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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. More on that later I haven't found the smaller opening to be an issue with my machine and actually, I think it is somewhat advantageous as it slows you down from putting too much produce in at one time which can clog up the machine and juicing screen. Catalog etching LZ followed by Japanese characters. Voyager Laptop Four color slick and deluxe label.

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Cam Notebook [VF] ……c Live! Cam Sync [VF] …… Live! Cam Socialize [VF] …… Live! E Slim USB 3. Of America 04ce ScanLogic Corp. Pro A ……a Live! Receiver d Try Corp. Splash Dictaphone Corp. MF- …… Nogatech TV! Gen …… iPod Classic …… iPod Nano 3. Gen …… iPod Nano 4. Gen …… iPod Nano 5. Gen …… iPod Nano 6. Gen …… iPod Nano 7. Gen …… iPhone 3G …… iPod Touch 2. Crest Standard blue mono label with silver print is shown: The single below was reported in Billboard as available on stereo 45, but existence is questionable.

The listing may be a mixup due to "Three Stars" by Ruby Wright being reported as available on a stereo single by King Records. The Ruby Wright version charted a few weeks before Billboard started noting stereo singles, so notes on what was available may have been misinterpreted.

Decca Black label with silver print, mono label shown. DeLuxe Blue label with silver print. Dolton Green Dolton label with black print. Dot "Ultra Stereophonic Record" Black label with silver print. First release was January, They could be numbers higher than in the S series, or they may not have been issued at all. End Standard End multi-color "dog" label.

Felsted Orange label with black print, mono label shown. This single was listed as available on Billboard's Hot , but has not been found after extensive searching. It was probably an error due to the Ruby Wright version of the song which didn't chart being reported as available on stereo by King Records.

Federal Blue label with silver print. The Federal stereo 45s we've heard, including those by James Brown, are true stereo. Grand Award Blue label with silver print.

All singles below are stereo only except , which has a mono counterpart. Guaranteed White label with red print; mono label shown. We have not seen this single, but both sides were true stereo on his Carlton album. Heartbeat Silver label with black print. Both sides are true stereo. Regular Heartbeat mono releases used a gold label. Hi Fi Red label with black and silver print. The Arthur Lyman songs were stereo on Hi-Fi albums.

Hunt Standard white Hunt label with green print. Although this stereo single was released the same time as the mono single was a hit, the true stereo version of "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" here is an alternate version. Jamie Jamie used their standard label with a stereo overprint. Earliest stereo 45 used the standard yellow label with black print.

Some of the Jamie stereo singles are rechanneled. Jamie is probably rechanneled. For Jamie and later, the later standard yellow and white label with black print was used. Jamie is rechanneled, and Jamie is true stereo. Singles below were released about October, We have heard several of these singles, all of which were true stereo. Most releases in this series are stereo-only. Kapp The first stereo single S used the then-current maroon and silver label.

The later singles used the standard dark red and silver label. Keen Gold label with black print. The first two stereo singles were issued on blue vinyl. Stereo single sleeve is also shown at left. All are true stereo. King The first single, "Rainbow Riot," had a yellow label with black print. All the King stereo singles we have heard have been true stereo.

Later singles had a dark blue label with silver print. Laurie Standard Laurie red and white label. These releases were true stereo. Laurie has later released these singles with the same label and stereo designation, but the later pressings were mono. Liberty Black label with silver print.

Although "The Chipmunk Song" was mixed to stereo years later, it is not known whether the stereo single of "The Chipmunk Song" released in is true stereo. The original hit version of "Quiet Village" was a mono recording.

All stereo versions of the song, including on stereo 45, stereo 33, or album, have been the stereo remake. London Blue label with silver print; mono label shown. Love Standard red mono label with gold print is shown: Although the singles below were included in a Billboard ad as available on stereo 45, their existence has not been verified. Madison Purple label with silver print: Mercury Mercury had at least two special sleeve designs for the stereo singles, shown at left.

The Mercury stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo except Johnny Preston's "Cradle of Love". Many of these stereo singles were also issued in New Zealand using the same catalog numbers on a black Mercury label with silver print. Blue label with silver print, like Mercury stereo LPs. On the other hand, both of these may have been reported to Billboard as available even though they weren't.

This was issued in September, , as a demonstration disc to disc jockeys only. It came with a special promotional pink picture sleeve with black printing stating: This single was also later issued commercially with the assigned number SK with the standard yellow label with black printing. After this point, the newly-introduced black label with multi color logo is used: They may have been issued on numbers higher than Standard early Monument black label with silver print. Omega Disk Yellow label with black print.

Orbit Standard red label with black print. The Preston Epps single "Bongo Rock," reported to Billboard , is probably not true stereo if it exists. The Little Bobby Rey single is true stereo, but includes instruments from the multitrack mixed out of the mono Raynote White label with red print mono version shown.

Darla was a longtime member of "Our Gang" as a child, starting in the s. Many of the Neil Sedaka stereo singles are difficult to find. The Elvis Presley stereo singles are collector's items and command premium prices. RCA sometimes also used special stereo single sleeves, such as those shown at right. Standard Roulette label, with "STEREO" on both sides of the center hole for some issues, while others had only the stereo designation on the right side. The SSR series had an R mono counterpart. The SSR series is stereo only and has no mono counterpart.

At this point, Roulette shifted the SSR series from stereo 45 releases to its stereo-only compact 33 releases. These were usually released in sets of five, with juke box title strips and a 5x5-inch slick of the album cover. Royal Roost Blue label with silver print.

Although we have not heard the single below, both sides should be stereo, as they were taken from an early stereo album. Savoy Red label with silver print. The Train Kept A Rollin' not mentioned. Stairway To Heaven 9: The Rover Instrumental 2: Ten Years Gone 9: Cover not mentioned some songs, some dates are incorrect.

No Quarter is only last half. That's The Way 6: Municipal Gymnasium, Hiroshima, Japan Sept. Also available on colored acetate. Rare Japanese metal acetate. Moby Dick Side 2: Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland May 30 ' Going To California 4: Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp Side 2: The Song Remains The Same 4: Four color slick and deluxe label.

No Quarter and The Rain Song are incomplete. Fair to Good mono audience. Deluxe cardboard inserts with a blank LP cover in a plastic slipcase.

Limited to 11 copies. Each copy individually numbered. Some songs are separate. San Francisco Side 2: Whole Lotta Love 1: That's Alright Mama Side 4: Very good stereo audience except Side 4 Excellent stereo soundboard.

Tulsa Time not listed. Woman You Need Love Side 3: Falkoner Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark Aug. Not from Copenhagen 8 ' White Summer medley 8: Some copies may have speed variations due of valid pressing. Fool In The Rain 6: Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden late ' Some songs do not appear. The Wanton Song 3: Labels are white with 'Test Pressing' in black. Limited edition of 50 numbered copies in a white box with a brown T-shirt and the album cover's stamp in black.

Limited edition of copies - 30 copies on multi-colored vinyl. Available with several different slicks and titles. Cover says limited to numbered copies. Cover mentions Heartbreaker which is not on the record. I Can't Quit You Baby 5: Shapes Of Things Side 2: Very good mono audience sound is unbalanced but clean. Two color cover with artist's name and album title on front and full size label logo on back. Sheet with song listing inside.

I Can't Quit You Baby fades in. Trampled Under Foot 5: Ten Years Gone 6: Travelling Riverside Blues medley incl. Travelling Riverside Blues listed as My Rider. BBC material not from June 9. Switzerland material not from Montreaux Jazz Festival White Summer medley 6: Reissued on Al Capone mono. Side 1 has song separation. Immigrant Song - Heartbreaker medley incl. Bring It On Home 7: Organ Improvisation - Thank You Rock 'N' Roll 3: Some cover dates wrong.

Very good to Excellent stereo audience. Not from June Japanese bootleg in a brown record mailer. Very good stereo pre-FM soundboard radio recording. Not from LA show. Reissued on US label Monomatapa. Color slick on front. Limited edition of 1, copies. Reissued on German label Red Coat. Same quality as original.

Achilles Last Stand British bootleg with full color slick. Reissued with a regular slick. Not from their Windsor Sept. Black Mountain Side - Kashmir 8: Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria Mar. European bootleg comes in white jacket with title in black on it. In My Time Of Dying Songs misnamed on cover.

First copies were numbered and came with T-shirt. Very good mono professional pre-FM radio recording. Supposed 'legitimate' Italian release. Two different deluxe covers. Denmark material not from Stockholm That's The Way Side 2: Limited to 1, copies only.

Very good-Excellent stereo professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording. Brown record mailer with rubber stamp and obi. Because of this quite often this set is called "Panty" box. What's very interesting, at least some copies also have bonus tape with another source for Hiroshima date actually, it is source no.

Very good mono cassette demo recordings. Stairway To Heaven Jimmy Page inst. Good-Very good mono cassette demo recordings. Black Mountain Side B Side 2: No Quarter C Side 5: San Francisco I Side The box set was limited to numbered sets only. Pressed on colored vinyl comes with page photo-copy booklet in a inch grey film can. Photo-copy slick pasted to the front of the can. There is only one 'prototype' set in a inch film can with unknown number. In My Time Of Dying 9: Very good mono audience faked stereo.

This is from the same tape as the other albums of this show although it is a much earlier generation.

Black Mountain Side No Quarter is continued on the next side. Includes a note on the record says it all: At last this is not true. Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan Oct. Comes with an article about the concert from a Japanese magazine. Fair mono mono audience. Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois Jan.

The song order is incorrect on side 4. Insert and full color cover available. Black Mountain Side Side 3: Whole Lotta Love medley con't incl. Rubber stamped gatefold cover. Also available on colored vinyl with a booklet. Limited numbered edition of copies. Labels have inaccurate times. Not from July 4. Limited to 1, copies. Side 1 Good to Very good mono audience; Side 2 Excellent mono professional video soundtrack. That's The Way 4: Grugenhalle, Essen, Germany Mar.

Good mono audience, low levels. Reissued on colored acetate with a different cover. Cover date wrong - not from May Professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording. Nuremberg Messehalle, Nuremberg, Germany Mar. Ahoyhallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands June 21 ' Good mono audience Plays slow. Robert Plant on front, song listings on back.

Catalog etching LZ followed by Japanese characters. White jacket with blue slick on front cover. Slick has title and various band photos. Some copies on colored vinyl. Stairway To Heaven is spliced with two different sources. Sportshalle, Cologne, Germany June 18 ' Available on colored acetate with a different cover.

Achilles Last Stand 8: Last half is missing. Berlin material is not mentioned. Reissued by US label Box Top from original plates. Deluxe color front cover. Lucifer Rising Part 1 Side 2: Lucifer Rising Part 2 Recording: Deluxe black and white cover.

Limited numbered edition to few hundred copies. Lucifer Rising Side 2: Side 1 Excellent mono soundboard; Side 2 Excellent stereo soundboard. White jacket with slick covers. Title, track list, Jimmy Page photo on front.

TAKRL logo and story on back. Black and multi-colored vinyl. Limited to copies. San Francisco, Walter's Walk Side 6: That's Alright Mama Recording: Limited to numbered copies. Rare inch EP on red vinyl. Deluxe label with symbols.

Moby Dick listed as Makundju. Organ Improvisation cut at the end. Thank You cut at the beginning. Falconer Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark July 23 ' Reissued on Empire on colored vinyl. Cover date wrong - not from July 7. White jacket with yellow slick on front. Slick has title and band photo. Killing Floor medley incl. Sweet Jelly Roll 8: Moby Dick is intro and outro with the exception of a small drum segment in the middle.

Whole Lotta Love medley 9: Sounds a little ridiculous unless you have a pitch control. Very good stereo cassette demo recordings. Limited edition of copies with 30 copies on multi-colored vinyl. Communication Breakdown medley 4: Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada Mar.

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