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But it hurts like heck and it is not gas. I continue to hop on the scale thinking I am gaining weight but I am not. I am more then tired of this and seeing two new surgeons next month and have a 20" cut to look for sarc in my liver, spleen all intestines and take out the gall bladder that may have a stone hidden in the bilerary tract. And regarding the caramel color, the one used in this particular probiotic is not an additive. It has been getting progressively worse and is extremely uncomfortable. I have tried to stay off the prednisone as much as possible. I too experience the bloating and pressure.

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In pill form, it is a safe and easy to use home remedy for a wide variety of ailments or health issues. Activated charcoal binds to the toxins in fats and in the digestive tract, helping foods be processed without the body also trying to break down those extra toxins.

Because it binds to the acids that cause indigestion, reflux and bloating, you may find yourself with a less bloated belly. Activated charcoal is made from natural material such as coconut shells, wood, peat and bamboo. Activated charcoal, unlike regular charcoal, is food grade and safe to take internally. Chemicals found in processed foods, pesticides on fruits and vegetables, bacteria and the acids that cause indigestion can all cause stomach upset.

Activated charcoal binds to these sources in your stomach and intestines, removing them and reducing the symptoms they cause. Doctors who see the usefulness of activated charcoal recommend using it on occasion only, on an as-needed basis. Good, clean carbs like oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice and pumpkin are all great staples of a fat loss nutrition plan, however, the day after a binge fest, I highly recommend going psuedo-Paleo. Starch breaks down into glucose in the body as part of the digestive and absorptive process and glucose is stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver.

With this storage, glucose brings in water particles with it, retention. This is the phenomenon that occurs when people embark on low-carb diets—there is a large initial water weight loss because glycogen stores deplete. Going paleo for a day after indulging will decrease glycogen stores and help shed water. Add clean carbs back in the next day as desired.

Avoid skipping meals, get back on your clean eating plan. As tempting as it may be, do not wake up and fast, it will slow your metabolism even further.

Supplement with a B-vitamin complex. Water-soluble B vitamins, in general, are involved in energy production in the body, and also act as potent diuretics. You will notice your urine is bright yellow after you supplement with a B-vitamin complex from the excretion of riboflavin—this is normal and it is because they are water-soluble.

Another reason why eating lots of green veggies helps shed water, they are packed with B vitamins, and ultimately discouraging water retention.

After indulging in lots of carbs and booze, your metabolism is most likely in a funk. Similar to eating small meals throughout the day, intense exercise will also rev the metabolism, in addition to getting a good sweat on. Sweating is a good way to detoxify think intense exercise, sauna, bikram yoga, etc and considering much of sweat is sodium with other electrolytes , this will also help de-bloat remember from your chemistry classes—water follows sodium.

Here is one of my faves! Sleep your ass off the next night. Sleeping raises growth hormone and aids in fat loss. It also gives your body the opportunity to recover and metabolize all the crap you have been eating and drinking.

Let me know in the comments below. Get my cookbook here. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail: I have other health issues too so I think eliminating these inflammatory foods is supposed to help with my immune function as well.

Keep us posted on your progress. Wishing you the very best. Despite a very clean vegan diet I was always bloated. Agree with all of these tips. Too much of even the healthiest foods can throw us off. Listen to your body. Hummus tends to make me bloated and gassy.

Thank you for the reminder to slow down! I love and agree with all of these. As a healthful eater gluten, dairy, soy, meat, refined sugar free with severe IBS, I know allllll about bloating. They both work very well when trying to reduce the uncomfort that comes with bloating. It may also be from a clogged lymphatic system. This can also cause breast pain.

I was referred to a lymphatic therapist by the place where I go for digital breast exams. After my second treatment, a years worth of breast pain was gone. In my last session I was complaining about belly bloating and she discovered I not only had a lot of inflammation and sluggish lymph nodes, but my liver was also not a happy camper.

May have been brought on by not drinking enough water. I was curious about the Dr. It looks like Dr. I hear great things about this probiotic too. Our Crazy Sexy Dietitian has been recommending this particular probiotic with her patients for years and has seen more success with digestive relief than with many of the other probiotics out there. Probiotics and digestive enzymes have made such a huge positive difference in my life.

Always seems to do the trick for me!