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Your Body Is a Planet
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The most innovative gearbox manufacturer and repair facility in the United States.

Are you looking for a lamp with a little more flexibility in terms of lighting quality? Simply turn the knob on the base to adjust the color temperature anywhere from K to K. This bedside lamp with dimmer makes the transition from morning to evening a little more pleasant.

Lamps with adjustable bodies are great for desk work, but they make great bedroom lamps for nightstands too — just turn the body away for gentle nighttime illumination, or swivel the head toward the bed for focused evening reading.

The white and wood body would fit well with any interior style. The braided cord is extra durable, and the three-point body easily adapts to any angle. What a warm aesthetic! Foscarini is a renowned name in high-end interior decor, and now anyone looking to redecorate their bedroom lighting scheme can find affordable reproductions of their famous Fork Lamp design. Hardcore collectors can find the original here. The iconic Atollo Table Lamp is just as much a work of art as it is a versatile table lamp.

The diffused light and decorative form makes these designer bedroom lamps perfect for any modernist interior. Make a huge statement with the Perimeter table lamp. This model is available in classic white and grey, all white, all black, and a soft and soothing blush hue as pictured here.

We will email you the download link for the book OR Click this button and visit here for the download link. Do you prefer passionate color schemes for your bedroom? Complete the look with these red bedside lamps, and enjoy comfortable illumination without breaking your budget.

This sleek design is made from durable steel with a super-polished copper finish. This design by Menu definitely catches the eye. These quirky bedside lamps take a different approach to adjustability, using a pliable lambskin beanbag as a counterweight that accommodates a wide range of positions. Sculptural, neat, and timeless. This simple table lamp would fit equally well among Scandinavian or Asian inspired bedroom decor.

Designed by Sebastian Herkner, these modern bedroom lamps are ideal for those who put craftsmanship above all else. Each one is made from hand-blown glass for a one-of-a-kind lighting experience. At just 9 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter, these small bedroom lamps may have a compact form but their elegant materials make a tremendous impression.

Danish designer Signe Hytte pairs opal glass with a choice between a smoked oak or black marble base to suit a wider variety of interior styles. Scandinavian decor fans should love this versatile design. This handsome tripod bedside lamp is just the right height to work on a table or on the floor. Its distinctive bamboo body is inspired by Japanese design, but would look great in a retro-themed bedroom as well.

Crafted from concrete and glass, this Jonas Wagell design is equally suited to industrial and minimalist interiors alike.

The brass knob doubles as a switch and a dimmer for flexibility and ease-of-use. This creative design combines contemporary concrete with a vintage Edison bulb. List of Migrant Ships in alphabetical order. She made 5 trips a year to Australia. She departed Rotterdam on 13 for her final trip to Australia and left Melbourne but returned several years later in she arrived in Fremantle.

Named in honour of a sixteenth- century Dutch statesman who was executed by his political enemies. One of the biggest Dutch Passenger ships. Her maiden voyage to Australia. Departing Tilbury She became a troop ship in W. Her final voyage was leaving Tilbury. She left Sydney on Melbourne and Fremantle returning to Tilbury.

The bacteria ferment sugars and secrete gluey polymers that form the basis of plaque. Demodex mites—cigar-shaped, stumpy-legged parasites about 0. They are more likely to infect us as we age, so nearly all elderly people carry them. Stress, aging, or a weakened immune system may reactivate the virus, which can then slink along nerve tracts, causing persistent pain and nasty skin rashes—a condition known as shingles.

Research suggests that widespread vaccination against chicken pox, now common in the United States, may lead to a significant increase in shingles among the elderly. According to epidemiologist Prescott Deininger of Tulane University, these and other parasitical, self-replicating pieces of DNA have evolved with us and can insert copies of themselves into our genome, leading to mutations that may cause new genetic diseases.

The most common include staph, Streptococcus , and Corynebacterium , which metabolize sweat to produce body odor. Microbiologist Martin Blaser of the New York University School of Medicine sequenced the DNA of bacteria from the forearms of six people and discovered separate species of bacteria.

Most of those bacteria actually help to keep the skin healthy by competing with dangerous pathogens for nutrients. The article in the June issue of Discover Magazine originally stated "Microscopic yeasts live on the tongue, teeth, and skin and in the intestine. By Josie Glausiusz Tuesday, June 19, Image courtesy of the National Cancer Institute.

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