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Stephanie verified owner — March 9, Green coffee bean also has links to weight loss, bacterial infection, and reducing high blood pressure. I have tried alternative cures, which I obtained at our local health food store The Heritage and have had no luck with them either. Kristen Mohamed verified owner — April 20, My fav is frozen bananas, 1 T PB2, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and enough unsweetened vanilla almond milk to cover the bananas. Amazing flavour with a high protein count. So I have been taking plexus slim, probio5 and the accelerator since about the middle of august.

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However, my absolute favorite protein powder to date is the Peanut Butter Power Fudge!! I have to remind myself not to eat the entire pan when I make it! Thank you for the contest! Tastes like cookie dough! I like mixing chocolate protein powder with little bit of water I usually add about TB per scoop …mix to make a pancake like batter.

I call it my peanut butter protein cookie. I love your blog! My favorite way to get my protein is vanilla protein powder blended with a banana, some peanut butter, some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ice! I love to mix the chocolate Vemma powder with banana and peanut butter!

I also like to mix the vanilla with a drop or 2 of peppermint extract! So delicious, low calorie, and full of protien! Unsweetened cranberry juice with frozen cranberries, Greek yogurt and vanilla protein powder …. I also use unsweetened vanilla almond milk and I looove cinnamon in mine! I cant wait to try this pancake recipe- my husband loves pancakes so this way I can enjoy them too!!! I like to add my protein powder to my smoothies …..

Would love to try Powell Perfect protein! One of my favorite recipes to use my protein powder in, is to make protein no bake power balls! I like chocolate protein powder with natural pb and banana, almond milk, water and ice. Cook like pancakes or waffles sooo yummy! Mix all ingredients well spoon is better than whisk. Spray the inside of a mug with cooking spray. Pour mix into the mug. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. I love my protein powder! I use vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, banana, almond milk and ice.

I also almond milk, protein powder, and chia seeds to make a yummy pudding. I use vanilla of whatever is in sale each week. Helps me make great smoothies to start my day and an awesome mid afternoon snack. I call it the chunky monkey! Skim milk or almond milk One scoop peanut butter protein powder One whole banana One tablespoon peanut butter. My favorite protein powder recipe is a Pumpkin protein bar.

It uses canned pumpkin, oatmeal flour, egg whites, spices, honey, protein powder and nuts…. I love the Powell peanut butter chocolate fudge! Our kids love it! Thanks Heidi and Chris!! I love making homemade protien bars with the chocolate fudge protein powder.

I would love to win some of yours so I can use it in my protein bars. Vanilla powder, almond milk, pb2, and frozen bananas! I take vanilla protein powder, 1 cup milk and add 5 frozen strawberries so I have a strawberry version. Sometimes I add some freshly squeezed oj too. Thank you for being such positive role models from family to fitness.

You guys are such an inspiration! I am fairly new to the world of protein powders and it has been a task to find high quality protein with no added chemicals. I like to add some vanilla protein powder to all my smoothies.

I agree with Chris, I love the vanilla. Using the vanilla allows me to change up the flavor easier. It reminds me of my favorite peanut butter shake from the local drive-in. I know the peanut butter adds extra calories and fat, but I like to eat a bigger breakfast. Great way to get protein and veggies.

I have just started on the journey of protein powder and the wonders that more protein in a diet can do, so I do not have a favorite recipe since I am just starting. I would love to win this giveaway so that I can try the Vemma protein powder to make shakes and different foods for myself and my family.

I have tried the BODE drinks and loved them and would love to try the protein powder! It is so simple to make and so tasty! My husband and kids love it too! Protein powder is a great protein source! I add it to a cup of almond milk in a container that I can shake and take my fav whole grain cereal with it.

Then for a meal on the go just shake, add cereal, and enjoy. Also try a scoop in your coffee in place of artificial sweeteners or sugar laced creamers! Add everything to a blender and smooth it out!

Perfect for on the go! My go-to protein powder recipe is a chocolate banana smoothie. It is soo yummy and makes a good treat! My go to protein shake recipe is: Mix in blender and enjoy! I just love using protein powder in my shakes…. Protein powder, frozen strawberries, some cocoa powder, a couple of handfuls of spinach, and a little almond milk. Instead of breading chicken with flour I use a generic protein powder mixed with a little bit of fat free parm cheese and Italian seasonings. I have been using Vanilla protein shake with banana and blueberries.

I would LOVE to start using your chocolate protein powders! Protein shake in the morning is the best breakfast for me! These pancakes looks soo delicious that I have to try these on my cheat day on sunday! My life is changing so much, that I need to really focus on my health in order maintain the survival of it.

I do not have a recipe but I am eager to try something new. Any tips would be wonderful. Makes about 11 balls and each has about 10 grams of protein depending on the powder. My favorite way to use a scoop of chocolate protein powder and add it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ice and almond butter! So good, quick and simple! I definitely will try these pancakes this weekend. They sound so good. I prefer my powder with ice, water and 1 Tbsp of powdered peanut butter.

Blend and you have a nice smooth chocolate peanut butter shake: I love making Protein Packed Ice Cream with powder and greek yogurt, take non-fat plain Greek yogurt vanilla if you want added sweetness.

Add your protein chocolate for me! You could also add some peanut butter for some healthy fat. I like to put a scoop of chocolate protein powder, banana, spinach, almond milk and ice in the blender for a delicious shake.

I also love your Peanut Butter Power Fudge!! I always use protein powder in my smoothies. I have used it in pancakes as well with no flour at all and the texture is a little different, but it fills me up. I add it to my morning breakfast smoothie: Plus 4 simple ingredients and you can pronounce them all!!!

Well I call them Moose Turds. Divide into balls. Roll and set on plate. Put a couple of the dark chocolate chips on each one. Put in freezer for 30 minutes. I have a great Overnight Oats recipe using vanilla ice cream protein powder.

Mix it all together in a mason jar and leave in fridge overnight for 8 hours. Eat cold the next morning!! I know it sounds weird eating cold oatmeal, but trust me…You will be surprised how amazing this is!! I use them in homemade protein bars my fave is a lemon bar, I add poppy seeds and vanilla protein powder, yum! I also love to use a scoop of protein powder in my morning coffee.

It makes it seem like I added cream and sugar to my coffee and adds lots of protein! I havent tried protein in any recipes but I love making shakes with it. Using chocolate protein,banana and blueberries and lots of ice. My fave protein powder recipe is Peanut Butter Cups.

I loved the pancakes with the protein powder. My niece told me to add it to my fruit smoothies and it adds just the right texture.

A good old fashion protein shake!! I have never tried to get creative with my protein powders, I am so glad you posted this! I am going to try the pancakes this morning!!

Chocolate PB and banana shake 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 1 tbl peanut butter 8 oz. I will be trying these pancakes this weekend, I might have a new favorite come next week!

Of course, I love all of your recipes and health tips, they have changed my life and helped me shed the extra 40lbs I was carrying around! Put Ingredients Into Blender Step 2: Blend Until Creamy Step 3: I do find you need to wait a few extra minutes before flipping but they taste great!

I like to keep it simple! I make mini banana muffins and substitue half the flour for protein powder. I like to mike protein powder and almond milk with my steel cut oatmeal in the morning.

I like to mix orange juice with vanilla protein powder. It reminds me of the orange and cream popsicles. I just toss protein powder in a smoothie.

Slice and apple and use as dipper. Mix all togehter and make like a pancake. I like to top mine with cottage cheese for an extra protein punch. I want to start though! Homemade protein bars- honey, gluten free quick oats, gluten free rice krispies, vanilla, raisins, and protein powder — mix and press into a pan and cut into squares!

Its awesome way to get both my kids to eat more protein bars and they are gluten free to boot! I just started carb cycling this week and am already seeing the results. In fact, we use Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix in our app recipes! I would like to know if protein powder is safe during pregnancy? Here is one of my favorite protein breakfast recipe!

Iike frozen cherries, dark chocolate chips, yogurt, almond milk, and vanilla protein powder! Almond milk, pumpkin purée, protein powder, black strap molasses, and ice. My go to every am! Love the protein shakes!!

I make protein muffins!! Nice quick and easy breakfast!!! My favorite is definitely the Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake. I am a sucker for anything pumpkin! Fast and Easy, from the Livestrong website: Enjoy morning,noon or night. I have never tried your protein powder but would love to win so I could.

Mocha flavored protein, almond milk, frozen banana, tsp turmeric, handful of frozen kale. I love just blending the powder with a banana and ice. Chocolate protein powder Pb2 or peanut butter depending on if I need more or less cals that day Stevia I prefer Stevita brand Coconut milk Cacao nibs just a few to add a bit of texture Ice The cacao make it taste like chocolate chunk.

I blend it in my magic bullet and BAM! Breakfast Shake 8 oz. My protein smoothie consists of: Would love to try yours. Im a vanilla kind of girl so I like any kind if recipe that has a strong vanilla flavor! So, I'm relatively new to buying protein in bulk.

I went for another brand first, that I found far too sweet, sandy, and chunky - even when shaken like a paint mixer at Bunnings on a Sunday morning. This brand, however, is the perfect taste. It's smooth, not gritty or sandy, and there are no little chunks left over in the mix. My flavour, banana, tastes like lolly bananas, so I'm not complaining there.

This works a treat as a meal replacement and protein lost 7kg In 3 weeks. Partnered with training and a diet plan together with this shredding matrix, Lost 5kg so far, and it's only been 5 weeks.

Mixes very well, even with water. No gross milky aftertaste or funky smell. Not thick and no sandy bits! I have been using this protein for around 6 months and find it leaps and bounds above many other popular shredding proteins, in not only flavor but also price. I find it help suppress hunger as well after those big workouts when you feel particulary drained.

Great value for money, great taste and big gains without worrying about excess calories. This has worked extremely well. I am middle aged and stomach fat refused to budge. This product has helped a lot. Tastes great even only with water. This protein tastes great, and mixing is easy. Even without the mesh ball in the shaker, it still mixes without any clumps! Great protein shake, very smooth, blends well, very sweet. Would recommend to most buyers.

These products are amazing, second time purchasing them. Taste great as well. Love the taste of Shredding Matrix. Pretty straight forward, does what it say on the tub.

I had no problems mixing it and the taste was great, I'll happily buy again! Great protein for when you're cutting, keeps me building lean muscle, also great to have in Greek yoghurt! Absolutely love this protein, mixes great, tastes amazing and is really helping me cut and gain some lean muscle! A friend recommended me try Shredding Matrix after he lost a couple of stubborn kgs while on it.

It's a little bit on the sweet side for me, but after taking this for 4 weeks now, i've really felt it's made a difference to my training and my size. I've gotten a lot more defined, but still feel strong.

Definitely would recommend and will be getting again. I've been having protein powders since the 80s and this is honestly one of the best. It's really helped me to make gains even though I'm now in my 40s and it tastes really good. I'm onto my third tub and chocolate is definitely the best of the lot.

The best thermogenic protein powder on the market bar none. Generous doses of active ingredients coupled with a fantastic easy to drink taste. Gone through 3 x 3kg tubs of this stuff, love it. One of the highest protein charged supps out there.

Underrated and value for money product that works. Mixes easily and although chocolate is a little sweet for me, it is easily drunk.

Should be in the group of Super Supplements. An awesome product that provides a good morning serving of protein with the caffeine to make sure you're moving. I mix it with ml of water for a nice thick chocolate milk like shake. Excellent product, tastes great, mixes well - no complaints.

Tastes just like chocolate but great after a workout. This helps fight off the chocolate cravings while providing good quality nutrition. Possibly one of the best tasting protein powders on the market. I love this one, low in carbs. All round great product! A friend recommended me shredding matrix after he used it previously as his protein and he lost quite a bit of weight with it.

I've been on it for 2 weeks now and I've lost a bit of weight, but the best result by far is that I've gained quite a bit of muscle as well as strength. The powders easy to drink and mix, tastes a little funny at first, more like coffee than chocolate, but it's not a bad flavour. This stuff is so great! I had to put my regular wpi on hold to finish this tub.

I think it tastes fantastic, gives quick results and best of all it CAN be used as a meal replacement. Has almost all my needs in the one, convenient mix the only things I add are L-Glutamine and cycle Creatine.

Mixes well with either water or milk and the Hot Chocolate tastes pretty damn good with just water. I am definitely ordering more of this, although will try Vanilla next to share with the wife she doesn't do Chocolate Thank you Elemental, top product. This would have to be the best tasting protein I've ever had. I always go the chocolate and am meaning to try the other flavors but the chocolate is so good. Works a treat for weight loss too.

Both my partner and myself have been using Shredding Matrix as the protein of choice now for well over a year. Most of all we like the taste which is easy to consume day in day out. Seriously this is a very good protein powder. Easy to mix, smells and tastes great and most importantly it helped me lose that extra couple of kilos that I was struggling to get rid of.

Started on this protein powder 2 weeks ago Got here quick, smells a bit like coffee but tastes more like chocolate. Not too sweet but certainly giving results in the past week I've had it. Got a email 2 days after i made payment saying it was shipped, got home later that day and it was on my front door step! Only on day 4, tastes ok! Its my first supp, so still getting use to it.

Might try the chocolate next time. I hold my nose to swalllow it hahaha. Worked great, the taste vanilla was not to bad, I was only turned off when I started using it at first because it smelt like coffee, even though it didn't taste at all like coffee, just the it smelling like coffee turned me off I do not like coffee as you can guess.

But over all the product was fantastic, and I have lost around 7kg whilst using it. Really pumped the energy levels up, great taste would recommend this product! Gives you a higher energy level throughout the day. Stripped fat and gave me no muscle ache what so ever.

Perfect post work out protein for lean muscle development. Just finished a 3kg tub of this and I am losing fat like you wouldn't believe. I take it 45mins before I workout and 45 mins after, and then a couple more times during the day. I recover so quickly with this stuff.

Tastes great, mixes well, great results. With just this and a few changes to my diet, I've managed to lose 3kg of fat in about a month and put a couple of kilos of muscle on. I use low fat milk, and it mixes great with only a spoon. I had the chocolate flavour, best tasting protein powder I've tasted so far and I've tried a few different ones.

I could see my body fat percentage dropping and felt stronger and leaner even my clients noticed the difference. I happily recommend this product. I'm not going to lie, I've used bsc hydroxyburn, balance ultraripped, vital strength hydroxy ripped and muscle nutrition thermo burn all in conjunction with a very immaculate diet and training regime and the results i got were NOTHING compared to elemental nutrition shredded matrix.

On 2 months of this product, i dropped 5kgs of pure fat and gained muscle, i went off it again and used a WPI protein and plateaued, I am currently on my second day of shredding matrix again and my appetite is virtually non existent, i feel good and i train harder, will most likely see results within a few weeks!

Haven't been using it for long but have already seen some nice results. Tastes really good too! Will get this product again! First got the chocolate flavor and lost 10kg and had all round lean gains with constant workouts and pretty good diet, now going for round 2 just ordered vanilla and going on a strict cutting diet.

Great results and flavor, would recommend to any one who is trying to get lean a tip the less water the sweeter the mix is so find the right amount for yourself. Shredding Matrix works great. This stuff is the real deal, mate in just over a month of using this stuff I have dropped 7 Kilograms. I would definitely recommend this product. Fantastic protein powder, blends really well and the taste is A1!

About to buy my second batch of this - highly recommended and I've tried tonnes of protein powders. Smells like chocolate quick. It needs to be mixed with a blender and even then there is a bit of a texture to it.. Mixed with water, it's not vey nice and is very sweet with weird after taste. I recommend mix with skim milk a couple hours before drinking it as the powder fully disolves and is OK to drink.

Result wise, I feel pretty good and have lost roughly 2kg in 3 - 4 weeks. I have used three 3 kg tubs of this and it is excellent. In just over two months I have shed around 7kgs of fat, and have built some good size and definition. Hard to lose fat and gain muscle but I believe that this made it possible. This is a great tasting powder and combined with solid cardio and weights, I believe it is one of the best I have used.

I will be getting some more of this. I take it twice a day - with breakfast and after working out. Very Vanilla is the best flavour! Have ordered this over 4 times now and just bought 3KG of it!

A great tasting product which I have successfully used as a post work out and meal replacement shake to increase muscle definition and bulk over 2 months. I'm really happy with the results and will buy again!

Great tasting, and really did what it claimed. I take this post-workout, which is late at night before bed, I wake up the next day and my muscles feel "nourished" and significantly more rested. Recovery time is reduced, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in body fat. The old "spare tyre" is living on borrowed time with this little mixture! Would definitely recommend to anyone willing to put in the hard yards and use in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet, as this also makes for a great meal replacement.

Love this product and really works, next day delivery so this site is great thanks. I have been always very sceptical about take something to lose weight, but since I combined this protein shake and gym I lost 11KG in just 4 months.

I never lost weight before so I am very happy and I just ordered 3 more kg. This product has been excellent on my weight loss journey. I have been off this product for a month and noticed how soft my physique looks. I need shredding matrix to continue my efforts to get that lean and muscular look! I will be re-purchasing it today! Purchased the Shredding Matrix if you combine it with a good low carb diet and lots of cardio it will work lost 9 kilo's in about 6 weeks.

This product is amazing, I felt an impact the moment I got my hands on the 1 kilogram tub, an impact of a great aroma, then I tried it for the first time and again I felt the impact of the product was almost instant, now after a few months I have lost that fat I wanted to lose and I have now also put on muscle, I feel different now than ever before. Elemental Nutrition Shredding Matrix has helped me and I even tried removing it from my diet and within a week, I was back on it.

Soon I will buy again. Thank you Mr Supplement. Tastes great, Mixes great, Actually works and has higher doses of metabolic extracts and carb-blockers than its more expensive competitors. This fat loss protein powder is the, Shredding Matrix. Bought the Vanilla and a Chocolate. Use them as meal replacements. Tasty as, easy to mix and on my door in a very timely manner. This product is honestly phenomenal! I really started to cut up when I implemented this product into my diet, and as a bonus it is the best tasting protein I've ever had!

Top quality Aussie protein! This product has a great taste and I really believe it is helping me in my weight loss journey. I would recommend it. Very happy with this powder. This protein shake tastes great and helps a lot with the weight loss. I have recommended Shredding Matrix to others with the same result.

I have shed 28kgs in a year and this has been a big part of my diet at least twice a day usually first thing in the morning with some flax or an egg and last thing at night to keep the cravings at bay. If your looking to include a fat loss protein mix in your regime that is good value and great tasting you could do a lot lot worse: As always great turn around from Mr Supplement as well good work!

I am someone with food sensitivities, so typically I use only egg protein, however, I love the 2: It digests very well, especially for a protein with whey and casein. Whether just mixed with water or blended with milk cashew or almond — in my case , both are fantastic!

Highly, highly recommend this product — as well as all Unico products. I use this along with the Athena Intense pre-workout and they make a great combo post and pre workout. Rosslyn — January 5, This is absolutely the best tasting protein powder I ever tasted.

When I take this on a morning as a breakfast meal replacement it keeps me full until the afternoon. This is only with one full scoop. Going to cut it down to half because I want the bottle to last longer lol. I am very pleased. Oh my mom also uses it and she loves the results too. Trying out the intense pre workout this evening to see how it works. Satisfied customer and I will be purchasing more monthly. Great service and fast shipping too. Elexis verified owner — January 12, Is this even a protein shake?

I just had my first shake and I am in love. The spoonful peanut butter with chocolate actually taste like peanut butter and chocolate. Amazing that something this good is actually good for you! Just another product that I love. Also, great service and super fast shipping. Will be purchasing more products soon! Ordered some of the Cinnamon Roll flavor in a stack I ordered. Unico nailed the flavor. Allyssa verified owner — January 25, The vanilla milkshake actually tastes like a milkshake!

Highly recommend to everyone. Cass verified owner — January 31, Heaven in a shaker bottle. The chocolate PB is rich and thick without putting the extra rich and fit on the booty.

Spot on customer service? Get this protien as soon as possible… you will never go back to the other stuff. Lexi verified owner — February 4, The best tasting protein powder ever. Lauren — February 29, So I am literally obsessed with this protein powder.

I am on my fifth day of using this, and it makes me want to work out just so I can have my recovery shake! Katie verified owner — March 2, I am legit obsessed with Unico.

Why did I deprive myself from these shakes for so long? If you have gotten this far and are reading the comments, buy it already!! Bryanna verified owner — March 10, I stumbled across Unico products while researching which protein powder to try next. Needless to say I was NOT disappointed. S which is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Try their products and you will fall in love, guaranteed. Alex — March 24, It is delicious and I find myself licking the bowl or cup after finishing whatever recipe I have included it in.

Laykin verified owner — May 12, I have never used that word when describing any protein shake but that is the only way to sum this one up. So glad I found this and I cannot wait to try the other flavors!! Nicole verified owner — May 12, The Cinnabon Bun flavor is great also. Unico has done it again! Dallas verified owner — July 21, I would drink this all the time if I could. My boyfriend wants to steal it from me.

Being impressed would be an understatement. It was like Banana Cream Pie in concentrated liquid form. It can be a little pricey. Jackie verified owner — August 27, I bought the vanilla ice cream flavor! Mary Baumgarten verified owner — October 20, It was chunky and thick no matter how much I shook it. The taste is great though, and when you put it in a blender or a little Nutri Bullet like I have it is bomb and not chunky at ALL.

Lia McKenna verified owner — November 29, The best protein you will EVER drink, literally. You can drink with normal water, and that is IT. All of the flavors are true to their name, but my fav is the cinnamon roll. Kaitlin Haefner verified owner — January 24, I purchased the Vanilla and have enjoyed it every time. Its great with just water and mixes great with other ingredients as well! I am almost out and plan on trying the RAW next to see how it tastes and to compare the two.

Kara verified owner — February 13, Dani verified owner — March 10, It tastes like ice cream!!!! I especially love aunt judys banana!!!!! Alexis verified owner — March 28, Love love this protein powder, so smooth and yummy, even if just mixed in water in a shaker bottle. This protein keeps me full after a workout and feeling rehydrated and replenished. Emily verified owner — April 26, I literally look forward to drinking this shake everyday for lunch. I got the banana and I love it!

I want to try all the flavors! I have tried all the other big name shake companies…. You wont regret this purchase! This is the best protein powder i have ever had!!!! I have to try cookies n cream but for now banana cream pie is by far my favorite.

I really refused to run out of protein. Jackie verified owner — June 7, I was a long time Optimum Nutrition protein powder fan, but decided to give Apollo a try after being very happy with Unico and their preworkout products. Added benefit that it totally helps curb my ice cream cravings win! I love it so much that I ordered two more tubs within a month — another vanilla and the cookies and cream because it sounded delicious.

However, I am hooked on the Vanilla Milkshake and look forward to it after every workout! Thank you for making such a delicious product, Unico! Marissa verified owner — June 9, First protein powder I have ever tried and I love it. I bought the chocolate and use it to replace my breakfast after my morning gym workout. It even helps me with my cravings for sweets because its so good. Helped me lose 8 pounds and tone up in just 3 weeks! Getting ready to buy it again. Carol Heflin — June 22, Allison Leary verified owner — September 26, This is literally the best protein powder I have ever had!

I just made my first shake and I am so thrilled I want more! Birthday Cupcakes with extra frosting and sprinkles is to die for. I am so excited to drink this post every workout and try other flavors too! Natalie — October 5, I rarely write reviews, but after drinking this i had to! It reminded me exactly of a cinnamon roll or even a drink I could get at Starbucks. If you are on the fence about getting this, DO IT!!! I look forward to working out now because I get to drink this afterward.

Briley bspencefit verified owner — October 6, I probably looked like a 6 year old kid on Christmas Day after my first protein shake. Other reviews say it, but it literally tasted like a milkshake.

Coming from someone who craves ice cream more than anything, I am hoping this protein powder helps me out. Gabby Grilla verified owner — November 7, Unico Apollo Protein is by far the best protein on the market and I swear by it.

The vanilla is outstanding, and the cinnamon roll tastes almost eerily like…a cinnamon roll, frosting and everything. Amanda verified owner — December 10, I have never looked forward to a protein drink before, and yesterday I had two! Tastes great, mixes well, even in water, amazing flavor, and I love at the bottom of the glass are a few sprinkles. Perfect recipe and perfect product. Ben J — December 11, This is the best! Megan verified owner — December 17, I honestly love this protein!

I am so happy I heard about it from Evan Childs! This protein not only tastes amazing but it has incredible macros and always help me hit my necessary grams of protein every day!

Deidra Greer — December 27, I am a hands down avid Cellucor product user. I decided to try something new and this blows Cellucor protein out of the park. Amazing flavors and cannot wait to try them all. No crappy artificial tastes and the powders are so fine that there is never an issue with mixing with a simple shaker! Amanda verified owner — January 28, Not too sweet, mixes really well, with a nice subtle caramel flavor.

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter are by far my favorites. Kayla verified owner — February 2, I am beyond impressed with this protein powder! Savannah verified owner — February 3, If I could give this protein powder a 10 I would. Not only is the taste out of this world but the science behind the protein is amazing as well.

I have tried a ton of protein powders and they all had their flaws but I am forever done looking now because I will drink this powder for life. It tastes like dessert and you can have it for breakfast!

Ive tried almost every flavor and Caramel is so dang good! Birthday cake is just as good and tastes like buttercream frosting. Alexis Calain — February 4, So happy I found this company snd totally recommend this product! Megan verified owner — February 5, I absolutely LOVE this protein. My favorite flavor is the birthday cake but they are all delicious and make your oatmeal, pancakes, and straight up protein shakes 10x better than other kinds of protein.

Laura Medeiros verified owner — February 7, Jennifer verified owner — February 7, Kelsey Flanagan verified owner — February 8, Making protein pancakes with the Gooey Frosted Cinnamon Roll is my favorite way to have a scoop!

They are also both delicious just mixed with water. I promise that these are well worth the money and you will not be disappointed with the flavors!

Julianne verified owner — February 12, Hands down, Apollo Protein is the best. Every flavor has been phenomenal, blends so well even with water , and has great macros! Kelsey Thompson — February 13, I have never left a review in my life, this protein is THAT good!

This protein has none of that! I mixed the vanilla milkshake with some regular milk and tastes exactly like a vanilla milkshake, just melted. Tastes fantastic, no weird aftertaste, and works amazing! Hands down, Apollo Protein is the best shake I have ever had. The vanilla is DElicious all by itself and the Salted Caramel is absurd when mixed with some cold coffee!

I look forward to my shakes everyday, whether they are an after workout supplement or a tasty snack! I also really appreciate the integrity of the ingredients. I know that when I am enjoying my shake I am also feeding my body whole and good protein! Never have left a review of anything. Vanilla milkshake is great, but the cupcake is out of this world. I have no stomach upset with these products either. They are smooth, good taste, and applaud the unico mission statement on making high quality products.

I am just getting going with Vulcan and ordered the Athena pre work out. Excited to see how these products are! Irthday cupcake is amazing alone it mixed in with my protein pancakes!! I honestly have hated every single protein powder that I have ever tried. I always feel like they taste super chalky and disgusting.

I purchased the birthday cupcakes with sprinkles and mix it with vanilla almond milk and it is amazing! What an awesome product. What I love other than the taste is how easily digestible this is! I ship it onto Australia.. Jessica Hart verified owner — February 23, I have tried literally every flavor of this protein powder, and just got the salted caramel in the mail yesterday!

I added peanut butter to it and it was much better! All I do is mix the powder with ice and water sometimes peanut butter and use my Ninja to blend it up! Highly recommend the chocolate lava cake. Holly verified owner — February 26, I love the birthday cake and caramel. Mix it with water easy and delicious. Highly Recommend to anyone! Laura verified owner — March 2, This stuff is so good!!!

Nikki Wagner verified owner — March 5, This product is amazing and the taste is fantastic! No artificial after taste and blends super well. Definitely my favorite protein supplement by far. This product is absolutely amazing!! I love taste and the texture. Definitely my favorite protein supplement!! Brittany Miller verified owner — March 5, The flavors are all on point, and the powders all mix super easily in their shaker bottle, or in a blender for a smoothie.

Unico hit the nail on the head though with their flavor, and I look forward to having my protein shakes!! Amber Klebenoff verified owner — March 5, I have tried just about every flavor — and just recently tried the cookies and cream! The vanilla milkshake is hands down the best! You can add all sorts of extras into it to make it that much better!

Berries, peanut butter, bananas, etc. This is also bomb. Tiffany Vogel verified owner — March 5, I have tried the cinnamon, caramel, and birthday cake and let me tell you they are all amazing!

I love the cinnamon and birthday cake in pancakes or with my cereal and the caramel is sooo yummy in coffee! Kaylee verified owner — March 5, Absolutely love love love Unico Protein! Tastes amazing — as a shake, in my oat bran, makes the best protein ice cream and bakes soooo good!

I love the birthday cupcakes protein powder!!! I have an incredibly sensitive stomach and I have had no issues with this powder. At first I was a little nervous, because whenever I try out new powders my digestive system goes crazy. This did not happen with this one. And on top of that there is sprinkles?!?

I am a very happy girl. Brittany Hedman verified owner — March 5, Best protein powder out There! I tried a lot of different powders before I came across unico and I will never buy another brand again! Bethany verified owner — March 5, I have ordered Birthday Cake numerous times now. The confetti sprinkles make it especially amazing!

Victoria Cashio verified owner — March 5, It mixes easy, tastes great, and is very satisfying. I absolutely love the Birthday Cake flavor! I dont know if I got a bad batch or why it disagreed with me. Sylvia Gonzalez verified owner — March 5, Never have I had a protein shake as delicious as Unico!

Love the vanilla — which I never liked other brands… and the PB chocolate. Finally found my protein shake that works for me and taste amazing—not to mention all the nutrient a protein powder should have!

Tori verified owner — March 5, But luckily my search is over. This protein is absolutely incredible. Unico has definitely earned a loyal customer?? Jeannie verified owner — March 6, The Cupcake one is definitely unique, with its rainbow sprinkles and everything that you see in the protein shake.

It really does taste like a birthday cupcake. The molten chocolate is kinda whatever. Quality is good, powder is super fine and mixes well with water, milk, almond milk, or mixtures of any of these. This is the best protein powder I have ever tried I have tried a ton of brands. I mix it into not only shakes, but also brownies, French toast, banana bread.

Justine verified owner — March 6, I only have one word for apollo protein…YUMM! Justine Major verified owner — March 6, Mell verified owner — March 6, Tastes so good, you forget its protein! By far one of my favorite proteins. The sweet cake taste definitely helps curve my cravings!

Add some soy milk, couple ice cubs, a scoop of protein and throw it all in a blender for a tasty treat. So far, I have tried the molten lava, banana, cupcake, and cinnamon roll flavors.

Aside from the amazing flavors, these babies blend like a charm. I just wish that they had more options and availability of the sample packs. Still a fan either way, though! Tastes so good with just water, I mean wow. I got the vanilla ice cream milkshake flavor and it tastes good in oats and in my recipes just as well. Lorianne Sersen verified owner — March 7, The salted caramel is the best tasting protein powder Ive ever had.

Blends well, not chalky. I love knowing the exact ingredients and supporting a US company. Jill B verified owner — March 7, I add the cinnamon bun to my pancakes and use the chocolate peanut butter in shake form. Both are so tasty! Madalyn Dunn — March 7, I love this protein powder! I put it in smoothies and sometimes just mix it with soy milk, and unlike other powders, I enjoy drinking it!

LIZ verified owner — March 7, I purchased the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. I enjoyed this flavor and found it mixed great with so many different things! Just wish it was a little less expensive, but a great quality protein! The Vanilla Milkshake really tastes like a milkshake!!!!! The texture of it is so smooth. I mix it with coconut milk, water, and ice! I mix it with almond milk and drink it after my workouts. It is so smooth and tastes delicious. It also keeps me full until lunch I workout in the AM before work.

I have tried getting all my friends to use it because it really is that great! I have never liked protein. If I did use it, it had to be blended into a smoothie. This stuff is soooo good!! Not only can I use this in milk, but water too. I see him sneaking mine all the time now, I will have to get him his own.

Trish Gomez verified owner — March 7, Bought a tub of cinnamon roll. Its good when mixed with vanilla almond milk, but not in water. Although I like my shakes thicker. Its very good, but not as expected. Its not like cinnamon or anything. Just tastes like cinnamon in milk. Its fills me up for sure. Elizabeth Arens verified owner — March 8, Caramel squares and cookies n cream are my favorite flavors!

Caroline Ryan verified owner — March 8, The Chocolate flavor is my favorite. This protein wow just WOW. I absolutley love all of the flavors. Each time I order protein I order a different flavor. I have yet to be disappointed with this company and their products!

And the best protein that I have had that is grass whey and it does last a long time! Emma verified owner — March 8, The birthday cake is to die for and I use it in so many ways mixed with plain greek yogurt, for my protein french toast, baking. I have tried a TON of other powders. Nothing comes close to taste and results. All the recipes are a huge hit as well. Versatile and great taste. You will not be disappointed.

Carolynn Jones verified owner — March 9, I have tried almost every flavour and was their fail every single one tastes amazing! The quality of the product is always out standing and the customer service is great! Stephanie verified owner — March 9, Hillary Beyerlein verified owner — March 9, This is a great protein shake! I lift about 5 times a week and this has not let me down with recovery. Will continue to use! Alexa Siweckyj verified owner — March 10, All of the flavors they offer are so smooth going down.

Never had an issue with texture. Plus the 24g of protein is a major seller! All of these protein powders are amazing!! My favorite right now is the Birthday Cake, it tastes like cake batter, and is just amazing!! Kaela — March 13, The flavor is spot on and literally tastes like a vanilla milkshake. I like to have mine 2 ways, with banana, pineapple and cashew milk or with banana, peanut butter, cashew milk and a dash of cinnamon. Add ice for the perfect protein milkshake?. The only protein I will ever purchase!

Thanks for making such great products! Mandy Hazen verified owner — March 15,

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