I just want my new pup to avoid any of the problem s my last beloved dog developed during his lifetime. Probiotic Miracle is a very well reviewed dog probiotic. IF HE should have probiotics what kind should he have? She is also on metronidazole. Will the VSL 3 harm her? Good info on this page! Any suggestions why he should do this please? I feed him Healthy Option dry food. It seems there is a lot of different combos and I want to make sure my dog is getting only probiotics designed for dog gut health.

He is prone to damp yeasty groin dachshund-x in the summer. He developed gluten intolerance after vaccinosis and eats gluten free per Vet recommendation. I'm looking for something to re-balance his microbiome. But he would probably benefit more from adding the Enzyme product as well.

We look for formulas with research for animals, which is why Probiotic Miracle comes up to the top. There is also Purina's FortiFlora, which is very popular and has some animal probiotic research, but because we prefer to avoid E. Extra certifications may be good but may also be unnecessary and simply add cost to the product when standard certifications are sufficient.

Synacore may be good also, however, we haven't reviewed that product for dog probiotics. Also, is it best to have NASC approval. Don't see that on probiotic miracle, but do see it on Synacore. Only want a dry stabilized product, but confused by all of them. These probiotics working well, saw improvement in stools within 3 days!! We used the tabs which are convenient and effective. He is taking 3 months Advita powder probiotic now, he is little better, stool is dark brown. The probiotic I very expensive, I wonder whether I can use human probiotic?

It is a more complete formula. Took him off all tabs and tried him on Yakults some improvement, will MiracleZyme be effective for him? Tablets are easier to use. Works great as remedy for GI issues for our Tibetan Terrier that was experiencing loss of appetite and confounding vet due to negative results on various tests. Back to normal after 30 day dose of Nusentia Probiotic Miracle which is now part of daily diet. He is on raw tripe butternut squash sweet potato and carrots.

Can you offer me any info regarding probiotics for a young dog. Should I even be doing this or am I overreacting. Thanks in advance, BH. This is a gem! Our boxer thanks you too! We went with the recommendation of Probiotic Miracle with great results.

We chose it based on the science that backs the formula. No mushy poo with our dogs since! We've had great results with Probiotic Miracle, we won't use any other brand. This is the best type of probiotics for dogs I'm convinced. We treat with anti diarrhea medicine vet gave me good for a couple of days and here we go again..

Can you recommend something appropriate for her? I was told to get junior probiotics for her? We first tried FortiFlora, which was an expensive experiment that didn't work.

After 1 week on Probiotic Miracle we got results! We are on our 2nd canister now, and I recalled to come back here and get the coupon code that still works!

If your dog has IBS you'll need to up that dosage into the multi-billionss. Probiotic Miracle is good for that since each scoop has a billion CFU, so increasing dosage is easy. I would scoop out 3 scoops twice a day for IBS.

Give it a shot! I will post again with results. Just thought I would post that your recommendations are spot on. We tried Proviable and Mercola and ended up sticking with PM following your recommendation. I posted a while back, but wanted to follow up how much of a difference Probiotic Miracle made for our dog. We have since added Enzyme Miracle which really made a difference in shedding and seemed to give her an extra "boost" After reading this, no wonder it didn't work.

Better price and no more diarrhea or stomach problems. Thanks for the code. Keeping the dog intestinal flora balanced with good flora will reduce the loose poo problem. But you should also add a plant-based enzyme once or twice per day. Give dog probiotics twice per day for best results.

The code worked today for the dog probiotics, good job, our 5th jar so far and a super healthy pup! Our vet prescribed the probiotics above by Vetri-Science Labs. Did not see any reviews about it. Getting near to a refill but I would like to know more. Any info will be appreciated. Probiotic Miracle are the best dog probiotics. No more antibiotics, allergies are at bay. By the way, we went with the Nutrivet brand for a bit to save some dough, but our dog's health quickly declined again.

Oh, and thanks for the code, it works! That's what I really wanted to tell ya! We've been using PM dog probiotics for a couple years now. Very excited to try this for my 6m old shichon dog that tends to have issue with scratching and licking his paws. The one that my poodle is on from the vet is making him worst.

These include sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol and erythritol, and sweeteners, such as stevia. Sugar alcohols have fewer calories than maltodextrin and a lower impact on blood sugar levels. However, some people may find that they cause bloating and flatulence. Stevia has no calories and little effect on blood sugar levels.

However, some products include a blend of stevia and either maltodextrin or dextrose, and this blend can affect blood sugar levels. People use maltodextrin as an artificial food additive or a carbohydrate supplement to boost energy levels and performance.

Experts consider it to be safe for the majority of people, although it may also carry some risks, particularly for people with diabetes. People may prefer to choose products that use alternative food additives, such as pectin. Eating too many processed foods with additives can cause health problems. Instead, it is best to aim for a more healthful diet of whole-grains and vegetables to boost gut, brain, and heart health. Article last reviewed by Tue 10 July All references are available in the References tab.

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Conflicts of interests, confidentiality and censorship in health risk assessment: Morphological and physicochemical characterization of commercial maltodextrins with different degrees of dextrose-equivalent. Effects of resistant maltodextrin on bowel movements: A systematic review and meta-analysis. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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Which foods contain it? Maltodextrin is a food additive. Some salad dressings may contain maltodextrin. More than just a food additive.

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