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Woman run over by police horse in Ontario cbc. The second change is the addition of bumbling, but well-meaning, game warden Orrin Pike played by actor Jonathan Daly , who becomes Bobbie Jo's boyfriend, much to the annoyance of Uncle Joe. Pressure increase reported in gas pipeline CNN. Come by our showroom and carpet store in Alexandria today and peruse our wide selection of:. While many manufacturers use their own in-house system, there is a global numbering system to create a more precise definition of hair colour.

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Contact Us Today Call now to learn more about our flooring services or come visit our showroom. Carpeting Company in Alexandria Since , we have been helping everyone from interior designers to homeowners start and finish their carpet and flooring projects. Linda Kaye Henning said that her father, "wrote the series for Bea Benaderet. Since the s, Benaderet had played second-banana roles on radio and television to such personalities as Jack Benny , Lucille Ball , and George Burns and Gracie Allen.

She was an uncredited voice actress for many Warner Bros. Henning felt that Benaderet had more than paid her dues and had earned the right to headline her own series. The steam locomotive used was the ten-wheeler Sierra No. Its first sound film appearance was in with Gary Cooper in The Virginian , and it has since appeared in many other Westerns, including a prominent role in the climactic ending of Back to the Future Part III. Today, the Sierra No.

A full-sized locomotive replica was used for studio scenes in and around the locomotive cab. The prop locomotive was provided by the Hoyt Hotel in Portland, Oregon. It was displayed in the lobby of the hotel as part of the décor of its Barbary Coast Lounge, hence the screen credit at the end of each episode "Train furnished by Barbary Coast, Hoyt Hotel, Portland, Oregon".

Buchanan was the only one to appear in every episode. Linda Kaye Henning appeared in every episode but three, the first-season episode "Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik", the second-season episode "Have Library, Will Travel" and the fifth season episode "The Power of the Press".

Edgar Buchanan, who portrayed Bea Benaderet's character's uncle, was only three years older than Benaderet in real life. If you have a type established, though, and you're any good, it can mean considerable work for you. That episode gave the producers an idea. It was decided at the start of the season to add a new character to The Shady Rest - a dog.

As a result, Higgins became a regular cast member. His first appearance was in the second season opener "Betty Jo's Dog". In that installment, coming home on the first day of school, Betty Jo meets a little male dog who immediately attaches himself to her and the Bradley family. Kate, at first, is against keeping him but by the end of the episode, she is won over by him and allows him to stay. Also, in that episode, the subject of Higgins's name is addressed.

At first, different names are suggested by the sisters when he first arrives "Spike", "Prince", and "Byron" , but they never decide, so the dog at that time is not actually named. Eventually, the character's name becomes simply "Dog" or "Boy". Press releases for the show referred to him as the "Shady Rest Dog".

Higgins had a close rapport with Edgar Buchanan. In the official cast pictures taken each year during the run of Petticoat Junction, Buchanan is shown holding or petting the dog.

Higgins went on to star in the successful film Benji which also featured Buchanan in a cameo role. Another new character was introduced for the season to serve as a female nemesis for Kate Bradley - Selma Plout. Virginia Sale briefly reprised her role in the first season of Green Acres her character is not mentioned by name, but is listed in the end credits. During the third season, Elvia Allman who had appeared in season one as Gladys Stroud was brought on as Cora Watson for one episode a role she reprised on Green Acres the same season.

Starting with Season 4 , Sale's Selma was replaced by Allman. Selma's daughter Henrietta Plout Lynette Winter was introduced at the same time and appeared in 7 episodes over the next 3 seasons. Selma tries repeatedly to marry off the seemingly homely girl, the butt of many "plain Jane" jokes. In her next-to-last episode, Henrietta is given a glamorous makeover by the Bradley sisters and is revealed to be quite attractive.

After that episode, the character of Dan Plout is never seen again. Two years later, in the fall of , Mike Minor rejoined the series as handsome crop duster Steve Elliott. Steve is originally the love interest of eldest daughter Billie Jo, but later marries youngest daughter Betty Jo. On March 22, , mere days before this episode aired, [18] the four actresses performed this same song as "The Ladybugs" on The Ed Sullivan Show. Frank Cady, who played Sam Drucker, was the only actor in television history to play the same recurring character on three different shows at the same time.

Benaderet had played Mrs. Granby on the short-lived radio show Granby's Green Acres. This show was the inspiration for the Petticoat Junction spin-off Green Acres. Granby character was altered on television and became Lisa Douglas , played by Eva Gabor. Byron Foulger played two different recurring characters on Petticoat Junction. In the early seasons, he was banker Mr. Guerney, and in later seasons, he was train engineer Wendell Gibbs. He also appeared in four other episodes as four other characters.

Heather said her sister and she landed the role when their mother heard that the producers were looking for red-haired babies. She also said that she has no first-hand memories of working on the show. Billie Jo was originally to be played by Sharon Tate. Though a cast photo was taken with Tate, she never appeared in the show.

Though long rumored possible explanations for Tate's replacement include the emergence of racy photos of Tate, the reality is that Martin Ransohoff , Filmways producer, felt she simply wasn't prepared for a central role, and her agents simply convinced her to pass up the opportunity. Billie Jo was played for the first two seasons —65 by Jeannine Riley, who left to pursue a movie career.

In the third season —66 , Riley was replaced by Gunilla Hutton not present for 11 episodes , and for the rest of the show's run, Billie Jo was played by Meredith MacRae.

Bobbie Jo was played in the first two seasons —65 by Pat Woodell, who left the series to start a singing career. In some scenes in a few episodes, when Pat Woodell was unavailable, Bobbie Jo was only shown from behind, with a double standing in. For the remaining seasons, the character was played by Lori Saunders. Woodell and Saunders resembled each other physically, but the character of Bobbie Jo was gradually revamped after the cast change, going from a shy bookworm to a humorous scatterbrain.

Pilato attributes this change in character to actress Lori Saunders having "a different flair for comedy than Pat [Woodell]. In , the show suffered its first loss when Smiley Burnette engineer Charley Pratt died of leukemia right after filming wrapped for the fourth season. During the show's fifth season , Floyd Smoot Rufe Davis took over running the train alone as engineer and conductor. The absence of Burnette's character of Charley was explained by allusions in several episodes to his passing.

Floyd was replaced the following season by Wendell Gibbs, played by Byron Foulger. During the show's last season —70 , Foulger had become too ill to continue and did not appear. He was also addressed off-screen in one episode as an invisible character. Coincidentally, Foulger died on the same day that the final episode of Petticoat Junction aired: Janet Craig, a mother figure to the girls, from until the show's end in For the first three seasons, Petticoat Junction centered on homespun humor and the village's backward mindset.

Beginning in season four, however, the show gradually took on a different feel. Stories began to focus more on the Bradley sisters, specifically on the romance of Steve and Betty Jo, who became key characters. The show became more of a domestic comedy. Sometimes, as many as two or three songs were in each episode. Billie Jo went from being a boy-crazy dumb blonde to a strong, independent young lady.

Bobbie Jo went from being book-smart nicknamed "the walking encyclopedia" to more of a bubble-head used for comic relief. Kate Bradley's appearance also changed. In the first two seasons, Kate's wardrobe and hair style depicted her as a dowdy country farm woman.

Beginning with the third year in color , her clothing and coiffure were much more flattering and appealing, and she wore high heels. Video You Don't Want To Miss Dog can't hide his guilt after getting caught red-handed Rumble Shepherd sees drone for first time, tries to attack it Rumble Cher and Ellen take over a salon to give customers a makeover People Guy crashes bike, literally lands on top of rattlesnake Rumble.

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