Adverse Reactions to Ketogenic Diets: Caution Advised

Is PCOS What’s Causing Your Acne Breakouts?

PCOS & Acne: The Underlying Causes of PCOS and How to Treat It
Hi Peggy, First of all, thanks for sharing this!! I developed candida, leaky gut, and food intolerances. I found this article in my attempts to figure out what the heck happened to me. I am full of energy, though I live in a warm and humid place, and eating gluten and processed foods made me feel always tired and then hungry again. Then I started getting chest pain on my left side. I know you said you were doing the OCM. Disorders that can manifest in adulthood include fatty acid oxidation defects.

In addition, these diet strategies may help to reduce inflammation in HS:

Foods to Include and Avoid in a PCOS Diet – Important Nutrition Facts

To me, it seems like I would be starving all of the time, having to live off of broth then soup then eventually other soft foods. What are your thoughts on the GAPS diet? It seems intense but may be a good option at this point. Lindy, I suggest talking to your ND, and doing detox. Yes acne will get worse as mine did, but now after using Pekana liquid 3 kit detox, helped get things under control.

Your skin is showing the signs of natural detox of the body, but with pcos we need a little help because are bodies are so stressed out with everything going on. Both are worth the little bit of coin, and the detox is a 30 day easy to fit in your schedule kit. Hi Tracy, just signed up for the next Candida cleanse an hope this is just what I need at the moment!

Thanks for this article…. I too have PCOS, and had cysts removed from both ovaries. I started developing acne primarily around my chin area when I was in my early 20s. Hormones have returned to good levels. I have been taking herbals and supplements for pcos. Any research you can find with duration of use till they are off it???? Blood sugar excellent now, acne only flares up during menses, and I lost that cranky testosterone drive that was really dampening my relationship with husband.

Thanks for this article. This is something that really bugs me at the moment because I have excessive hair growth but I show no other symptoms of PCOS. Sore and red skin and acne to name but a few! Whatever the blood tests say I do want to get a saliva test because my acne is ALWAYS a lot worse around my hormonal time of the month! Is it possible to have PCOS with no other symptoms like me? What else could it be? Does anyone have any experience with Vaniqua? I always hear about women with acne and other symptoms of hormonal imbalances not necessarily PCOS whose blood tests at the doctor turn out totally normal, when if they have acne and other hormonal symptoms, their hormones are obviously NOT normal.

Thanks so much Tracy for writing about it! It also became worse since I have gone into a very stressful routine for the last year. Also, congrats for your wonderful website, you really make the difference and helps a lot of people! I would like to ask for your advice on some issues relating to my pcos. I must begin by illustrating an idea of where I am coming from. Reading this article actually changed my life! I came across it one night and realized pcos was one consideration for the root cause of my severe acne I had missed.

Before I came across this article, I have not had a period in about a year. During that time, I failed to see any doctor or professional about it.

I did a self diagnosis. I told myself it was because I was under constant stress in college taking more than the recommended number of credit hours. I have strayed away from carbs as much as I could and absolutely never, never refined sugar.

I do however, have a weak point. I allow myself to over eat vegetables and fruit justifying that it is low in cards. I could easlily put away two heads of lettuce with a dozen plus kinds of different vegetable and still have room to eat an entire watermelon for dessert.

I have come to realize this a major flaw in a healthy lifestyle. I am now committed to eating smaller portions. But I have completely cut away all dairy and red meat. The only other meat I would eat is shrimp or salmon. Here is where my issue comes up. Since my diet for years has always been strictly veggies, I had never stopped to think that I could develope insulin resistance by eating too much.

I read the three stores you posted on the bottom of the pcos article about women who had beat their pcos. Since I am struggling to balance my hormones without over eating I am thinking that this may be my answer. I have still not yet had a period. Do you believe that I will have to eat only meat?

I am so used to eating vegetables and believing that plants do wonders for your skin and health. Hi Lauren — the people who only eat meat are a bit extreme. I just bought the 7 day candida cleanse. I must say I dont know where to start from im 17 and I do need some guidence. If you would please help me I would really appreciate it.

Cant wait to start it: I got diagnosed with Pcos a few months ago. I didnt have high levels of testerone or facial hair just really bad acne and hair loss. It gets me really upset every day i was wondering as time goes on will i get all the symptoms?

I use to drink thought 4 litres of coke every day from 15 to I recently just found out that I have pcos. The only symtoms I have are no periods and the ultra sound indicated that I have cysts on my ovaries. I am very much into supplements, so I wanted to get onto a protocol especially with Standard Process Supplemets. Hi Tracey, i had a blood test and found out that i have high levels of testerones. Please advice on what i should do to reduce my testerone levels. Is Symplex f going to help me???

I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Was this comment serious? It seems like she must have been kidding to prove the point? I also have regular periods. The thing that has always always worried me is my body hair. I have hair on my breasts, chest, stomach, butt, I have a mustache not at black as the body hair though. Recently the hair on my neck has been increasing. The worst is my skin is very white and the body hair is black. My skin is also very sensitive and and epilation and plucking leaves it irritated.

Not to mention acne. I remember staring at the mirror as a teenager crying and wishing all the pimples and hairs could go away.

I have been to the obgyn a couple of times and they never said anything about PCOS. Diet has influenced my acne but not my body hair. There was a Turkish study where it helped women with hirsutism and many people on the net swear by it. I started it one week ago and today I had my ovulation and it was painful. I usually know my ovulation and it is not that painful.

I also take flaxseed. You should go back to the doctor and insist they test you for it. Anyway… I mean you might not have it, but hirsutism and acne are indicators there is certainly a chance, and it would be really nice for you to just know. I hope you are awere of that everybody has hair all over The body and face exept palms and under feets.

Some have more than others, some have dark hair on The head, as well as the body. So it is a bit sad that you say that these people has hirsutism, because they have hair and maybe acne.

Humans are animal, born with hair all over The place? I have a very high sex drive, maybe even too high. Is it still possible?

And my periods are very regular if I have sex or masturbate on a regular basis. However, my sex drive seems unaffected by it… I also sometimes have an uncomfortable feeling in my thyroid gland. And a constant cough — flaxseed has improved it drastically. Thank you for the patience. I know how hard it is as a girl to talk about excess hair and how terrible it makes you feel. Like you I am a normal weight, normal periods etc, and my main symptoms are acne and excess hair.

Have you had any blood tests to test your hormone levels? Mine all came back normal anyway but that was the first stage for me. Thank you so much. So I have to wait till I go home or have enough money to have them tested here. When I started spearmint tea my face became absolutely clear. But the painful ovulation scared me. The pain started to disappear, I had another cup of tea and it came back again, this time stronger.

Also I could feel my ovary really hard, I had never ever felt that before. I read that spearmint reduces you androgen levels but since they are still there, they just transform into estrogen. And excessive estrogen is a big problem. So when you take spearmint you should also do something for excessive estrogen not sure what.

And maybe you should drink the tea only five days a month like they did in the Turkish study. I think homeopathy can help with these kind of problems.

It certainly helped me with my kidneys and it always helps me when I catch a cold or a flu so maybe that is the answer. Try consulting a homeopath. At first I thought it was just cystic acne, so I removed milk from my diet, and started taking saw palmetto pills. This helped a lot, and my period started after I was taking the pill for a month or so, but I still have cystic acne and whiteheads on my cheeks,although not as bad as what I had on my forehead.

Tracy After perusing your blog religiously for months in search of answers for my own acne issues, my close work with my naturopath has finally diagnosed me with PCOS. You help many of us keep asking the questions necessary to finally hone in on the root of our acne, and, ultimately, ourselves. I have two question about the diet for PCOS, though: I am a vegetarian because I live in the states and I find our meat industry appalling and immoral. I would not be able to live with myself for going back on this decision, so I am posed with a dilemma as far as the PCOS diet.

The idea of limiting myself too much also makes me sad, as life is just more fun with leeway and not stressing too much about food. It worries me, as I have been obsessive about foods in the past, that this will not be healthy either. Thanks so much, again. I have been following your diet for a few months and in many ways feel much better. Last year at this time I could barely walk 29 years old. I was diagnosed with Crohns along with several other autoimmune diseases including a lesion on the spinal cord.

Thank you so much for the fantastic information! I am one of the new followers of the PHD. I listened to the your interview with Dr. Mercola and wanted to learn more. I bought your book and started reading it immediately. I was on this for roughly 7 years and just up until recently I started experiencing more and more heartburn and a boat load of other problems. I was tested and poked and prodded and what the doctors came up with is that my gastric levels were elevated.

I did this for 3 more years but recently I started getting uncontrollable heartburn all the time. I then checked out your interview about 2 weeks ago and started on the PHD for about a week now and have not had to take my ranitadine in 5 days.

It almost seems to good to be true. I am very grateful for the information in your book. Thank you very much! Skin redness, bloating, weight loss, eczema Brian Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book. I started PHD a few week before Christmas, and even with a few holiday wobbles, I can honestly say that I am already starting to see a number benefits.

Gradually over a few shorts weeks the aforementioned issues have either gone or dramatically subsided. Eliminating wheat and reducing fructose has been surprisingly easy, reducing vegetable oil exposure more difficult. Beginning the first week I could feel the difference in terms of energy and better sleep. Infections, arthritis, hypothyroidism, anemia, mood. You will remember 12 days ago I asked you about my sister who has CFS and was taking mls a day of safflower oil to keep eczema under control.

My guess is that there is a high level of oxidative stress which is diminishing AA levels, and the safflower oil makes more arachidonic acid and relieves the problem. So the strategy I would try first is a supplementing antioxidants…. Your advice was spot on and the results have been miraculous. Within 24 hours her eczema was much improved and she began reducing the safflower oil.

Now 10 days later she is down to 10 mls of safflower oil and is confident she can discontinue it completely in a few days. Her eczema has completely cleared and her skin is looking good. Not only that, but some of her CFS symptoms have improved. Her constant headache is not as severe, irregular heartbeat episodes have almost completely stopped and she is tolerating slightly more physical activity.

Needless to say she is absolutely delighted and wants me to pass on her deepest gratitude to you. Once again Proverbs Words seem inadequate to express thanks for that. I hope she will also follow up your advice to treat any underlying infections. That has been replaced with feeling nauseous even at the thought of the oil. Obviously her body no longer needs it. In searching the net I found this paper that seems to support your advice: Determination of fatty acid levels in erythrocyte membranes of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Thank you once again, Paul, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and your time. The effect is life-changing. Joan chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema Brian Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book. Many thanks headaches, acid reflux, fatigue, bloating, weight gain Brian P. After a few weeks of little improvement, I experienced my first normal bowel movement in a long time years?

After more changes to my regimen, I now have normal stools on most days. The greatest improvements coincided with the times I added fermented tubers and later ThreeLac. I also think that cranberries, turmeric, increased amounts of safe starches, the Now Foods anti-fungal, and removal of my beloved coconut oil were all quite helpful.

My victory is not complete — I still get diarrhea fairly easily and the occasional hard stool — but the improvement is incredible. Many thanks, Paul, for helping me fix a problem that has plagued me for a long time. I wish you, Shou-Ching, and all your readers the great health and happiness you deserve. In a world full of useless and confusing information, having a good source is such a godsend. Thank you for all that you do. She recently stopped taking birth control and her menstrual cycle just stopped.

I started doing some research on her results from multiple blood tests and found her TSH has been slowly increasing and was at 3. So we started supplementing Iodine, starting about a month ago and slowly increasing the dosage each week, as well as eating about carb calories a day from white rice, taro, and cassava all covered in pastured butter.

Some mornings now her temperature has reached as high as I had one final symptom that was chronic all my life. I e-mailed you last week and you offered up some suggestions. I am, and will be forever grateful. Addition of starchy roots and a bit more animal fat did not help the situation. Once I reintroduced rice 1 cup on a daily basis , the problem was solved. This week — no more constipation for the first time in many, many years — amazing! Thank you so much! You helped my mom who has suffered with chronic constipation for 60 plus years.

She had taken Senna for decades. I read your post about using Magnesium Citrate instead. It works like a charm and she is no longer taking toxic Senna. At that time, I had a toe fungal infection which made the toenail of my right toe nearly black, plus it made my foot half-numb. After six months of PHD eating, some of the fungus had receded and some feeling had returned to my foot.

Recently, after a discussion or two on your blog mentioned Epsom Salts, I added a nightly foot soak in Epsom Salts.

It seemed to me that almost immediately there was a reduction in both the visibility of the fungus as well as a reduction in the numbness. As of today, most but not all of the feeling has returned to my right foot. Although I suspect the most recent improvement resulted from Epsom Salts, it might also be due to other changes which finally registered results. Those changes, in reverse order most recent changes first: I have been taking mg of Diflucan along with 2 caps of Kolorex for almost 2 weeks now… so not much time but I have seen some very significant changes in that time period.

Before when attempting this high carb diet, my digestion went to hell. Never diarreah but not well formed, etc sorry to be TMI. My sebhorreic dermatitis would flare up even though my skin was more moist and healthy maybe increased oils flared this.

Allergies seemed to be worse. Sleep was sometimes better and easier, sometimes worse. I went high carb because I seemed to develop some thyroid symptoms on low carb that were easily erased with a high carb PHD.

Now, two weeks into Diflucan, my digestion is almost perfect. No IBS like urgency at all anymore. Better athletic performance, smoother healthier skin the seb derm redness has vanished but there is still some minor flaking… upping the bone broths, vit C, vitamin A to speed healing.

Congestion is much much better and my gums have stopped bleeding! I also added in a number of their recommended supplements. I have noticed my temperature has increased since starting PHD — I used to be always cold and being warmer feels much, much better — being constantly cold is a miserable way to live. The first doctor who helped me did so by diagnosing me with fibromyalgia.

I was informed that my previous doctors did not believe fibromyalgia existed, since it could not be tested with a blood sample. I began to have a disdain for most doctors. I improved on Savella, and was told to do a cleanse diet to detect food sensitivities.

Many people with fibromyalgia have food sensitivities as well. I did not have the will power to execute this plan properly. However, I was not going to rely on doctors anymore, so I began my search for healing on my own. I tried a few different things, natural supplements, and diets. Some gave no help, some gave a bit of help, then I plateaued.

Most importantly, with regard to the food restrictions I tried, I had such cravings that I did not care about my fibromyalgia pain and just indulged. Then, when I was full, I cared about my fibromyalgia pain again. I learned of the Perfect Health Diet from a friend in the summer of I did not think I would be able to do it all, knowing my failures in the past.

So, I started small. I had a friend with celiac and was most convinced by the section on the toxicity of wheat and other cereal grains. Thus, I began by eliminating these.

I noticed an improvement within a few weeks: No more Dragon NaturallySpeaking for me! It was not carpal tunnel, in fact, I still have bumps that come and go in my elbows and have to limit my weightlifting when I use my biceps in any way. Still trying to figure that one out, but typing is not a problem anymore, as you can see here.

In light of my previous failures, the key that made the avoidance of wheat and company successful was that I could eat a lot of fat. After a few weeks, I had some cravings for bread, but nothing as strong as my cravings for things excluded in other trial diets. Now I have no cravings for bread. I thought all would be cured by avoiding gluten, so I started cutting back my Savella dosage. When I got down to none, I felt fine for a week, then I slowly started to feel bad again.

I decided I would put more effort into the other parts of the PHD. Next in line was vegetable oil. I had been eating a lot of salads, and I loved ranch dressing.

With a few false starts, I finally broke the habit of vegetable oils, and was encouraged by some weight loss. Next, I went half in on the supplements. I noticed the magnesium had significant effects on my muscle soreness and neck stiffness.

I read the post on constipation and decided to add selenium, vitamin C, NAC, copper, etc. Finally, I got started on working up to high dose iodine, with the recommendation of starting low and doubling every month. I used to stand up very slowly, and limp for a bit afterward because of pain in my hips.

I used to try to play volleyball, but could not move suddenly or land the wrong way lest I feel great pain. I used to accept that I would always be stiff and have difficulty moving in the morning.

I used to get random pains in the bottom of my foot which made me limp. I used to take a lot of fiber and was still not regular. I used to be 25 pounds heavier. I used to have strong cravings for sugar, bread, chicken strips, and chips, just to name a few.

I used to have acne flare ups all the time. In the past I had to stop typing every five minutes and massage my elbows for ten minutes; it usually hurt to turn my neck; my shoulders were frequently sore; I could not throw a baseball, a football, or a frisbee. Frequently, I could not remember details of things I knew a lot about.

I would get confused and get tired easily. I am beginning to think these are unrelated to the fibromyalgia and that the fibromyalgia is gone. I posted earlier about my progress with being on Savella for a fibromyalgia diagnosis I received a bit over 2 years ago.

I did it too quick the first time, and began to feel terrible. I then began slowly cutting the dosage until I was off completely 3 months ago.

I delayed reporting because I wanted to be sure symptoms would not flare up again. Today I ran my fastest 2 mile time, then played ultimate frisbee for a few hours later in the day.

I used to get extremely sore from just trying to run half a mile, which was also pretty depressing. I am feeling strong and limber with no trace of soreness. I just returned from a book club meeting where we discussed The Perfect Health Diet at length.

I have to say, I am most fascinated by the chapter focused on chronic disease and infection! I was diagnosed at age 3 after a bout with what doctors thought to be a cold virus, and that which followed was years upon years of aspirin 24 chewables daily, to be exact , gold salts, NSAIDs and DMARDs. Since beginning to uncover secrets of old three years ago, I have eaten a Weston Price, biblical, Paleo-ish diet and dabbled in various and asunder supplements.

This part of my new-found health journey yielded results good enough to keep me off prescription meds, but something was still lurking in my body causing imbalances, hiding out in my joints and other deep, dark places. Thank God for my integrative MD…He ordered Metametrix testing, and lo and behold, found parasitic and fungal infections imagine that, right?

The results have been nothing short of WOW! I can sometimes feel the anger welling up inside me when I think of the years of my life this degenerative disease has robbed me of. Thank you kindly for joining the crusade and bringing your diet and this life-restoring information to light. May the Immuno-warfare games begin! Infections, arthritis, hypothyroidism, anemia, mood Thomas An unanticipated but very welcome result of getting on PHD has been relief of arthritis in my ankles.

I sprained my ankles dozens of times while playing basketball growing up, and had slight arthritis in both ankles by the time I was Since then, any type of prolonged running makes my ankles sore and painful for hours, with a little bit of swelling. In the last month that has stopped completely- I feel great after playing ball now. It stalled my weight loss, but I felt great. Dada I added back white potatoes and even white rice based on Dr.

Low carb for 12 years before this year! If I moved my legs a bit it would go away. It started after being VERY low carb for over six months. I have been eating C safe starches for a three and a half months now. Chalk up another one for PHD! Thank you so much for your hard work, you are helping so many. Joan chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema. Since starting to follow the perfect health diet around the beginning of this month my acne has completely cleared up.

I turned 34 this month. I have still not been able to nail down the cause, until now I think…. When I came across your site recently and started reading your advice on fish oil, fructose consumption, and limiting meat intake I adjusted my diet and have seen immediate positive results. All of those changes I think are good, but I believe that in particular the increase in sat fat intake has been clearing up my acne because I was already experimenting with sat fat intake before finding your site and buying your book a few weeks ago and I was noticing immediate improvement on the days that I cooked my food with coconut oil compared to the days that I was limiting sat fat intake.

It was just last month that I was waking up every single morning to find new acne forming on my face but the day that I started spooning coconut oil is the day that stopped. Hopefully a positive one. BTW, I had already been experimenting with intermittent fasting for the past year and I noticed that when I fasted my face would definitely break out the next day.

Your advice both in your book and on this website has been invaluable to me. In almost 20 years of trying every prescription drug, lotion, cleanser, etc, this is the first thing that has worked accutane worked for about 1 year. Many thanks headaches, acid reflux, fatigue, bloating, weight gain. His glucose is the best and most stable its been in a very long time, possibly decades. I plan to write more about him and show some before and after photos, with more detailed numbers and so forth, when I get the chance.

I could write a lot more about him and plan to do so in the future. This was NOT easy-he is very stubborn. But Mark does have a way with words and now my step dad-in 8 months-has great BS readings and does not take any medication.

They both have lost weight and both are in their late 50? Just dont listen to the ADA!! I have been eating rice, potatoes, bananas, and other safe starches ever since, as well as fermented dairy products, such as plain, whole milk yogurt.

I have also slowly lost another seven pounds. Today, my fasting blood glucose reading was Note that since following the Perfect Health Diet, my fasting blood glucose reading has gone down. Only my fasting BG reading was out of whack, usually between and , first thing in the morning. For dinner tonight, I had a fatty pork rib, green beans, and a small baked potato with butter and sour cream.

For dessert, I had a half cup of vanilla ice cream. One hour after eating, my blood glucose level was and two hours after, it was So not only am I losing weight on the Perfect Health Diet, my blood glucose levels have actually improved, thanks to the increased carbs counteracting the dawn phenomenon, just as Dr. Kurt Harris another proponent of safe starches said it would.

I realize that I have greatly helped my diabetes situation by losing a lot of weight prior to switching to the Perfect Health Diet.

And I am taking Metformin Extended Release pills every day. I reject the diabetic exclusion of safe starches. I have some colour back in my cheeks now and much more energy! I completely agree with the review on your book given by Chris Kresser. It certainly is, in my opinion, the best book on nutrition out there. About calories more per day. I keep a very accurate record of my calorie intake. I do g carbs on off days. The big question is what happens when I stop watching those calories?

Pre-Paleo, I was This diet reduces inflammation in the whole body. I think this was one tiny example of it. It was very easy to under consume carbs when you cut out grains and legumes. The cramping went away when I added in sweet potatos, rice and yams.

Now, I make an effort to get more carbs in my diet. I also noticed that my body odor would be stronger on days that I consumed less than calories of carbs. I do practice ketogenic dieting thanks to you! I have not been successful finding a doctor who will treat me with antibiotics but will continue to search.

I do the coconut oil but I am prone to fungal infections so I am careful not to take too much. I once lived in an apartment for over 2 years working out of my home and when it was time to move out noticed mold on the ceiling and after further investigation discovered that the heating ducts were filled with it. I have had no new lesions since first being diagnosed and looking at me you would not know that I have MS … multiple sclerosis.

I have been using PHD diet since Now I have gallbladder disease 2 small stones and my doctor wants me to eat low-fat to try to avoid surgery. This has reduced my discomfort. I never expected to have this problem on the PHD diet. Anyone have any insight. Sorry to hear about the gallbladder. Usually this arises from malnutrition or to an infection of the gallbladder that follows upon small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, so those are the two places to look for issues.

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Or donate via Paypal: Reader Results Leave a comment Go to comments. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has posted a success story! Reader reports are arranged by condition: A Cure for Migraines? Or perhaps also selenium.

Six months later I am down to Try it yourself and see. When I see one of my former nemeses like hazelnut biscotti, while walking the aisles of the grocery store, I need only remember that I have visible ribs now and have moved down from size 16 to size 6, to smile and move on.

It took a while, but the trip is well worth it…. Yeast and cinnamon are off putting. When grocery shopping, just knowing that I have a visible rib cage is enough to keep me moving out of the cookie aisle.

Reduced cravings, weight loss Nancy I am a 64 year old woman who has fought weight control all my adult life. January I started following Dr.

I am maintaining my weight loss without cravings or white knuckling and feel great. I have printed out so much from each of your blogs and share with all who ask.

My husband is also on board. I may even take up hunting this season! Reduced cravings, feel great Peter After approximately six months of PHD I have zero craving for sweets and have easily resisted entire tables groaning with plates of cakes, doughnuts, cookies and so forth. Reduced cravings Stabby also here I have been eating the PHD for a while, and it has really reduced any sort of cravings and tendency to mow down, even if the food is really yummy.

I always gained weight when eating carbs before. I am in the same boat you guys are. Honestly, the only thing that helped was getting rid of carbs almost completely. I lost about 6 pounds in the past couple of weeks by following a near ketogenic diet. I'm 5'2" and , currently. Whenever I eat carbs in excess of 30gm per day, I immediately tick back up.

Eating mostly fibrous vegetables and meat and dairy even though I detest eating as much dairy as is recommended for keto has helped so far. Now, if I could just keep the keto thing up. In I was no changes to anything I was doing , by I was ; stayed there no matter what, towards the end of I was Understand that through the years nothing changed except as I got bigger I tried even harder.

Most people go on a healthy diet and change. It doesn't much matter how much or little I eat; I stay the same or gain. I exercise days per week, eat clean, watch my carb intake, pay attention to only eat foods that have a low glycemic load I got metformin from my weight loss clinic but it doesn't work lost 5 then gained 7!

I meticulously enter everything that goes in my body, and I religiously work out. I had a registered dietitian say everything I'm doing looks great and maybe I'm just meant to be fat!!! Sadly, pcos is a women's issue and the medical field is predominantly male. As such, not enough research is done on it. Because face it, if we were telling the truth we'd be losing". Anyway, just wanted to tell you, keep fighting and trying. Don't let the letdown of dr. Hi guys, I'm in the same boat as all of you.

I was eating calories a day and going to the gym for about 2 months and still not losing weight. Sarahsday is a youtube channel run by a very healthy and fit 24 year old named Sarah and she does not eat gluten or dairy, and eats a paleo based diet so there may be something in that.

Hang in there, you're not alone! I spent a couple years on keto, eating almost exactly calories a day. I started at lbs and within 6 months I was down to lbs. My body rebelled against me. I started getting my period every second week. They came on hard and fast with plenty of bleeding and pain. I ended up in the ER and to my GP a bunch of times because the pain was so bad. I just got told the same thing every time: I measured and weighed everything I ate and used My Fitness Pal to track it.

I started getting constantly sick. Like easily catching colds and other bugs. I'd be so sick, I would sometimes not eat for days. It defied everything I had ever read or had been told. Calories in, calories out. How the hell is that even possible? I was told to go below calories a day. That was the point in which I gave up. I got no help for anything. So fine if they didn't believe me that I was properly tracking my every movement. But I had visible symptoms of something being wrong and I was just told to lose more weight.

Nothing for pain, no advice on what I should do different, or god forbid, help for the depression I was suffering from all of this. So now I'm back to eating 1, to 1, calories and back up to lbs. I'm not sick so often, my period has regulated, but I hate myself more than ever. I feel both like a failure and that there is no help.

I'm in the same exact boat. What the heck is wrong with us? Now I switched to a low carb version of weight watchers. Lost 2 lbs first week and am up 2 lbs this week following strictly and exercised 5 days this week for 45 mjniytws to an hour each time. What more can we do?? Try intermittent fasting 8 hours window eating and 16 hours fast and do the ketogenic diet meaning you carb intake is from vegetables less than 30 g of carbs a day but you can eat healthy fats.

It helped me a lot. Do you recommend any apps that would help with calculations or food choices? I've noticed that there are a few pcos apps. Hi my names is Emily I'm 20 years old was diagnosed with endometreois 2 years ago and have just been diagnosed with pcos. I have tried every diet in the book and even the low carb diet that my doctor told me to go on I can not lose the weight and I exercise all the time. I walk every morning and every night and always go to the gym for 2 hours a day but nothing sheds the weight off.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in I have been told I am insulin resistance. I have no children. I have been trying to diet but can't. I can buy the healthy food and it it for a couple of days but then if I eat any of it, it makes me sick and I want to throw up. I gave asked doctors what to do but receive no answers, except to keep eating it, doesn't matter if it is making me sick. What could be causing me to do that? I used to exercise but I get sick when I exercise.

I'm 37 now, and I've been taking Provera since I was 21 which was supposed to stimulate my cycle and hasn't. I've never had a menstrual cycle, but when I stop taking Provera I have severe pain. I am now diabetic and I have chronic kidney disease. Because of the Kidney disease I can't take Metformin, and I also can't eat anything with animal protein so I'm on a vegetarian diet.

I sneak fish once a week though, but my main source of protein comes from beans and nuts. I'm allergic to milk and I have celiac disease, so not gluten or sugar diabetic for me. I have a really hard time finding diet plans that fit those requirements. I exercise all the time and I'm an avid hiker. In the last 5 years I've managed to drop from to about which is where I'm at now.

I guess I can take comfort that I've haven't gained weight in 5 years, but I would really like to lose a little more. Is everything listed above safe for me while nursing or should I follow a different plan? I'm 15 and I'm diagnosed with pcos,I'm from South America, I've done many diets but nothing seems to work, I try to do excercise everyday but I'm school and I have a busy day, my number one goal is to loose 20 kilo's right now it sound so impossible because I'm a healthy child, I don't much carbs but the weight just doesn't seem to come down please help me.

Im 33 years old, diagnosed with pcos about years ago. I have two children but my problem is insulin resistance. It all started about 4 years ago when my blood sugar dropped after eating. I gained around 40 lbs during all these years because there are food I just dont seem to tolerate. Like I will be hungry no matter what I eat. Lately my problem is at night. I feel that blood sugar low, but its not really low when I meassure it, i have an accucheck to measure my sugar levels.

I used to be doing good last year but in december of this year , till now it seems to be uncontrollable. I dont eat sweets i dont eat flour, or barely do, but still have these weird symptoms. Went to the doctor and he put me on metformin , to start with and a diet.

I still feel somewhat odd, does this take long to work? When will I start feeling better and loosing weight? I miss my skinny body, im at now and I hate it. I know how you feel!!!! I am also 33, 5'3" was always petite and athletic around llbs, now up to lbs and couldnt shake it despite exercising x's a week and a relatively healthy, normal diet. I've noticed side effects of the Rx immediately. I plan to journal my meals more carefully. I'm hopeful this will help me lose the lbs to help the insulin resistance.

Hey guys I've also been diagnosed with PCOS and irregular periods is my concern; the past year have tried everything in my will power to lose weight naturally..

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