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So I was wondering, how long mileage and elevation gain would this hike be if I started at Madison, and finished on Monroe, going down the Ammo. Trying to plan at trip this summer and take four days with my family to hike the PT. Once I get looking into it, I know I will my questions if someone can provide a few words of wisdom. We are coming from Colorado and look forward to the eastern mountains!!! Philip, thanks for your email reply. The the brevity perfectly framed our goal: We have decided to forego Franconia and make this hike a two-day memory.

Where the water is. Where the huts are. Where to pitch tent. We will be going north to south. If anyone has any further recommendations on where to camp below the tree line I welcome them. We will depart for Madison no later than 7 am. Just got back from the Presies and thought a few comments might be appropriate for hikers going to the Whites from other parts of the country as the hiking in the Whites is different than the vast majority of trails in most of the country.

I think AMC hikers tend to not be aware of that as guidebooks and writeups rarely mention it or mention in the preface and never again. Washington station wiffed on 2 out of 3 days on our hike, actually for the better. However, based on severe thunderstorm warnings around 2: We had no storms but straight winds mph.

Waterproof footwear is helpful. For hikers used to fairly smooth trails where one can set a regular pace, the Whites can be quite a surprise. Sometimes on the ridge the rocks may be flat for a couple hundred yards in order to keep you from stepping on the fragile tundra vegetation. There is actual flat dirt for about yards near LOCH — the only place on the trail that as I recall. The rocks are in all shapes and sizes — some are steady, some are not.

Moving big, heavy rocks with steel rods is not an easy task, so the height of the steps vary. At times I thought I was hiking on the Inca Trail where the steps were built for llamas — like stepping up two steps at a time on the stairs.

If you can find boulder fields on which to practice it will sharpen your skills for the Presie Range. Watch not only where you step, but where you plant your hiking poles. A few people would come into the hut every day with a broken pole. One guy in our group broke a pole, but not in a crack between rocks!

His pole was stuck in mud between rocks, he twisted the pole to pull it out and broke the bottom shaft. As mentioned prior, there are places so steep that poles get in the way. Using a pack that allows you to stow poles on the fly is helpful Osprey makes a few. In fact, short of a pack and boots, you could outfit for a hike at a hut. All huts and lodges have ear plugs for free new in plastic, not used!

Forget using the AMC Shuttles. They run at weird times due to all the stops and make a full loop of the Pressies, so you can sit on the bus for an hour or more before getting to your car. For not much more money, book one of the private vans at a time convenient for you. Cell phone coverage can be had on Mt. Madison hut can usually get a signal. However, there is no cell phone charging available at the huts. Better to turn your phone off and save the battery. The two AMC lodges have wifi so calls are possible there.

If you have hut reservations and the weather changes your plans, the AMC can switch your reservations from the hut to either of the lodges if beds are available. One thing to be aware of at the huts, the staff will cram hikers into empty beds regardless of gender there are cancellations most days so they try to fill all the bunks. In bad weather, they will allow AT hikers to sleep in the dining room.

You may have to negotiate a bit with staff for a satisfactory situation. At Lakes, the women in our group had a room with empty bed. The staff put a man of questionable mental capacity he looked like Willie Nelson, but without the personality in their room.

We had enough guys to fill a room, so we swapped a bunk and had the strange man in our room. He spent a lot of time checking out our gear and asking how much it costs. Needless to say one of our group stayed with our gear after that. Also be aware that in summer there will be a number of summer camp groups on the trail with up to 30 people. Being mostly teenagers, they can be a bit loud in the hut.

For the most part the kids have good manners and are funny. How well they behave depends on how good the counselors are. One night AMC staff had to warn a counselor to get their kids under control an hour after lights-out. I was a counselor at a camp in Maine — no easy task with a bunch of teens! Be sure to use ear plugs…. For your early risers, the staff have will have hot water for tea, but no coffee until near table setting time.

Hot soup, coffee and tea are available the rest of the day. Nice to have when you come in from a cold wind! This was very helpful. The huts are in the backcountry wilderness, with no electricity. Being off the grid is the whole point! Hi Phil, did the Presi a couple years ago from north to south on July 4th weekend.

Fog and clouded in until we were on the downside of Jefferson. Then a beautiful day the rest of the way. Once you complete Monroe and Madison you are on the ridge it gets easier. Ive been across over multiple days. We hit bad weather and had to tent- could not see from cairn to cairn. N-S, that first bit near Madison is tough. My girlfriend and I did climbed it last year and we are doing it again this year, but yes it sure was a challenge.

It has the steepest elevation gain of the whole trip — feet in 1. None of us have ever done this hike before and we are looking for info on where we should start along the traverse and what parking area would be good to park half of our vehicles at?

Also is camping anywhere allowed and do we have to get a fire permit to make a fire each night for the weekend? No hiking groups larger than 10 people. Please be courteous to other hikers: Remember alcohol and drugs do not create safe situations and clear decision-making abilities. This is amazing, Philip! The stunning views are worth the tough hike for sure.

I just wanna know how long does it usually take to finish the whole hike? Presidential Traverses — from north to south. Wonderful read and a big help! I plan on doing the traverse July or August this summer. Trail Angels is one of them but they are booked, the AMC gave me the number for a guy named Bill and he met me at 3: I started solo at 4: I finished at 7: We stuck together until the end and hit 10 peaks including Franklin and Webster.

We stopped at all the huts to refill water, grab some snacks, and rest. A couple of us brought an extra shirt and pair of socks and changed at Mount Washington. He strapped them on over some socks at Madison Hut and wore them the rest of the day. Jeff is a legend in my book. Has anyone mentioned the tent site just below tree line in Oakes Gulf on the dry river trail?

Would make a good midway stopping point. Most people are unwilling to undergo the elevation loss. But you should also be forewarned. The Oakes Gulf Trail can be very difficult to follow from the ridge of the rim down and is frequently obstructed by blowdowns, very cold running water, or even ice and residual snowpack, before June.

Your email address will not be published. Previous Bushwhacking Howe Peak. Mike Donoghue March 15, at 9: Earlylite March 15, at 9: Ray Anderson March 15, at 9: Mazzachusetts March 15, at Earlylite March 15, at Heather July 15, at 8: Philip Werner July 15, at 9: Mark Alvarez March 15, at 1: Earlylite March 15, at 6: John Whynot March 15, at 8: Tom Murphy March 15, at Mazzachusetts March 16, at Kevin March 25, at 5: Earlylite March 16, at Martin Rye March 17, at 8: Earlylite March 17, at Neil July 23, at 1: Earlylite July 23, at 2: Neil July 23, at 2: Tim January 7, at Bob Mason July 1, at 5: Philip Werner July 1, at 5: Clare McDermott July 1, at 7: Lee July 20, at 2: Philip Werner July 21, at 9: Nhattan April 21, at Limmer July 9, at 8: Meg June 21, at Kyle June 21, at Jill July 21, at 5: Philip Werner July 7, at 7: Philip Werner July 7, at 9: Grandpa July 15, at 9: Philip Werner July 15, at Chris August 3, at 4: Philip Werner August 4, at 9: Tim September 7, at 2: Philip Werner September 7, at 3: Tim September 7, at 4: Philip Werner September 7, at 4: Charles September 23, at JP October 24, at 9: Philip Werner October 25, at 7: Philip Werner January 21, at April 28, at 3: Philip Werner April 28, at 3: Tim April 28, at 3: A new device of reduction for seismic response using friction force was developed.

In this paper, vibration analysis of a small base isolation system using the device was investigated by excitation experiment using artificial seismic waves. Although a spectral peak around 0. Comparing the response waveforms of the excitation experiment and of the numerical analysis using a linear 2DOF model, it was good agreement. This system is useful for reduction of seismic response. Ishii, Application of fuzzy theory to writer recognition of Chinese characters, International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 18 2 , , Terra has been collecting data about Earth's changing climate Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI is a simple graphical indicator that can be used to analyze remote sensing measurements.

These indexes can be used to prediction of classes of Remote Sensing RS images. For classifying images, we will use formulae, which is based on similarity measure. It will compare the clustered image with the Reference image based on the equation, it will classify the image.

It is simple process, which can classify much faster. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, pages 1, Conference on Pattern Recognition, Jerusalem, pages , October Texture analysis in the presence of speckle noise. A texture classification experiment for SAR radar images. Kana1 eds , North Holland, pages , [8] D. Photogrammetric Engineering and RemoteSensing, 57 4: Co-occurrence-based Analysis and Synthesis of Textures.

Conference on Pattern Recognition, Jerusalem, pages ,0ct. S mith, and R. PhotogrammetricEngineering and Remote Sensing, 57 9: This paper describes how to calculate the different harmonic sequences that should be filtered with a hybrid selective active filter, for two control alternatives: These results are then generalized for hybrid selective active filters.

Passive parameters are chosen considering the resonances with the electric system that appear. Design basis are defined in order to obtain a minimum cost filter which also meet the applicable regulations requirements. In this paper presents a hybrid selective active filter configuration to mitigate harmonics, which uses shunt passive and active filters. To obtain the switching signals for the active filter have used instantaneous power theory proposed by H. Finally, results showing the potentiality of the selective filter controlled for the proposed methods are reported.

Induction furnace, Hybrid selective active filter, pq —theory. Nabae, "Instantaneous reactive power compensator comprising switching devices without energy storage components," IEEE Trans. Muttik, "Hybrid filter control system with adaptive filters for selective elimination of harmonics and interharmonics," IEE Proc. Tavakoli Bina and S. This paper describes modeling and simulation of a renewable energy based hybrid power system in the aspects of improving power quality, energy management and control, because optimal utilization of primary energy sources will increase the level of supply reliability.

In order to meet sustained load demands during varying natural conditions, different renewable energy sources and converters are need to be integrated with each other.

The paper focuses on the combination of Photo Voltaic PV cell System, Wind turbine system, Fuel cell FC , and Battery systems for power generation, and to improve power quality we are proposing MotorGenerator model instead of using static converters, and an energy management and control unit using Programmable Logic Controller PLC. Since wind turbine output power varies with the wind speed, the PV cell output power varies with both the temperature and irradiance, and a FC output power varies with input fuel, and so, along with DC Motor, Diesel engine is also coupled to ensure that the overall system performs under all conditions, especially when PV, Wind, FC power is not enough to drive DC motor.

Excess energy when available, is converted to hydrogen using an electrolyzer for later use in the fuel cell for the economic use of fuel.

The results show that the proposed hybrid power system can effectively manage the optimal utilization of primary energy sources and improves the power quality in both islanding mode and as well as grid connected mode.

Reference [1] The Math Works http: Ulleberg, "Stand-alone Power Systems for the Future: Kuo, Automatic control systems, 7th ed. Prentice Hall Inc, This paper describes the design a new evolving electrical power generation system with small wind turbine. Which offer solutions to meet local energy requirements of a specific location.

Energy conservation decreases energy requirements, promotes energy efficiency and facilitates development of renewable. Wind energy dominates as an immediate viable cost effective option which promotes energy conservation and avoids equivalent utilization of fossil fuels and avoids million ton of green house gas emission causing ozone depletion and other environmental impacts like global warming. This paper gives an over view about the current status and a possible development for small wind turbines for off — grid applications in India.

Inomita,"power variation control of a wind turbine using probabilistic optimal control, including feed- forward control for wind speed", wind eng, vol24, no1,; jan Wireless networks are gaining popularity to its peak from past, as the users want wireless connectivity irrespective of their geographic position. Any node in mobile ad hoc networks operates not only as end terminal but both as an intermediate router and client.

In this way, multi-hop communication occurs in MANETs and thus it is a difficult task to establish a secure path between source and destination. It generally works by broadcasting the information and used air as medium.

Its broadcasting nature and transmission medium also help attacker, whose intention is to spy or disrupt the network. When two malicious nodes forward packet through a private "tunnel" in the network, in which one node is nearer to the source and other node is nearer to the destination and packet travelled through this malicious nodes. This type of activity is known as wormhole attack. NS2 is chosen as a simulation environment because it is one of the leading environments for network modeling and simulation.

Mobile Ad hoc network,ns-2, Wormhole attack. Siva Ram Murthy and B. Security in wireless ad-hoc networks, the handbook of Ad hoc wireless network". International Conference on Information Technology: In the present study,Response surface methodology was used to investigate the effect of four controllable variables on the material removal rate MRR. The work piece material is D-2 tool steel and the four process variables are pulse on time,pulse off time,peak current and servo voltage.

These parameters are varied to study their effect on the MRR of D-2 steel. The response surface methodology RSM in conjunction with central composite design has been used to develop the empirical models for response characteristics. Desirability functions have been used for simultaneous optimization of performance measures. It was found that the material removal rate MRR directly increases with increase in pulse on time and peak current while decreases with increase in pulse off time and servo voltage.

Jangra Kamal, Jain Ajai, Grover Sandeep , " Optimization of multiplemachining characteristics in wire electrical discharge machining of punching die using grey relational analysis", Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, Vol. Tosun, Nihat, Cogun, Can and Gul Tosun , "A study on kerf and material removal rate in wire electrical discharge machining based on Taguchi method", Journal of Material Processing Technology, , pp. Kuriakose, Shajan and Shunmugam, M. The groundwater model techniques were used to improve the understanding and evaluate the complex hydrogeological situation of the study area.

The aquifer hydraulic conductivity, storativity, recharge, and constant head boundary CHB were adjusted during calibration to obtain acceptable match between calculated and observed heads and fluxes.

The calibration of three-dimensional finite difference flow model of Ennuhud sedimentary aquifer was realized through the calibration which is acceptable within the average Root Mean Square error RMS of 1.

The calculated zone budget reflects that volume of aquifer storage for the three years varies from 3. The annual average pumpage was estimated through the model run to be 6. The annual recharge was estimated to be; The model assigns the regional groundwater flow direction towards the center where some water flow diverges to localized cones of depression ascribed to heavy pumping. The contour maps of the simulated heads show fair similarity with those generated from initial heads which confirm acceptable model calibration.

The predictive simulation for 10 years starting from shows that the continued pumping will create relatively high changes in head distribution in the model area, and gives a maximum drawdown of 5m at Applied groundwater modelling, Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport, pp.

Optimal management of groundwater over space and time. On the spatial nature of thegroundwater pumpin externality. Resour Energy Econ Spatial and temporal variability of groundwater recharge in central Australia: Ground Water 40 5: Climateinduced hydrological impacts on the groundwater system of the Pingtung Plain, Taiwan. Hydrogeol J 15 5: The impact of climate change on spatially varying groundwater recharge in the Grand River Watershed Ontario.

J Hydrol 3— 4: Global synthesis of groundwater recharge in semiarid and arid regions. Comparison of groundwater recharge estimation methods for the semi-arid Nyamandhlovu area, Zimbabwe. Analysis of the impact of climate change on groundwater related hydrological fluxes: Hydrol Earth Syst Sci Chemical and isotopic methods for quantifying ground water recharge in a regional, semiarid environment. Ground Water 33 3: Shear wall system are one of the most commonly used lateral load resisting in high rise building Shear wall has high in plane stiffness and strength which can be used to simultaneously resist large horizontal loads and support gravity loads.

Incorporation of Shear wall has become inevitable in multistory building to resist lateral forces. It is very necessary to determine effective, efficient and ideal location of shear wall. Shear wall, Seismic loading, lateral loading, drift, axial load. Reference 1 Definition of shear wallhttp: Auckland, New Zealand, pp.

The paper aims at determining the suitability of ground water of different zones in Chandrapur city with reference to index also termed as Water Quality Index WQI.

The objective of the index is to convert complex data pertaining to water quality into the most comprehensible and simple data that can be understood by general public and policy makers as a whole. The present work deals with monitoring of variation of seasonal WQI of selected locations of the city which is one of the most polluted city in the country as far as water and air pollutions are concerned.

In the present study, groundwater sample of rainy and winter seasons of the selected different zones of the city were taken for investigation and analysed for various parameters with regard to drinking water standards and assessed for their suitability for human consumption.. After analysis it has been observed that ground water quality of most of the zones are not suitable for drinking water and deteriorates from rainy to winter season due to increase in microbial activity thereby highlighting the major issue of drinking water availability and measures to be adopted due to growing industrialization and unhealthy human activities.

Hemant Pathak and his team. Krishna Vaidya and his team. Neelesh Shrivastava and his group 6 Environmental status report of Chandrapur- Maharashta Pollution Control Board- A major source of inspiration to carry out the analysis work. Mobile Commerce, also known as MCommerce or mCommerce, is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device. Research is done by Mining and Prediction of Mobile Users' Commerce Behaviors such as their movements and purchase transactions.

The main objective is to analyse the Mobile users' movements to the new locations instead of considering only the frequent moving locations. In the existing approach, a Mobile Commerce Explorer Framework has been implemented to make recommendations for stores and items by analysing the Mobile users'. The drawbacks are the recommendations that made are only for frequently moving locations and stores. The proposed work is to recommend stores and items in new locations by considering the rating of items given by the other users in new locations.

Management of Data, pp. Computer Science Security, vol. Very Large Data Bases, pp. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C, vol. Research and Development in Information Retrieval, pp. Int'l World Wide Web Conf. Mechanical properties of materials are conventionally evaluated by experimental tests such as tensile test. However these experiments are almost expensive and time consuming. It is desirable to predict material properties through computer simulations and modeling.

Artificial intelligence models can be used successfully in this field. In this paper, the particle swarm optimization algorithm was utilized to predict flow stress of AA aluminum alloy during tensile test.

The material constants in Hollomon's equation were determined as well. The simulation results show good agreement with experimental data Key words: Particle swarm optimization [M]. Mc Graw Hill, Uniaxial true stress-strain after necking. Stress-strain diagrams of metals under large uniform compressive strains [J]. Materials science and engineering: John Wiley and Sons, Multi-objective particle swarm optimization for alloy toughness design using a fuzzy predictive model, 16th IFAC World Congress.

Journal of Composite Materials. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China. This paper considers a distributed generation system interconnected to the AC grid through power electronic interfaces and to provide energy service and system ancillary services in particular voltage regulation and partial compensation or elimination of some power quality disturbances, such as waveform distortion etc.

This method is proposed to improve the power quality and stability of DG system. Renewable Energy Series Electric power systems research. Optimization of Crankshaft using Strength Analysis Abstract: The crankshaft is an important component of an engine. This work includes, in analysis, torsion stress which is generally ignored. A calculation method is used to validate the model. The paper also proposes a design modification in the crankshaft to reduce its mass.

The modal analysis of modified design is also done to investigate possibility of resonance. AOMDV is widely used protocol these days. But, its permissive for link failure. As soon distance between two nodes crosses specified threshold then it sends a request to source node to start discovering new route but continues to transfer data packets as the link is still up. In most of the cases, new route is discovered if some exists before link failure.

Then using the intelligence data packets are automatically shifted to this newly discovered route, thus preventing the link failure. IETF Internet draft, Web databases generate query result pages based on a user's query. For many applications, automatically extracting the data from these query result pages is very important, such as data integration, which needs to cooperate with multiple web databases. We present a novel data extraction and alignment method called CTVS that combines both tag and value similarity.

CTVS automatically extracts data from query result pages by first identifying and segmenting the query result records QRRs in the query result pages and then aligning the segmented QRRs into a table, in which the data values from the same attribute are put into the same column. We present an unsupervised, online record matching method, UDD, which, for a given query, can effectively identify duplicates from the query result records of multiple Web databases.

We propose new techniques to handle the case when the QRRs are not contiguous, which may be due to the presence of auxiliary information, such as a comment, recommendation or advertisement, and for handling any nested structure that may exist in the QRRs. Data extraction, automatic wrapper generation, data record alignment, information integration, Record matching, duplicate detection, record linkage. Knowledge and Data Eng.

Extending Database Technology, pp. Information and Knowledge Management, pp. Distributed Computing Systems, pp. Web Information System Eng. Zhang, "Structured Databases on the Web: The high speed digital circuits became more prominent with incorporating information processing and computing.

Arithmetic circuits play a very critical role in both general-purpose and application specific computational circuits. The modern computers lead to the deterioration in performance of arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, on the aspects of carry propagation delay, large circuit complexity and high power consumption.

QSD number system based on quaternary system, each digit can be represented by a number from -3 to Operation on large number of digits such as 64, or more, can be implemented with constant delay and complexity Key words: Affinity propagation AP is a clustering method that can find data centers or clusters by sending messages between pairs of data points.

Seed Affinity Propagation is a novel semisupervised text clustering algorithm which is based on AP. AP algorithm couldn't cope up with part known data direct. Therefore, focusing on this issue a semi-supervised scheme called incremental affinity propagation clustering is present in the paper where pre-known information is represented by adjusting similarity matrix The standard affinity propagation clustering algorithm also suffers from a limitation that it is hard to know the value of the parameter "preference" which can yield an optimal clustering solution.

This limitation can be overcome by a method named, adaptive affinity propagation. The method first finds out the range of "preference", then searches the space of "preference" to find a good value which can optimize the clustering result. Affinity propagation, Clustering, Incremental, Partition adaptive affinity propagation and Text clustering Reference [1] S.

Michele, Sumedha, and W. Tuzhilin, "Dynamic Micro Targeting: Computational Learning Theory, pp. We describe cache memory design suitable for use in FPGA-based cache controller and processor. Cache systems are on-chip memory element used to store data. Cache serves as a buffer between a CPU and its main memory. Cache memory is used to synchronize the data transfer rate between CPU and main memory.

As cache memory closer to the micro processor, it is faster than the RAM and main memory. The advantage of storing data on cache, as compared to RAM, is that it has faster retrieval times, but it has disadvantage of on-chip energy consumption. In term of detecting miss rate in cache memory and less power consumption, The efficient cache memory will proposed by this research work, by implementation of cache memory on FPGA.

We believe that our implementation achieves low complexity and low energy consumption in terms of FPGA resource usage.

Hayes Mc Graw hill publication [5] Computer architecture: Forth Edition, John L. Bhure , Praveen R. A Case Study Abstract: Present study have been conducted with the objectives of studying the impact of Meteorological parameters on Sox concentration in the campus of Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Farah Mathura.

SOx concentration in the study area were determined experimentally for the period from February to April Meteorological parameters on Sox concentration the hourly meteorological parameters such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and rainfall were also recorded by automated weather station installed at study site. Air samples were collected as per guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board norms at 24 hours intervals for two days in a week for four consecutive weeks in a month for three months February, March and April, Correlation between 24 Hours average SOX concentration and average daily values of wind speed, temperature and relative humidity were found to be very poor.

However the correlation between 24Hrs average Sox concentration and instantaneous values of temperatures at 0. Regression equations were derived to predict the 24 Hrs Sox concentration in the study area based on the variables having excellent correlation with Sox concentration.

These equations can be used to predict the Sox concentration in the study area when the experiment to determine the SOX concentration is not possible and hourly meteorological parameters are available. Dariusz Krochmal and Andrzej Kalina [2]. A method of nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide determination in ambient air by use of passive samplers and ion chromatography [3].

Publications and Reports, International comparison programme of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide measurement in ambient air Atmospheric Environment Volume 10, Issue 10, Pages [5]. Mukesh Sharma and Shaily Maloo Assessment of ambient air PM10 and PM2. Report of Center for Science and Environment July Studies on the levels of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen chloride in ambient air of Harare, Zimbabwe [11].

Wang and Lu W. Z , Seasonal variation of air pollution index: Hong Kong case study, Chemosphere 63 Video Surveillance software's are developed in order to provide the user of the software security from threats to data and other property from burglars. Image and Pixel matching algorithm are required for implementing the Video Surveillance System.

This is especially required for computer security applications, where our algorithms are effectively used. These algorithms are useful for tracking an object in motion and classifying it on the bases of motion level, which would help in subsequent motion detection analysis.

So that when an activity occurs in absence of user, the application detects it and performs the required action. This algorithm helps to represent graphically the amount of changes occurred in the environment.

Reference [1] Barnes, C. Roth, "Learning to detect objects in images via a sparse, partbased representation. Cai, "Human motion analysis: Konstantinides, "Image and Video Compression Standards: Algorithms and Architectures," Kluwer, Bentley, "Multidimensional binary search trees used for associative searching. For an effective human computer intelligent interaction, the computer needs to recognize the motion and track the moving objects.

Moving object detection is a crucial aspect of computer vision and video processing areas. Its basic operation involves the selection of significant segments of a video signal. Such operation is also called Target Tracking the process of locating a moving object throughout a sequence of consecutive frames. The detection of moving objects in complex environments with various types of motion is a challenging problem because the camera motion and the object motion both are mixed.

The process of moving object detection based on the background extraction is divided into two steps, background extraction and moving object detection. This paper proposes correlation co-efficient methodology to accomplish the process of motion detection and target tracking. A major factor worthy of consideration in the overall performance of any PV system is how the installed system can exploit the sun's energy most effectively by ensuring that arrays have full access to most of the solar resource.

This research was therefore concerned with the modification of inverters to enhance the period for which energy is extracted from a PV system and to extend the range of voltages from PV that could operate inverters.

To achieve this, the output of a 12V PV system was boosted to 24V then regulated back to 12V before inversion. The most important feature of this system is that it is suitable for PV systems and highly effective in driving variable loads. Other features include provision for sensing the load voltage to adjust the pulse width to meet the load demand at every instance. It also provides the user with shutdown option in case of the system being idle on no-load , the system can be put to standby mode instead of switching off the entire device.

When on standby mode it consumes very small current of few milliamperes. When tested the system was found to provide a constant sinusoidal voltage of V even with a varying voltages at the input. Glencoe McGraw Hill, [2].

Power Electronics and Motion Control Conf. New Delhi, India pp. The DRA is intended to be used as the radiating element of a transmitting array of active integrated antennas; its input impedance must exhibit a proper resistive load at the fundamental resonance frequency, as well as a dominant reactive behavior, either inductive or capacitive, at higher harmonics.

The design procedure is performed by exploiting Artificial Neural Networks ANN , to find the resonator geometry starting from the desired resonance frequency, and a finite element based numerical tool for the electromagnetic characterization of the antenna. After simulation this network can give a broad acceptance of simulated data of input and output dimensions of DRA with the possible original existence of the corresponding dimensions.

Reference [1] Zainud-Deen, S. El-Azem Malhat, and K. Awadalla, "A singlefeed cylindrical superquadric dielectric resonator antenna for circular polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.

Glisson, "Analysis and design of a rectangular dielectric resonator antenna fed by dielectric image line through narrow slots," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. Forooraghi, "Design of wide-band dielectric resonator antenna with a two-segment structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.

Denidni, "Resonance frequencies and far field patterns of elliptical dielectric resonator antenna: Glisson, "Analysis of rectangular dielectric resonator antennas excited through a slot over a finite ground plane," IEEE Antennas Propag. A standalone hydro wind hybrid grid feeding a common three phase four wire load is considered.

Vector control scheme for reference current generation technique of Statcom is developed. The major objectives in a standalone system are regulation of frequency and voltage.

A battery bank is used on the dc side of Statcom thus enabling it for active power control and thus regulating the frequency. The ELC also performs other functions such as voltage regulation, reactive power compensation, neutral current compensation and harmonic elimination.

All models are developed using Matlab, Simulink. Distrib, 1, 5 , , pp. Goel, Bhim Singh, S. Rashid, Power electronics handbook Burlington: ButterworthHeinemann, [7] K. Padiyar, Facts controllers in power transmission and distribution Daryaganj, New Delhi: Modeling, Analysis and Control New Delhi: In society to ensure the quality of life the energy is an essential requirement.

According to increase demand of energy in world the science is developing the different energy generation systems, which can supply energy to the world under economic and environmental friendly conditions. Sources have increased interest in renewable energy sources.

Many societies across the world in which we live have developed a large appetite for electrical energy. In this research paper the three conventional energy forms i. Hybrid system, wind energy, photovoltaic cell, fuel cell. Many manufacturing industries involve machining operations. In metal cutting the turning process is one of the most fundamental cutting processes used. Surface finish and dimensional tolerance, are used to determine and evaluate the quality of a product, and are major quality attributes of a turned product.

In this paper experimental work has been carried out for the optimization of input parameters for the improvement of quality of the product of turning operation on CNC machine.

In the present work L9 Array has been used in design of experiment for optimization of input parameters. This paper attempts to introduce and thus verifies experimentally as to how the Taguchi parameter design could be used in identifying the significant processing parameters and optimizing the surface roughness in the turning operation.

The present work shows that spindle speed is the key factor for minimizing the dimensional variation for minimizing the surface roughness. Turning operation, Taguchi Method, Dimensional Tolerance. Reference [1] Kirby E. Experimental investigations of cutting parameters influence on cutting forces and surface roughness in finish hard turning of MDN steel. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, , Effects of cutting edge geometry, workpiece hardness, feed rate and cutting speed on surface roughness and forces in finish turning of hardened AISI H13 steel.

International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 25 , Factors affecting surface roughness in finish hard turning. Traffic based energy consumption analysis and improve the lifetime and performance of MAC protocols in ad hoc wireless sensor networks Abstract: Wireless microsensor networks lend themselves to trade-offs in energy and quality. The service lifetime of such sensor nodes depends on the power supply and energy consumption of nodes, which is usually dominated by the communication subsystem.

One of the key challenges in unlocking the potential of such data gathering sensor networks is conserving energy so as to maximize their post deployment active lifetime. This paper described the research carried on the continual development of the novel energy efficient analysis of random placed nodes algorithm that increases the WSNs lifetime and improves on the QoS parameters yielding higher throughput, average end to end delay jitter for next generation of WSNs.

The main aim of this paper is to improve energy in nodes and to analyze the most energy efficient MAC protocol in order to classify them and compare their performances. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Hawaii International Conference.

ACM Press, October Cordes,"Power-aware routing protocols in ad hoc wireless networks. A drop in tire pressure by just a few pounds per square inch psi can result in the reduction of fuel mileage, tire life, safety, and vehicle performance.

This paper presents a kind of Tire pressure monitoring system TPMS with fuel leak detection, introduces the main chips and the principle of system. Key issue of system are discussed: Installation of master and slave section, Wireless signal transmission, Low power strategies.

To address these problems, an automated system that will alleviate the need for actively maintaining tire pressure was designed. Wireless sensor networks are usually deployed for gathering data from unattended or hostile environment. Many sensor network routing protocols have been proposed, but they are very defenseless to security threats. Due to limitations of sensor devices, the networks are susceptible to hackers, it is possible for one to enter and render a network.

This protocol offers many security benefits to WSN's. WEAP only employs one base station and always assumes that it is trustworthy.

This protocol tends to significantly reduce the attacks and increase the network performance. Reference [1] Treanor, Brian, Aspects of alterity: Levinas, Marcel, and the contemporary debate, Fordham University Press, , p.

Security in wireless sensor networks. University of Tennessee, [3] Burgner, D. Security of wireless sensor networks. English International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, [4] Ozaki, Madden, S. A tiny aggregation service for ad-hoc sensor networks. Supporting aggregate queries over ad-hoc wireless sensor networks. A time-based key management protocol for wireless sensor networks. Security of selforganizing networks.

CRC [9] Saraogi, M. System design complexity is increasing rapidly. As a result current development costs can be staggering and are constantly increasing. As designers produce ever larger and more complex systems, it is becoming increasingly difficult to estimate how much time it will take to design and verify these designs.

To compound this problem, system design cost estimation still does not have a quantitative approach. Although designing a system is very resource consuming, there is little work invested in measuring, understanding, and estimating the effort required.

PCBs are the central component of any system and can require large amounts of resources to properly design and verify. Estimating Processor Design Effort. In International Sympo-sium on Microarchitecture, Nov Modeling the impact of embedding passives on manufacturing system performance.

Statistical Power Analysis for the Behavioral Sci-ences. Peopleware Productive Projects and Teams. Dorset House Publishing, Design technology productivity in the dsm era invited talk. Dorset House Publishing, May

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