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We have information for over merchants, including Visa gift card balance and popular restaurants like Chipotle gift card balance and Subway gift card balance. StormNET software meets my design and analysis needs very well, was more competitively priced, and offered lifetime support for the initial investment price. General Production Employee - jobgateway. Continued Use of the Services. I am sure that the many design consultants who prepare designs for the City of Phoenix will be anxious to obtain your software. And moreover the customer service with StormNET is easily one of the best in the industry. StormNET is one of the best stormwater modeling programs available.


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All of our designers have found the software interface very user-friendly, and the graphics well presentable. StormNET has provided us with the following benefits: StormNET's graphical interface has made defining and changing stormwater projects quick and easy. Setup and changes are fast and provide detailed results reducing the overall project time. While we have just scratched the surface of what the StormNET program can do, we are very pleased with the program's capabilities and ease of operation.

We have experienced increased productivity as a result of implementing StormNET. The easy to use graphical interface allows for quick analysis of various storm events, and provides methods for exporting the data into spreadsheets for comparing multiple scenarios and to GIS to overlay the proposed system over various maps. We opted to employ StormNET as a better method of modeling ponds and urban systems. I really like the Manning's Coefficients lookup table and the rainfall database I really like the Manning's Coefficients lookup table and the rainfall database for the different storm events per county that is available in StormNET.

It will save a lot of time for us in the stormwater management design. Thank you for the new version of StormNET, the software and online video are very nice. StormNET has allowed us to compile a useful, concise report in a much shorter time frame I just wanted to take a moment to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the latest StormNET Version.

In we were able to increase our productivity with StormNET by reducing the amount of time it took us to model large and small drainage projects. In the past we have found that one of most time consuming tasks is correlating the results of the analysis; the calculations, exhibits, and storm drain profiles. StormNET has allowed us to compile a useful, concise report in a much shorter time frame than we were accustomed.

I also want to extend my gratitude to your sales and technical staff; someone is always available to answer my questions or help with a technical issue. The software is user friendly and it's customer support is more than expected. Our company does mostly geotechnical and environmental work; however, the experience with StormNET was rewarding for us.

I really appreciate your prompt technical support. We have been using StormNET for about a year and found that this is a user friendly program, increased our productivity, and more efficient. In addition, I really appreciate your prompt technical support. Burnaby, BC, Canada www. StormNET is a comprehensive storm modeling program I appreciate BOSS International's continued customer service and readily available technical support.

StormNET is a comprehensive storm modeling program that assists in the design of storm pipes and structures as well as detention ponds and outlets.

It produces tabulated and graphical results that can easily be used in the preparation of stormwater reports. I have not yet been able to work extensively with StormNET, so this testimonial should most likely not be taken as an in depth summary of the effectiveness of this program.

However, in my initial use of the program, I have found that the visualization of storm drainage system behavior has been most helpful in adequately designing these systems. I have also used the program to provide verification that a newly installed system will function properly based on constructed conditions.

It is a great help to provide local review authorities visual output as well as detailed tabular information so that their review can be conducted more quickly. I still have much, much more to learn about StormNET and its many capabilities, but my experience thus far has been one of pleasant surprise.

The StormNET software has helped me analyze complicated systems The StormNET software has helped me analyze complicated systems that were previously very time consuming. The icon and property dialogue display for each elements makes it very user friendly. Tech support was very accessible and informative. We have been using StormNET for about a year now, the program was easy to learn and we use it for both simple and complex models.

I find that it is particularly efficient to update the model and to reflect the changes in the design. The unlimited technical support is a definite plus, the staff at BOSS is always helpful and friendly. Nanaimo, BC, Canada www. StormNET is a great hydraulic modeling software. It far surpasses other modeling software I've used and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to replace their current software.

Almost 2 years ago we evaluated other programs with similar abilities to replace the software we were currently using and determined StormNET to be the best, most complete package. I've performed both simple and complex models and StormNET has done a great job every time. Their tech support is very good at resolving issues I may have in my model or I've discovered in the program. The issues I have found with the program they've been very prompt in generating a fix and sending out an update. They are constantly updating and improving their product.

The tech support really sells the product. Keep up the great work! StormNET software streamlines our design process. StormNET's self explanatory user interface has made it easy to learn and use during our brief time with the software.

We recommend StormNET to anyone dealing with hydrologic models or hydraulic designs. StormNET's strong point is it's ability to perform pavement drainage design. The user interface is simple, enabling the engineer to quickly overlay an AutoCAD or orthophoto image file to keep the drainage design and computations consistent. Inlet linkage can keep track of bypass flows and easily display multiple bypass inflows, a task that can be cumbersome via spreadsheets.

Often times the design storm for surface drainage varies from that used in the underground storm drain system. With StormNET the engineer can perform pavement drainage analysis with the required design storm, then switch to the storm frequency required for conveyance design providing a more accurate analysis of what actually goes into the system accounting for interception efficiencies experienced at higher runoff amounts. Mc Lean, VA www. StormNET has reduced the time it takes me to do hydrologic and hydraulic calculations.

Although it is very powerful software and I have yet to use all of it's capabilities, it is very intuitive. I like the graphics and the interface. I like being able to adjust all input data for storm sewer inlets and pipe lengths in one window.

The time step feature is also fascinating. From a business perspective, it's nice not having to pay annual license fees or to pay for upgrades. This alone results in a quick pay back. StormNET has been a useful tool in preparing land development projects StormNET has been a useful tool in preparing land development projects and has assisted in the sizing and design of stormwater facilities.

Once familiar with the program, it is easy to use and understand. StormNET is a very good product. It is user friendly. Definitely, the graphical representation of the model as components make this software special. I will strongly recommend StormNET to anyone who works in wastewater and stormwater management. StormNET has helped us save time StormNET has helped us save time when designing storm water detention basins.

Rock Island, IL www. As a user of StormNET, I recommend it since the model is developed over the drawing plans as a background and the model elements such as culverts, manholes, ditches, etc. The technical support is superlative. StormNET is capable of providing all the information you need! As a young engineer, I have very little experience with stormwater management. In the past, I have used multiple, confusing spreadsheets to arrive at the same answers, as StormNET provides in less time.

The most beneficial function that we have associated with StormNET is the ease of modifying variables to see how it affects the system overall.

The program does take some time to set up your system correctly, but once you have it set up, StormNET is capable of providing all the information you need! StormNET is so easy to quickly analysis StormNET is so easy to quickly analysis various changes to a model and find the most efficient design for your client. We use StormNET on all of our projects, big and small. StormNET has proven to be an efficient and user friendly tool.

We have yet to use StormNET to its full potential. However, for the projects we have used it on, StormNET has proven to be an efficient and user friendly tool. The support staff is easy to work with and very helpful. Twin Falls, ID www. Your software was very useful Our main field is in the design and construction of industrial and warehouse buildings. We are also developers for industrial parks here in the México-USA border as well as in central México.

Your software was very useful in doing this work. Also, thank you for the technical support that we have received since purchasing the StormNET software. StormNET is setup in a way that it makes it easy to learn the program. Besides being easy to use, it is also very in-depth in the wide range of uses it can be used.

We found StormNET to be an outstanding design tool We found StormNET to be an outstanding design tool—offering extreme user friendliness and comprehensive design choices. StormNET is a great improvement for designing stormwater detention systems StormNET is a great improvement for designing stormwater detention systems for our area. We also appreciate the technical support that has allowed us to get our projects completed quickly.

Part of our core business is urban highway and municipal street reconstruction, which often incorporates the need to evaluate and upgrade the storm drainage system along the streets being upgraded. We had a copy of an older stormwater system analysis and design software that was no longer viable for our work, so we researched the available software to replace the aged software.

We looked at the majority of current software packages and selected StormNET because of its features and cost. Another beneficial feature provided by BOSS International is the availability of program upgrades at no additional cost. The latest version of StormNET has made the package more user friendly and provides much easier and more efficient project setup and input of system data.

Our primary use of StormNET has been the hydraulic analysis and design of stormwater drainage systems, but our use of StormNET not been limited to only storm drainage system hydraulic designs. StormNET by far has exceeded my expectations. I have used various popular stormwater modeling software programs and evaluated several others before we decided to purchase StormNET.

I appreciate it's ease of use, ability to import my CAD site plan or site photos, and abilities to model complex interconnected pond systems. The free online video tutorials have saved us money and time to quickly and easily learn the software without paying those "extra" fees for offsite training, hotels, meals, and travel costs. The curb inlet analysis was performed to help me size four in-line curb inlets on a new roadway to insure that zero flow bypassed the inlets into a high traffic volume highway.

The flood study project was one where I was able to import the XP-SWMM model from others into StormNET and check the other firm's work on behalf of our client and I was able to find several design mistakes quickly using this method. I give StormNET's customer service program high marks where other companies pale in comparison.

It was well worth the purchase and has aided us on several major projects. I don't recommend anyone buy the software because I don't want my competitors to get the advantage we now have!!! StormNET has a wide range of tools that have been useful StormNET has a wide range of tools that have been useful for us in designing and analyzing storm drainage for our projects. I really like the built in tools and information about products such as StormTech chambers that has to be manually input into other software packages.

Also, it offers me the flexibility in designing a wide range of channels including multiple types of cross sections for open channel flow that is much more versatile than other software. Also, the tech support has been excellent. I get quick and professional responses to my questions. StormNET is a fascinating program StormNET is a fascinating program because of its simulating and modeling capabilities. I have not learned all the functions of this program yet, as I am a first time user.

I am currently using the program to simulate future and existing flow conditions in a large watershed. Markham, ON Canada www. Our office has started using StormNET and found to be the most efficient and comprehensive software in the analysis and design of storm drainage systems.

Civil Engineering Ponce, Puerto Rico. We have been using the StormNET software over the past 2 years on complex stormwater projects. The software is easy to use and the integration of the rainfall designer and other design parameters allows me to model more efficiently. I enjoy working with StormNET and found it to be a very useful tool in determining storm runoff from our projects. It removes the laborious calculations that a designer would need to complete in order to size systems properly although double checking for correctness is a must.

StormNET quantifies the results and presents it in a manner easy to read and visualize. This is very useful when drainage reports are produced and submitted to the city for review. If an issue comes up tech support is fast to respond to your question and will continue to help until you thoroughly understand the solution. From start to finish StormNET is an excellent investment and will continue to aide in our designs.

The one of the biggest benefits of StormNET that I have found is the ability to read DWG drawings thus producing good base models and input data from the screen verses entering coordinates by hand. The Microsoft Excel export options helps make fast and accurate tables that can be inserted into reports. In general, StormNET has substantial reduced the setup time required for getting hydrological component ready for design and analysis. StormNET software has made the job of basin delineation and modeling extremely easier and more efficient.

In addition, the graphical user interface allows me to seamlessly transition between modeling output reports and graphics. The software is user friendly and has reduced our design time With regards to the StormNET software, I believe this is an essential piece of software that every design consultant should have when performing hydraulic calculations on drainage conveyance systems.

The software is user friendly and has reduced our design time, especially when having to make minor adjustments to our models or running various scenarios on the conveyance system. Thank you for your assistance with the StormNET water modeling program. The entire BOSS International team has been very helpful in getting the program up and running in our office.

In my opinion the two biggest items that StormNET has going is first the powerful analysis capabilities of the program, and two the customer support that comes with the program. We appreciate all your help and will keep the lines of communication open as the program continues to improve. StormNET has been a great tool with respect to increasing my productivity in designing new sewer systems. I recently designed the storm sewers for a 60 acre development and found it easy to modify designs as plans changed.

I also expect to use StormNET in the future when performing forensic analysis of sewer systems. StormNET has greatly reduced the time StormNET has greatly reduced the time required for the design of stormwater management systems.

There is a very small learning curve associated with StormNET and the program is very user friendly. Patton, Martin and Associates, P. The video tutorials shorten the learning time In just a couple of weeks of using StormNET, it is easy to see that this software will serve us and our clients well.

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