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In Hart discovered that iron absorption requires trace amounts of copper. Occurring throughout the world, lack of proper nutrition is both a consequence and cause of poverty. Tissue proteins are in a dynamic equilibrium with proteins in the blood, with input from proteins in the diet and losses through urine , feces , and skin. Best Ways to Study the Muscular System Lipids also contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen but in a different configuration, having considerably fewer oxygen atoms than are found in carbohydrates.

Human Nutrition

Expert System for Human Nutrition Analysis

This systemwill be developed for all users as a tool to improve their eating habits and nutritional wellbeing. The goal is to incorporate the use of this application into their daily lives and help them acquire and maintain healthier eating habits. A wide variety of methods can be used to simulate the performance of the expert however common to most or all are.

Expert systems may or may not have learning components but a third common element is that once the system is developed it is proven by being placed in the same real world problem solving situation as the human SME, typically as an aid to human workers or a supplement to some information system.

As a premiere application of computing and artificial intelligence, the topic of expert systems has many points of contact with general systems theory, operations research, business process reengineering and various topics in applied mathematics and management science.

Two illustrations of actual expert systems can give an idea of how they work. In one real world case at a chemical refinery a senior employee was about to retire and the company was concerned that the loss of his expertise in managing a fractionating tower would severely impact operations of the plant. A knowledge engineer was assigned to produce an expert system reproducing his expertise saving the company the loss of the valued knowledge asset.

An early commercial success and illustration of another typical application a task generally considered overly complex for a human was an expert system fielded by DEC in the s to quality check the configurations of their computers prior to delivery. The eighties were the time of greatest popularity of expert systems and interest lagged after the onset of the AI Winter. In like manner, developing one of such system to represent the repository of the knowledge of a medical doctor is as essential as any other expert system.

To this end, this project, Expert System for human nutrition analysis is a necessity. It is also, necessary for human health risk to nutrition to be managed effectively, because malnutrition can cause deformed health status. In the next chapter the researcher will highlight more on human nutrition and analysis also on expert systems.

Obesity rates have increased making our country one of the most obese populations in the African region. Six in ten people suffer a disproportionate increase in their weight because their poor nutritional habits CACIA Studies estimates Nigeria will be one of the ten most obese and mal-nutritional populations in the world by Euromonitor This reality makes it essential to raise public awareness about the need for a much needed dietary improvement and encourage preventive care.

Many people, and particularly students, cannot afford to consult a private nutritional expert Morales One problem in healthcare is the lack of availability for frequently health monitoring. Health software offers less expensive solutions reducing the physician-patient physical relation and provides monitoring solutions. This system can help facilitate the distribution of nutritional information, learn to assess their own nutritional level, and acquire better eating habits to improve their current condition CIGA and Salud Health care facility should be accessible by all at all times.

But some of the people that should access these facilities are far removed from these facilities. More so, in the few available facilities, qualified medical personnel are always key issues that need urgent redress.

In view of the foregoing, it would be of great necessity to provide an expert system that will provide a complementary medical service such as human nutrition analysis systemwhere it can be accessed and used by the masses,, also to places where medical attention accessibility is a problem as well as health care facilities where qualified experts are lacking, hence this topic, Expert System or electronic diagnosis system on nutrition.

To design a system an expert system that will be used in carrying out analysis on human nutrition. Find out why vitamins are important and determine their sources. Identify deficiency and toxicity symptoms for vitamin C, folate, vitamin A, niacin and B12, among others. Examine the risks and benefits of vitamin supplements.

Anatomy of the Digestive System Explore the anatomy of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. Review functions of the large intestine, including water absorption. See how nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and identify different movements occurring in the small intestine. Find out how nutrients are absorbed in the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

Identify common digestive problems. Explore the effects of feasting and fasting on cells. Examine processes including substrate-level phosphorylation, glycogenesis and lipogenesis. Discover what happens during protein synthesis and alcohol metabolism.

Identify some of the factors that contribute to obesity and get strategies for maintaining a healthy weight. Learn methods for determining energy use and body fat content. Risk to Nutrition Investigate historical views on eating disorders. Evaluate treatment methods for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and night eating. Scrutinize risk factors for eating disorders and strategies for reducing their development.

Learn how to estimate the calorie needs and nutrient requirements for an athlete as well as what nutrients support physical activity. Assess the importance of drinking water during exercise and find out which foods and supplements can help optimize athletic performance.

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Course Outcomes Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Examine energy yielding nutrients, how to use the scientific method for nutrition, guidelines for a healthy diet, and how to determine nutritional needs Assess guidelines for a healthy diet and eating plan and get details on how to determine nutritional needs Compare the structure, types, and function of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals, water, and vitamins, how they are digested, and the issues associated with them Illustrate the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract and the digestion processes for nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and lipids Review the structure and function of cells, focusing on cell metabolism and protein synthesis Assess the obesity epidemic in the U.

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