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A manual for physicians and other senior health workers , World Health Organization, I never over-dose on the stuff, I typically take less than recommended and cycle off of it after two months. Think about the natural way before wasting you money on chemicals. January 10, at I only take about 3 grams. Curcumin has been shown to be a potent anti-depressant in animal models of depression.


Effects of Kidney Failure on Body Systems

After two weeks i went for my routine general check up with the doctor. Nextday i got call from hospital saying that my Liver Enzymes got Elevated. I was terribly upset and was freaking about Hepatitis. Doctor suggested me to go for Hepatitis test.

I was so upset and stopped all my work outs and stopped taking creatine too. After two days i was feeling gastro problems. My stomach was so upset and abdominal pain and pain in the lower left side. Finally i got my test results back with No Hepatitis. I was so happy and the creatine is cause for this my 3 weeks non sleeping terrible days. I analyzed the whole thing here is my reading with the creatine and cause for my problems.

I took Branded creatine product as per there dosage suggestion Like working days two scoops 10gm of creatine after workout and non working days daily in the morning. I did not take enough water while taking the creatin.

I suggest to take as much water as possible Minimum water intake when ur with creatine: Never take the dosage as suggested by the product. Always go for less than 5 gm to keep safe.

Never go for Loading Phase because all bodies wont react similar way. Drinking lot of water is very much important than anything other wise u end up with loads of problems.

Never go more than 5 gm. Never take creatine months together take break for every three or four weeks of usage As many sites it suggests that visit doctor before take product. But I suggest educating these doctors is very much important by the manufacturers and health department so that they will give more precautions to their clients. As a whole My Conclusion with creatine if u got good physique I never suggest u to go for creatine.

Protein powder and good diet should me more than good and safe. Not required to experiment on this product on ur body. But if ur desperate and want to use inspite of all Side effects I suggest to use minimum Dosage and lot of water in take.

Hope my story useful to u. If u have any questions u can email me to my id ron. Wow this stuff really works!!!! The joint repairs are taking a lot longer than usual. Mostly a small twist in my leg joint would disappear within a few days now it takes a few weeks to do the same.

This thing started only after i started taking creatine. Could this be because of eating that. The simple solution to all of this? What is the purpose of taking a supplement? People are wanting to get bigger muscles faster, without the hard work. Yes I have taken creatine and all it did for me was make my muscles LOOK bigger from all the water retiention. Dont waste your money. A little determiniation can give you the energy for that extra rep.

Thanks All,I have learnt Buy a Qaulity creatine ,drink plenty of water,use 5gm or less a day use it to make gains lifting , then have a break from taking creatine, use it until your happy with your gains and most of all be carefull listen to your body ill keep using it until i notice a problem, I used the stuff years ago 9 maybe for runnning 2. I am 14 yrs old. I have been taking creatine ocassionaly, body Fortress powder and i was wondering dosage wise how much i should take if i got started.

I was also wondering if this would affect my growth at all. Replying to the 14 yr old. This infomation is my experience only and have no qaulifications in this area Do your own Research I Hope this helps. I also see faster growth in muscle size. Of course I also eat properly, get good sleep and drink lots of water. I never over-dose on the stuff, I typically take less than recommended and cycle off of it after two months. So, 2 on and 2 off cycle.

Im in the weight room after school every day and I was taking Whey Protein and it worked okay but the Creatine is amazing I have seen an increase in my lifting ,and I dont have to drag myself in the weight room. It gives me the energy to lift that extra rep, add that extra weight and run that extra mile.

I am glad that you put this article up because I was hearing the good and the bad people dieing from Creatine, and I havent had any side effects. I was reading the other reply and would Creatine affect my growth if taken reguarly with hard workouts? It was shown by many researches that creatine not only harmless but also gives results comparable to anabolic steroids, when taken properly. Different people react differently to supplements like creatine and so the best way to actually measure the damaging side effects of creatine is to see for yourself if any do occur.

You can then weigh up whether you should continue or discontinue the usage of creatine for yourself. Never go over the recommended dosages though because then damaging effects probably will occur.

I took creatine and gained 3 stone of mass, was extremely happy with the results until I suffered a massive heart attack. I mamaged to survive it but was told that i have to be on medication all my life and that I will be unable to get an erection again because of the water retention. I have lost my wife due to this. I have also lost my house because of buying so much creatine.

If you are skinny, so what, just go down the pub, have 6 pints and screw an ugly fat bird. Some things never change, even with creatine! I have been taking it for over 6 months now, i am 17 and have gained just over a stone.

I am also taking whey. Given me good results only problem i do sumtimes get cramp. You will see little to no improvement to your body by taking these other supplements. Especially the ones you see behind the locked glass case, they purposely mark up prices to make it look like you are taking something close to steroids that is legal. I say, just take creatine along with a multivitamin or with protein shakes if you wanna bulk up fast.

If you are dehydrated and taking creatine other shitty supplements you can have a seizure and nearly die in the ER like one of my Soldiers. My sister was blinded from the increase in spinal fluid from using creatine. Her workout partner suffered a blown out spine from resuming a workout too soon after injury, again, creatine softened the conncting tissues that held the inside of the spine inside the spine.

Creatine can be very dangerous for some people. This article is dangerous and irresponsible. The only safe creatine is from food sources. I am actually shocked they were dumb enough to say that for being cardiologists. Your just an idiot if you think it did.

Im a skinney person looking to bulk up what other supplements along with creatine should i use to help speed up the process. You guys are fucking idiots. I took creatine for a couple of months and my heart started to hurt alot one week.

It hurt whenever i tried to breathe and I had constant chest pains. The doctor I went to diagnosed creatine as the problem. I took creatine about a year ago and it was fine to begin with, but the longer I took it the more aggressive I became especially if I had a few beers as well. I stopped taking it becuase of this.

This article seems biast towards people taking it in the way it is written, most of the articles on the internet are to increase the size of the market for people to take it, including probably some of the comments made on the article. So i have been taking creatin for about 2months. Before takin creatine i was very skinny. If you are serious about getting bigger and looking better then i strongly suggest that YOU take this suppliment!

I took creatine for approximately 2 months. The only downsides for me were i had to drink almost twice as much water, some of my previous definition was lost due to bloating, and I would get occasional mood swings with anger.

Anyhow I killed a man for staring at my girl. Now I gotta fight for my life everyday. I joined the Aryan brotherhood and they have access to creatine. But there goes my goodtime. Creatine stole my life! Richard Simmons fuck you too for being such a little punk bitch.

It was watching your faggot ass that made me wanna bulk up and become musclebound. I never felt that way watching Chuck Norris. Oh yeah btw — the things that hurt: Now none of those things hurt since I stopped doing that wicked shit. But I gotta tell my asshole is killing me.

Damn here comes a guard. Lot of impurities in all that Chinese shit which it all is. There is no such thing. Creatine is not going to mess your heart up or cause aggression.

Of course Chinese contaminated products have the residule poison from the chemicals used in seperating it from meat sources on top of contaminated meat sources plus god knows what proably lead cause those fuckers have it in everything else. With that being said, creatine causes increased atp levels which can increase tycardia in cardiac arythmia sensitive individuals.

As for aortic complications as stated above there exist no evidence of such. Creatine is the most tested supplement in supplement history. I guess just ignorant kids or foolish adults. Oral creatine supplementation is widely used in sportsmen and women.

Side effects have been postulated, but no thorough investigations have been conducted to support these assertions. It is important to know whether long-term oral creatine supplementation has any detrimental effects on kidney function in healthy population.

Creatinine, urea, and plasma albumin clearances have been determined in oral creatine consumers 10 months to 5 yr and in a control group. There were no statistical differences between the control group and the creatine consumer group for plasma contents and urine excretion rates for creatinine, urea, and albumin. Clearance of these compounds did not differ between the two groups. Thus, glomerular filtration rate, tubular reabsorption, and glomerular membrane permeability were normal in both groups.

Neither short-term, medium-term, nor long-term oral creatine supplements induce detrimental effects on the kidney of healthy individuals. Taking a creatine supplement when weight training is safe all you are doing is topping up what ever you burn off during a training session. I have been taking Creatine since the s.

No real harm till recently. My balls fell off. Flushed them down the toilet by mistake. Now i want to focus on my stomach, i know thats the toughest area to work on. So my question is would the creatine have any affect on that? A cold dark stare came over my face. I did some creatine and destroyed the place. I fucked em both up. Then I fucked a chicken and a pig too, lost my mind for more than a minute or two.

Started barking like a dog while jumping around. Climbed on top of the barn then fell to the ground. Got the screamin shits tried to losen the stress. Stumbled and tripped and rolled in the mess.

Please forgive me grandpappy you goddamn old mummy. You scarred me and fucked me, because I trusted you. Why dont you actually work for it here you work out for like what an hour o man thats tough just bench some curl some do some crunches maybe 2 or maybe even 3 pullups and oo wait pushups and then talk for the rest of the time and thats your workout and your arms get big why would you be so proud of that and look and Rodney o i forget his last names but his arms are bigger than your arms and legs put together they are huge and guesss what he didnt do roids or possibly criatine so get a fricken life and actually try and when your done doin creatine youll probably get fat and youll have to take creatine for the rest of your life if you dont wanna get fat plus you dont know what the long term effects are and i have a six pack and it looks good and i didnt cheat.

Creatine for the rest of your life? Everything you posted is so ignorant and completely stupid you should be beaten. Mostly for comedic value. You have the simple minds of sheep! You low IQ brainwashed fools need to get that in your heads. If I wanna take drugs that make ME stronger look better etc. And we All humans Have normal creatines stored in our muscles.

Healthy adults can supply themselves with more creatine in meats And many vegetables. Its great for making you stronger and bulking up, but it also makes you slower, ive noticed a great decrease in my punching speed. I also know for a fact that sprinters use creatine and show no slow down in cardiac recovery they train just as often with no need in extended rests , so this puts the cardiac muscle recovery issue to question.

I just recently made my purchase of creatine. Just took the first glass. No major side effects that will keep me from taking it. S I plan to take far less than stated in the future next time. Major dobt of People Like me is whether der will b any hormone imbalance……………… looking forward for an answer….

Well I train about 7 days a week, sometimes times a day. I wanted to take take creatine for tje extra energy boost, nut after reading all of this I decided not to. Rather figure out your diet that has to do with carbohydrates and protein intakes, and naturally with patience and determination, I believe we all could have a great journey. Training is not a destination, but rather a journey.

People who are goal orientated focus on the means of the end result. Once one goal is reached, another starts. The old fashioned way without scientifically modified supplements is the purest way to seek great fitness, and pure results, see how much you are determined, and stick to the natural way.

I weigh the same as when I was in High School. Bought a jar of this shit and started eatin fistfulls of it,mixed with everything. Did some sit ups and push ups and gained 10 lbs. Got a big ol zit on my dick, though………….. They must use it to speed up tha muscle growth.

Otherwise they might keep on doing workout for the whole lifetime nang may gain no or very less muscle. Concequently they put the whole blame on gym. Plz use it and then see the positive effects. I am conducting research on the psychological effects of creatine including levels of aggression, attention and memory. A healthy diet that includes 6 small meals a day, eating only lean meat such as chicken, salmon, tuna, beans as well as green vegetables, fruit, etc..

Workout with weights three days a week and do High intensity interval cardio the other three days per week, and you will have the body that you have always desired in no time.

I date a RD registered Dietitian and I can guarantee you that with correct eating and regular exercise that you can get the same results as you can with creatine. Maybe it wont happen quite as fast and in a nation of fast food and inpatients that might be a turn off but correct nutrition is the only way to get in amazing shape with no side effects.

I weight lbs and can bench over lb and run full marathons with a solid 8 min mile pace. Think about the natural way before wasting you money on chemicals. You can get the same nutrients and protein from chickens and fish supplemented with carbs veggies and fruits. I can see the logic in thinking creatine put water in the heart also, however you should never take it for 5 months straight that is far to long of a cycle, I hope your son recovers.

I tried Creatine as part of a weight loss program, thinking it would improve muscular definition. It packed half a stone on me in a week of pure fluid. I was totally deflated when I went to weigh myself after having trained for a solid 2 days and a rest day then 2 days in a week of 4 sessions, to find my weight was up. I laughed when I read about Creatine retaining fluid in the body and quickly stopped taking it. I have lost over a stone of weight, hopefully fat, now that all the fluid has gone out of my body after taking Creatine.

I did notice when I was taking Creatine how I never had to use the loo much even when I was gulping water down at the gym. I too have been taking creatine, with some muscle gain but nothing too exciting. My bench is up to lbs, which I think is pretty good as I am no 70 years old.

There is nothing wrong with creatine!! As long as you take it as directed you will be fine. As for all of the kidney type side effects, that has been proven to be a myth when it comes to creatine itself. Any kidney issues can be related to other problems during any type of weight lifting. Weight lifting can cause kidney issues by an indirect route. Strenous weight lifting can damage the muscles. In fact, this is basically how the muscles get bigger.

They get damaged a little and heal back stronger. When muscle tissue is damaged a protein called myoglobin is released. Myoglobin breakdown products can crystalize in the kidneys and damage them. I tried creatine for a few weeks and put on about 3kg of muscle, although i lost it all after stopping.

My friend said he got really bad bowel control, and was forced to stop taking it…. I go gym 3 times per week and take a ripped protien and get comments about how much bigger i am getting, i think the key is to stay at it, and eat a balanced diet, after a year or so of dedication you will have awesome gains…. For all the 16 year olds, forget steroids or creatine you dont need it just lift weight, take protien, and change your workout program every 3 months.

The people on this blog are actuall users of this product and are admitting they have had complications, just something to think about. It will not effect every person who takes this product, but you really have to think is it worth risking your health…. If you want to improve the look of your body or get stronger there is natural proven methods that should be considered before taking an untested product, you are not mice.

Dont be the test. Also my dad is 70 y. HI everybody one of my suggestions are to take the new creatine tablets. I take creatine monohydrate, i am on my second cycle and it works pretty well. I have gained a few pounds after a 6 week time, took 6 weeks off, and now i am back on it. The first few days some stomach problems may occur, but i have not gained any acne or anything like that.

I take a tablespoon with 10 oz. I suggest it to anyone trying to get bigger, quick. Any questions, email me at peri5menis aol. All i can say is if u wanna use creatine, do it its a matter of if you want to or not. Just drink alot of water. Do a cycle take 3 weeks off then do it again youll get massive. Please link me to unbiased studies with conclusive results.

Also, did it ever occur to you that creatine may affect each person differently? Let me tell you what has happened to me after taking creatine. Virtually no libido, it vanished. Also, severe gastro intestinal problems ranging from constipation to loose stools. Lastly, becoming extremely fatigued. Just stay away from this stuff. Three years ago i bought creatine and little by little i put it in my cats water ….

Personally, creatine monohydrate had mixed effects with me. Within the first week of using it, I experienced a major decrease in lactic acid build-up, which is the burning sensation you get in your muscles while you are working out, and this was a very positive effect. I used the regular 5 gram dosage each day, and I drank about bottles of water a day. I loved the pumped feeling in my muscles, but, I hated the bloated look in my mid section.

As far as negative side effects, I did notice acne suddenly increasing, and I especially hated frequently urinating in school, along with bad diarrhea. I never had cramps or anger outbursts, and the water weight decreased fairly rapidly when I stopped using it. I recommend the 5 gram dosage daily instead of the loading phase, because 5 grams was enough to give me diarrhea, imagine what 20 grams would do to you, you would probably flood a stall with diarrhea.

Okay, a lot of ppl are saying a lot of stuff, i think u shud also have a luk at this article b4 using this supplement, no matter in wat form! I have 2 accept that i too got carried away, was lured n made one of my dumbest mistakes, when i bought a very famous creatine product……Now i have stopped usin it n i cant get rif of it either!!

I felt that it made me tense n dat messes with ur feelings n all n all this isnt gud 4 sex! My perceptions changed dramatically when i was told by a very nice highly experienced n sizzilin lady, when i was showing off my biceps n askin her to feel how hard they were, she said dat she doesnt care bout my biceps, the only thing that matters to her is my DICK!!

SO, y go crazy….. Took it 8 years ago. I have started takin creatine monohydrate. And i have been sufferin from extreme heart burn from this product. I have stomach alcers, and i think that this product has only made it worse. My weight 2 months ago was 55 kg and now it is 20 kg more i got confidence in myself but now i ve left taking creatine and i m going to gym regularly. But creatine has side effects too i got pimples on whole of my back.

I took creatine when I was 17 for the first time. I only took half of the recommended dosage just to be extra careful and drank plenty of water. Before taking creatine I had no problems whatsoever with my health, besides the fact that I was only about lb and wanted to bulk up. After taking creatine for close to 5 months, unexpectedly I had blood in my urine. After getting checked by multiple doctors, they all told me to stop taking creatine.

I am contemplating taking creatine again but in much smaller amounts because without it I see little to no gains even when I work out routinely.

Lost 20 kilos after starting to use ganic-f. In December i donated a kidney to my brother. WAnt to use ganic-f to maintain weight and fitness. Reading the comments on kidney damage scares me.

I need some good advice. Should i stop taking it? But dont take my word for it try it…. Many of the people I work with and work out with have taken creatine forever. Some of these negative claims are absolute BS. Follow the directions on the bottle. Same goes with iron and many other supplements in ridiculous amounts. To ages 17 and under. Im 23 now and had taken creatine off and on for a few years. To the younger kids taking creatine. Its a great tool if your wanting to bulk up because its hard to at that age.

But the potential side effects are not worth it. For most, your metabolisms are fast and its hard to bulk up. Be patient, as you get older your body will naturally fill out, metabolism will slow down, and with hitting the weights you will deff.

Hi dear readers, check it out that i am very experienced person in this field as i myself took lots of lots of supplements like MegaMass SeriousMass Steriods and lot of other things to be looked huge. But please dont take it for any cost. It is useless and harmfull. Life is yours and decision is yours. HI i bought a creatine grams tin iam doing my workouts no any special different between my body. I wonder if there are any side effects if you take it in small daoses ex.

You have to keep your metabolism regulated at a high rate to keep from turning into a marshmallow…. For those who are asking if creatine is ok to take with Hydroxycut……. I took the recommended dosage and exercised regularly. The only noticable side effect was some extra bloating.

If you are going to use the product, take it before exercise in the right dosage. It did give me extra energy. Doses were 5g to 10g. Thus all the above supporting references, which have been widely cited to support the safety of water fluoridation, contained the same erroneous information.

The corrected intake range for people between lbs is 9. Hodge partially corrected his error in a paper stating: Extrapolating from Roholm's original figures, it follows that for a lb person, at less than 2.

At this same dosage rate, stage 2 of SF can occur after 19 years and crippling skeletal fluorosis after 45 years. NAS has this year proposed to publish, for its sister organization the Institute of Medicine IOM , "Dietary Reference Intakes", accepting Roholm's dosage range but relating these to early skeletal fluorosis. They certainly misled by quoting the incorrect dosage rate for skeletal fluorosis, NOT crippling skeletal fluorosis.

Many reputations are at stake here, but the evidence is clear that the risks of fluoride far outweigh any minor benefit to teeth. Pride has to be swallowed and the precautionary principle applied. An increase in more severe skeletal fluorosis is due to erupt as older people enter the risk window. Water fluoridation should cease immediately and steps should be taken to reduce fluoride in food, drink, and dental products.

Clinical and radiological investigations were performed for 2, aluminum workers exposed to fluoride for an average of Changes in bone and joints were presented in detail in three groups: A semi-quantitative assessment of early fluorosis was introduced. The disease was mainly in the pre-stages of O and OI [see note below]. A close relationship between the occurence of fluorosis and the time and degree of fluoride exposure was found. The difficulties in diagnosing skeletal fluorosis result from the questionable sensitivity of the x-ray techniques and from the non-specificity of the associated symptoms.

In the liver, vitamin D was found to be converted to calcifediol. Calcifediol is then converted by the kidneys to calcitriol, the biologically active form of vitamin D. The vitamin D metabolites, calcifediol and calcitriol, were identified by competing teams led by Michael F. There is considerable research activity looking at effects of vitamin D and its metabolites in animal models, cell systems, gene expression studies, epidemiology and clinical therapeutics.

These different types of studies can produce conflicting evidence as to the benefits of interventions with vitamin D. They suggest, for some people, reducing the risk of preventable disease requires a higher level of vitamin D than that recommended by the IOM. Until such trials are conducted, the implications of the available evidence for public health and patient care will be debated". Some preliminary studies link low vitamin D levels with disease later in life. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in the European population.

Apart from VDR activation, various alternative mechanisms of action are under study, such as inhibition of signal transduction by hedgehog , a hormone involved in morphogenesis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Vitamin D disambiguation. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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The available evidence substantiates neither clinically significant benefit nor harm from vitamin D in the treatment of patients with MS. Multiple Sclerosis Journal Systematic Review. Several preliminary studies have reported results which have shown some promise, but none has yet provided significant evidence of a clinically meaningful improvement.

Role, Current Uses and Future Perspectives". International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Effect of vitamin D3 supplementation on improving glucose homeostasis and preventing diabetes: World Journal of Diabetes Review.

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