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The study draws from three annual surveys of enterprises within a four-mile radius of a new Chicago Walmart and it "shows that the probability of going out of business was significantly higher for establishments close to that store". Hospital arrest location on Google Street View. I went on line to change the name of the pick up person. The 6 mile climb to Plumber and subsequent fast descent provide variety from the otherwise flat ride. Biked from Kellogg to Cataldo and back.

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We where told that we would be offered a buyout or move to another job in the atore. There is no other job in the store im able to perform because of health issues So for me giving you almost 20 years of my life..

You should be ashamef of yourself. The last time something like this happened at walmart. This is beyond insulting.. You need to fix this bs.. They do not care about the employess or customers that work or shop there. I just left a wal-mart store. While I was there I was being targeted by 8 people making rude comments about having my 6 pound service dog in the store. Meanwhile a co manager said she heard everything that happened and what was said.

Meanwhile I was the one she came to and said she had a problem with me. I was a innocent victim in this. She said not one word to this group of people. And I was asked to leave the store. Not because of my dog but because I was loud in talking. Did not know this was a crime in NYS. But appartenly it is,They do not care the Managers are useless and do not care will not be going back to wal mart again.

I am very upset that when I purchased a tent on Walmart. What a terrible way to do customer service with this type of comments and service. This was a tent for graduation when I had my son in law put it up the pole collapsed.

They will not refund they r doing a replacement , I explained I have no idea if and when I would use it. I asked the question that if this is defictive what is policy, I got response will need to call , to see what can be done.

Beware when ordering on website about third vendor that Walmart and vendor are passing buck leaving consumer in the middle. With a very bad taste in mouth.

If u order make sure of all policy or you may get burned. I order everything online including clothes. You are now Banning me from ordering any more on Walmart. Please reconsider and allow me to buy from Walmart. Thank you so much. I have been shopping at walmart for over 20 years and never had a problem with your products until i purchased this 70 vizio tv,i have did my research and concluded that i am not the only person to have a problem like mine with vizio i came across hundreds of complaints similar to mine.

I am appealing to Walmart to please forward this letter to the highest authority to help me remedy this issue. What ever walmart offers will be appreciated. I was unable to attach receipts,pictures and correspondence from vizio with this email but i can send in another email if requested. I am a senior citizen living in Lincoln, IL on a fixed income. I purchased the phone because it was adamant that I have a phone due to medical emergencies. I also purchased a Product Care Plan which is my main reason in writing this letter.

I have experienced extreme aggravation in dealing with various employees of your company. This has not happened — I was lied to about everything. I contacted UPS to get verification that they picked up my package. I have attached proof of pick up from UPS.

The egift was not emailed to me so I contacted them online and had a chat session with Janikka explaining to her that I am a senior, have medical emergency issues and I need to have a phone for medical emergencies — I have attached our 3 pages of correspondence also. I need a phone in the event of a medical emergency. This has been delayed now for too long. Regarding my prior information — I contacted Asurion regarding my e-Gift which I was told was going to be sent to me today — it was not sent.

I will be taking this matter further. Please, I need someone from the corporate office to assist me. I can be reached at Kenya. Are you going to discontinue price matching to ads and online sites? I have been at walmart for a year. These changes they made went into effect 2 months before my 1 year anniversary.

I have 7 hours of pto only! What happened to all the hours and months i worked before the changes?? All their answers make no sense to me! The way i see it i, along with many others, got screwed.

We basically lost all the hours worked and have to start over. In other words i have to work another full year to get one week vacation.

I am supposed to get one week vacay after working one year. He only does this stuff when the store manager is not there he think he runs the store. Hi Tina, would you like to get together so that we can tell this story. Have have tried emailing almost anyone in corporate and no one has responded but one person. Please email me so that we can talk.

I am writing this for my daughter listed above. This just happened to her yesterday at texas store. Hi Alexandra, would you like to get together so that we can tell this story. Where do I begin. I was in management for several years and I can testify that there are massive disconnects between home office and the stores. Many managers are in over their heads and just trying to survive the never-ending storm that is Walmart.

Associates could care less because the company they work for cares even less. No… The problem I am experiencing at a Walmart at this exact moment is inconsequential. And no one will until the money stops flowing. Then people will care. When it affects them personally. But, by then it will be too late. Hello, I live in a very small town, and you are about the only game in town.

We have a small Safeway, that is so high in price, I shop Walmart exclusively. I have always had to wait, in the back of the store, for my package pick up, because there is no employees around.

Then I had to go track down an employee and have them call for someone to help me. This was very poor customer service, but I let it go, and never said anything about this annoying problem with WalMart. I do not like to get people into trouble, or even get angry, but I am so very angry and frustrated, I just had to let you know what my experience was and, has been, in the past, so that maybe you would , maybe do something about this poor customer service. I apologize for the length of this email, but wanted to take you through, what transpired, yesterday, as well as, today.

I purchased some items on line and was notified, via email, that my purchases were in the store in Chelan. I could not go in to WalMart yesterday, so my sister said she was going and would pick up my package.

I went on line to change the name of the pick up person. Well I called my store and they said I would have to call the 1 Walmart number, so I called that number, and told them to please change the pick up persons name.

She asked when my sister was going to pick up my package. I told the representative that my sister, was going as soon as I hung up. She told me that was fine. I gave my sister all my paper work ,and even ,my drivers license, because I have had so many problems with picking up a package at this WalMart, in the past. When my sister went to the back of the store, they sent her up front.

My sister, showed, the email, from the online purchase that said my package was at the store. The Customer Service rep called back to the back room, and was told that that person would not go check. She knew that my sister was going right away to pick them up for me and one for her. I went in today with all my paperwork and Brenda Valencia, at customer service, promptly looked in a notebook and said my package was not in the store. When I explained to her the situation, she called Lupita up front and in the mean time called back in the back room and was informed that my packages were not in the store.

Then Lupita showed up to customer service, and said I would have to have my drivers license. I had explained to Brenda, when she asked me for my license, that I forgot to get, from my sister, before I came in today, but that I had a picture i. She told me that she was not going to give me the packages because I had no drivers license with me.

So I walked away angry, so I could cool down and bit. I went back up to customer service and asked for her to call the manager. The manager on duty, asked me what was the problem, so I explained to her about yesterday and the whole situation today. Well I get home and I looked at my paperwork, again, and had forgotten that I had paid for the orders. So I got my drivers license and returned to WalMart, and told them that I was back, because I had paid for my order.

Brenda again helped me, and I asked her what would happen if a person orders, online, to pick up in the store, only has a photo i. McDonalds was their only customer, so you had better give them good customer service, or the Company was out of business. I am sure you know, that without good, solid customer service a business is no good.

I am not going to order again, from you online. I am done with that frustration. I may even start paying a bit more, and going to Safeway, or an hour away, to Wenatchee, WA to shop at Fred Meyers, and other grocers.

This is not an empty statement, I will wait and see if anything ever comes of this email to you. A whole lot of Chelan residence were against this store ever coming to Chelan, I supported you!!! I do hope that you will, please, do something about this store and the disconnection one department has with the others, and the attitude of your employees. Oh, I did tell them that, their service, was unprofessional. This fact just seems pretty shady to me and Wal-Mart is coming in at the losing end.

An email from Wal-Mart online tells me I can pick up my site-to store purchases 7 days a week between opening time 10a. The same timeframe is not nearly true of my local Wal-Mart. On Sundays, the site-to-store section at my local Wal-Mart closes at 7 p. Yesterday, I arrived to pick up my purchase at 8pm and the site-to-store area was closed. I write on the assumption that all Wal-Mart stores operate on the same schedule that is posted online as nothing indicates otherwise.

No one is working those three hours that Wal-Mart might be paying someone to work. Is it possible someone is collecting money for those three hours Wal-Mart. Went ahead ordered 2 the mugs, and received a response back within minutes my order was ready for pickup.

Just a few short minutes later received a phone call from the store saying they no longer had the Ozark mugs, they were out. Called the store back to speak with someone of foreign accent hard to understand and he said they no longer had the items ordered.

This is after the original conformation online saying them items were ready, then an email confirming the items were ready. How can this happen? Confirmation on my account saying the items are ready, then an email saying the items are ready.

I am not very happy with Walmart, especially the clerk working the online orders pickup counter in Tampa. Of course it is our word against them but they did refund the money for the tire that they forgot to give us.

So my husbands LIFE was risk for their mistake that they hind behind their policy!!! I have spent five hours trying to obtain a list of empty Wal Mart buildings for lease or for sale.

I work for walmart going on 19 years 9 yrs at asset protection I have partner we just hired and she is good are, Ap overview show we are high risk and should have 2 Ap they are only letting us have one are little town of Carlsbad nm has double in size from 33, to 77, I would like to know how this is working this way when every other store in are market is getting what their Ap overview showing. Pleas help get an answer. Store All levels of management at this store are lacking in professionalism and no one is being held accountable for there lack of leadership or general failure.

All of the daytime supports and assistants are simply failing and lying to cover it up and pushing there failures on the shoulders of there associates. The entire cap process is failing at this store because cap team 1 and 2 can not and donor do there job. They are poorly trained and do not stock or execute there tasks properly. Sexual relationships run rampant at each store, especially among the salaried management with each other. Next thing you know is your cordial work relationship becomes an emotional affair and then eventually a sexual affair.

Both have been involved in a sexual affair since the begining of the year. Yet another family broken up by a womanizing manager who preys on woman that works under him at Walmart. Wow such great ethics. I thought I lost my cell phone in Walmart Friday.

I was worn out from the shopping, every part of my body ached, I could hardly breathe. Thet had to sit in a chair while they checked me out, unloaded and put my groceries in my car. I was on verge of crying. Then I got to my car and low and behold, there was my phone plugged into the car charger. It was such a relief. I hate going to Walmart, as the store is too big and it is very hard for me with my disabilities. Plus they move things around.

I called the store and spoke to the manager, thanked her, to and asked her to thank all the other compassionate employees who helped me. They could not have been nicer or kinder. Thank you to Walmart Picayune. MS store for your kindness and help. I would like a written policy on the purchase of alcohol. I was refused sale today because my daughter was with me who could not provide an ID showing over the age of This is not legal.

I was told it was to keep me from 3rd party sales. I was buying beer. My purchase, my money. What I do with it after I leave the store if my responsibility, not walmarts. So if I had a 5 year old, I would have to leave that child at home of I wanted to shop from walmart?

Because i was told that at any age it would be denied. Also, there is nothing posted saying that everyone in your shopping party must have proof of age, 21 or older. When I Googled Walmarts policy, it looks as if lots of others have had the same problem.

Maybe its time people get together and take walmart to court? When I returned home I realized that I was missing an item that I purchased, so I immediately called the number on my receipt. An associate answered and I introduced myself and my issue of my item missing and asked if he would please check if my item was left behind at register To my surprise on his response, so I asked for his name and he the associate hung up the phone. Disrespected and furious, I called back the number.

When I told her of my missing item her response was that I would have to come to the store tomorrow and look at footage to verify if or if not the missing item was placed in my cart. I then address the issue with the first associate who answered on my first call to the store. She replied once again that there was nothing she could do and reminded me to just come in to address the missing item. To whom it may concern, I am writing the letter to inform you of your overbearing customer service representatives of Walmart as well as possible profiling of their customers.

This is a letter to document 2 incidents that I feel do not meet standard customer service guidelines and policies. The first incident occurred when my wife and myself were asked to show a receipt of our purchase by a greeter at the door prior to exiting on Tuesday April 20th approximately 2pm at the San Tan Valley, AZ Walmart located at the intersection of Hunt Hwy and Gary Rd.

We feel this is profiling of Walmart customers as the reason for the stop was due to our soda we purchased was not in a bag. As I requested to discuss this with a manager, we observed other customers exiting the store with items not bagged and not asked to show receipts.

In an effort to prove our point, we showed an old receipt, from a different Walmart, to the manager and she looked at the receipt for less than a second and said OK all is well. Upon returning home my wife called the manager of the store, Ralph Ikpelue is the manager listed on the receipt, to discuss this matter and asked him view the video tape of this harassment. As of April 28 there has been no follow up provided to us by Ralph. The second incident occurred Thursday April 28th approximately 8: I was returning some dog treats as they were manufactured in China and we do not feel comfortable providing these treats to our pets.

Without my authorization she proceeded to scan my card and I was informed the refund transaction could not be completed without agreeing to this procedure. It seems all of the folks for these incidents have an answer for everything to cut down their customers. No one can assure me their system cannot be hacked and steal their customers information but this is a conversation for a later time. Again I believe the attitude of the customer service representative is not representative of standard customer service policies.

I would like to close by stating this letter will be sent to the manager of the San Tan Valley AZ Walmart, Walmart corporate offices and various customer review websites. It seems to me, based on these two incidents, that the training of the floor managers and customer service representatives is lacking and insufficient to providing standard customer service. As stated at Walmart.

To return or exchange items without a receipt, you are required to present a valid government issued photo ID. I started in December of at Walmart Store I was placed in the Garden center and worked hard to earn my hours and i learned to use some power-equipment and was still in the process of learning more. I had called in one week due to being sick, I called in one day, but i had forgotten about the number, and called the store directly.

I was told it would be taken care of. The next few days I found out it was counted as a no-call, thus giving me 4 occurrences. I asked if it could be fixed and I was told by my Assistant Manager that if I had actually talked to a member of management instead of the overnight supervisor he may of considered it but he denied me.

I was late by 2 minutes once, giving me half an occurrence. Manager who said he would take care of it. I returned to work after talking with him, and later that day at the end of my shift I was terminated.

I never complained about having to work, I did everything that was asked of me and went beyond to learn more than what I could to make it so I could eventually move up in to management. I know not many care for their jobs nor really want them. But I personally enjoyed mine and needed it. I would like to try and have my job back in the store i was working in soon. I recently ordered an i phone s5 online, then asked to enter my zip code and i complied. Only to get the phone 5 days later, went to activate it with their suggested company straight talk.

Straight talk instructed me to go to a local walmart to get it activated, come to find out that it had the wrong sim card and it wouldn;t work here. Then i find out that they won;t refund me because it was 12 days past the date of order. I have called the attorney generals office in Maine, found out that it has happened to others as well. I am a former associate at store number in Kennewick WA.

They Fired me over the savings catcher program. I was originally told by CSM Jessie at the time, who said he called management over the walkie and they said it was ok for me to do this, if a customer told me to go ahead and use their receipt and scan it into my savings catcher account, I was told it was ok to do so.

Well about a year later I get called into the office, after 11 plus years I was fired , over something stupid like this. I was willing to pay back every cent I supposedly misused, so I see no reason to fire me. Change the policy without my knowledge, oh hell no. I am currently talking to my attorney over this and we are probally going to pursue legal action against Walmart as I feel that 1. I feel this was in retaliation because a month before this I contacted corporate and told them to try out Legal Shield as a benefit to their associates, well come to find out Wal MArt had Legal Shield on a do not contact list.

Put two and two together there. My csm worked with me on my schedule … I needed a Saturday off for church. I work Wednesday Thursday and friday…. I had no schedule I was fired …. I was fired over his own employees mistakes. Hi my name is Robert I have been a very loyal customer of Walmart for many years. I have a question though I am trying to find who I can contact about placing a bid for the mowing and landscaping at the Walmart in Seneca falls NY for the mowing season.

I have been going to the Wal-Mart marketplace by my house since the day it opened I have only had a problem with one employee I had a few meetings with the store manager and it had been great for a while but the csm I have had a issue with decided to go against her manager and then cursed at me so I defended myself and yes cursed back and now went to go get milk for my children and was told im no longer allowed at that store because the csm put in a complaint about me cursing at her but failed to tell them how she had treated me.

After receiving her gas and leaving the station. My car begin to run pretty bad She made it about 75 yards from the station and the car cut off. So she call me to tell me that she was broke down. It has know power, and it back fires from the intake.

And by the way the type gas she put in it was Premium. I also learn today that three other people brought gas from the same station, and receive water in there gas, They had to take it to the shop. This gas was purchase all around about the same time. I would just like to know what can I do about getting my car fix. After talking to many, many Walmart. I asked to speak to someone in a higher position. I was connected with Courtney.

By this time, I was totally upset and outdone. She reassured me, none of what they said was true. She not only calmed me down, she cleared up this whole messy, ugly situation. She made sure I received all my adjustments. She was very professional and so helpful. Courtney is very concerned about the customer, she truly want you to be satisfied. If I have another problem like this, I will most definitely call Courtney.

I would like to say you give a person a title like a CEO a store manager a comanager support and area manager.. On march 15, I applied at store On march 17, I was called in for an interview.

The interview was done by an assistant manager. I was told to come back on Friday to meet with store manager. The store manager said that I would be hired pending a background check. That was on march 18, I still have not been contacted by anyone from walmart.

I think someone needs to contact me. I thought walmart was an equal opportunity employer? I would like my equal opportunity! I am writing this to complain about the Valparaiso Indiana store. The customer service there is horrible. I price match as well and I was so displeased with that as well. Not only did the customer service representative not have the competitive adds but they would not honor my price and I had the adds. It took over a hour in check out and all my cold and frozen items were completely warm.

I asked if I could exchange them since it took so long at check out and she refused. I have a strict schedule and I am only able to shop on Sundays. When my mother takes her issue to corporate and tells them facts and then corporate investigates and the information or story from manager, district HR and others on chain of command …in open door policy procedure…says something different then what she has in physical proof not verbal…and corporate can see the lies, misstreatment and total disrespect and no care for her life….

Not able to afford food…she is full time employee been with Walmart solid 5 years…since Jan. She has open availability and was transfered to store with offer of Mon-Fri pm Deli off Sun….

Call me XXXX my name is William…that is my mothers number her name is Pam…her manager has neglected her and ignored her plea for hardship transfer, more hours, explination for how come she had her hours cut so low for so long that she is facing eviction and going to be homeless! After 3 hour waiting around 1pm I was told the service on my car was complete.

I found several warning lights on the dashboard were on were off before the service , including check engine, cruise control, check emission, hill start assist, traction assist.

So I asked the technician for help. Two technicians stopped by and operated on the control panel. However, they seemed to have no knowledge on the car.

That lasted about an hour. At 2 pm, they called the auto center manager, Mrs. Michelle Fields, she suggested me to file a claim. Mrs Fields and I both signed the form.

After one mile driving, the oil temperature warning light was on. I did not feel comfortable to continue to drive. So I came back to the store. The manager and technicians pulled my car back to the garage and rechecked it, and did not find anything. I asked them if it was safe to me or car to drive back home. Their answer was yes.

The duration of my stay at the store was about 5. My impression on the staffs including the manager was careless, unprofessional, incompetent, lack of knowledge. The name of the auto center manager was Mrs. I had not driven the car until this monday morning.

The dealer checked the car and stated that transmission fluid of my car was drained out at oil change and was not replaced, that caused damage to the transmission, which needs to be replaced. I have made multiple calls to the claim department this afternoon I recorded the time and names and only left voice messages. No one has contacted me since the incident.

We are a c 3 nonprofit charitable organization in good standing with the Secretary of State and with the IRS located in the state of Georgia. Springs, IV regarding our request to receive specific community service donations. Per the attached letters of correspondence and emails to the Mr.

Springs you can see that our request was ignored. To add more insult to injury Mr. I found it further disgraceful for him to be called a representative of the Wal-Mart Corporation and further refer to the merchandise at Wal-Mart as if it was his own personal property. We feel as though Mr. Springs was given over four weeks to adequately and properly respond to our community donation request.

Springs had ample time to let us know in order for us to seek out another Wal-Mart Center. Our organization has reached over 50, Mays Health Rehabilitation on Saturday, March 19th would have been another community outreach event that we pride ourselves doing by finding needs to fill. By us not receiving the donation support from the Wal-Mart store and the lack of time management by the store manager in conjunction to his failure to communicate properly we feel as though it was an opportunity that was lost.

As well as to provide those donations to the seniors who are impacted in the low-income area of the City of Atlanta. For that reason we were deeply sadden as well as disappointed in the arrogance displayed by Mr. It is our hopes that you someone from the Wal-Mart corporate office look into this matter and have it properly addressed to Mr.

We are in the process of scheduling another community service event for one of our local veteran communities and it is our hopes to receive those donations that we requested on March 19th be given for our event in the month of May. It is my understanding that this is not the way that the Wal-Mart organization conducts their business with valued customers as well as community organizations. I welcome the opportunity to discuss matter further and to learn of how someone from the Wal-Mart Corporate Office can propose to prevent a similar situation from recurring.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I went to customer service service to return some clothing that was to small. I bought the items in Hammond, Louisiana. I had the receipts and the tags from the items. They could not find the items in the system. The customer service manger who name is Veron came over to assist. He was very rude and refused to help me he stated he has to many people with problems. He told me since they could not find the items in the system I would have to take them back to the state where I purchased them.

He stated that is the only way I would get my money back. He stated if I needed help than I should pray and maybe someone will help me. I told him I did not need to pray he was there to help me.

It started with me trying to order online at around 11 this morning but could not get to where I wanted, I called talked with Maria I was told that you were having a problem with walmart. I was told there was nothing that could be done, I would have to go thru the ordering again. Needless to say I have cancel everything and dough I will be shopping at walmart in the near future. I was ther from a loyal worker,and in I had to quit because I was framed and discriminated aganist by 2 black guys.

One of them at the time was the overnight manager and the other was my co-worker. The only Employee who the Night manager and supervisor took advantage of my position as a overnight sticker. I never received any Information on how to check my schedule for work. I was Terminated for No call No show but remind you Never shown how to check where for my schedule work days and hours.

When being Spoken too by Manager she Laughed and smiled at me while saying I terminated you. Told me if I want to fix the problem Go speak to the Head Honcho in charge. I know who you are. We both step into her office She says you should already know how to check your schedule!

I asked about how to check my schedule so I know what days to come in and worK. I then simply walked out With No reply I Also was called a retard by a department Manager No Respect for employees Like they say in their meetings before night crew starts: Which clearly they do.

I went to purchase bread twice now and they were completely out of most items including Great Value. I was told by an employee that management has decided to not allow the vendors to keep back stock in the store! It's an amenity included because of location. The pizza program allows customers to either select pre-made pizzas or build their own and have them oven-baked there in 5 minutes.

The market has 31, square feet and includes a deli and bakery. It offers fresh produce, meat and other groceries, according to a news release. It also includes a pharmacy with a drive-thru window.

Archived from the original on November 23, With about stores, the retailer has focused on using them to fill in between Supercenters in areas such as Dallas, Las Vegas and Orlando, rather than to develop new markets.

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Archived from the original on August 12, Retrieved August 15, Archived from the original on February 5, Retrieved April 13, And the company's Arkansas roots helped sensitize it to the shopping habits of churchgoers. It helps explain why Walmart long carries the kind of Christian books that were once the exclusive province of Christian bookstores. But Walmart has been so successful with such material that it's now become a business threat to Christian booksellers.

Archived from the original on January 7, Indeed, based in the Bible Belt town of Bentonville, Arkansas, Wal-Mart has a tradition of tailoring its service to churchgoing customers.

It sells only the sanitized versions of hip-hop cds bearing warnings of objectionable content. Responding to a campaign by the largest evangelical mutual fund group, The Timothy Plan, to keep Cosmopolitan magazine covers out of view of Wal-Mart customers, the company slapped plastic sheathes over suggestive women's periodicals and banned "lad mags" such as Maxim. Archived from the original on April 13, Wal-Mart Stores has seen the light. The world's biggest retailer has discovered Christian-themed merchandise is one of the fastest-growing categories around.

On a company-wide basis, Wal-Mart now offers different Christian music titles and more than 1, Christian book titles. Wal-Mart to adopt new custom-fit retail approach".

Archived from the original on March 21, Retrieved November 4, Archived from the original on November 4, Electrode focuses on performance, component reusability, and simple deployment to multiple cloud providers—so you can focus on what makes your app unique. In less than one year, Walmart. The goal was to build a new application platform to help WalmartLabs and its engineers scale for the future. Nicholson, The New York Times. Archived from the original on December 20, Center for Media Justice.

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We are in an RV and we asked to park. I park there regularly. Stayed with two other RV friends. Arrived in the RV around 3pm. Called and asked supervisor. We arrived mid to late afternoon. Signs are up for no rv parking. No overnight RV parking permitted. Spent a quiet night, did not ask. Lot is posted No parking. Plenty of room RV and tractors.

Was given permission to park.

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