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Coeus Distribution International Adres: Azen Manufacturing Pte Ltd Adres: Trustworthy International Business Adres: Lee Kee Tat Tel: Lim Yue Seng Tel: Monarch Health Sciencs Adres: Mr Daniel Chua Tel: This summer my roommate who has fine and straight hair was complaining about how dry and brittle her hair had become. I wanted to ask her "You flat iron multiple times a day and are recovering from your blonde phase, what did you expect?!

The next day she came to me as if I was a guru and said " I had been using Say Yes to Cucumbers conditioner until I noticed that it had Sodium Hydroxide in the ingredients list. I know that's lye and so I didn't want to keep using it; especially as a leave in. Even in small quantities, there's no good reason I can see for putting this on natural hair. Sorry guys, but I'm done with this one. I just discovered the best shampoo for natural hair I've come across in ages. I tried it on a lark and OMG the softness I got was incredible.

I only use it once a month to remove any buildup since I co wash weekly but I'm hooked on this. Perhaps you can find it in your local BSS and give it a try. I'm pretty sure you'll add it to your list once you do! And many thanks for all the great tips - love your site! I have been transitioning for going on five months now and have definitely found your website helpful, especially since I'd almost given up.

Thank you for taking your precious time to create such an informative website. I do a daily Well I'm so glad that I found it because this is very vital information. I love love love it!! Thank you soooo very much Nikki for this, I'm on my way to the store now!

Aussie moist is good and I love love extra virgin olive oil! It's so good on natural hair seriously! This is an excellent and informative post! I absolutely love Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine! Very hydrating and gives you a nice sheen! This is just what I needed! It was incredibly helpful to me as I start my natural hair journey. Thank you so much! I'm heading to the store after work lemme bookmark this page! I need some advice, I have a very fine grade of hair prone to humidity of any kind.

What can I use to made my two-strand twist stay in, they untwist even when I wrap my hair. I am a older women that want to know if henna will help my hair to grow like the younger women hair? Would like to try,but dont want to put money or time in the henna if their is something better. Going form perm to natural hair can somone help. Best twist out of my life. Did it Wednesday night and its Sunday still going strong.

I just pull my hair into a very loose ponytail at night and put my satin cap on top. You just have to add a light moisturizer every couple days to keep it shining! I have just been so lost! Please tell me what do you think about using a hair dryer to dry the hair especialy when using rods to set your natural hair. I use a hair dryer minimal heat every week before twisting my hair.

I use a little Jamaican Castor Oil when hair is dried, Results: Awesome when I twist out. So Nothing bad with hair dryer if you are taking good care of your hair. My hair is very healthy.: I read your article in Essence about what to use in your hair to help fight "Humidity".

You listed what to look for in the ingredients CN, thanks so much for the information. Do you still use the same products in , or have you founds some new ones to add to the list. Again thanks for the information I would like to know have you changed anything products since CN, did you detangle your hair with a brush or comb when your first started using henna back in 07 or so.

So far I like Shea Moisture. I have this list up on my phone whenever I go to pick up some new products! Have you tried Kinky Curly Knot Today? That's a great leave-in for twist outs! I'll take wiot into consideration.

Right now i use the following: Suave Naturals Shampoos mostly Coconut , Suave Naturals rosemary and mint conditioner awesome product , Garnier Fructis sleek and shine leave in conditioning cream, Naptural85's shea butter mix, and just recently bought some Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil hair grease a little gives a lot of shine and it smells great. I try to do protein treatments once a month with some eggs, mayo, honey, evo and coconut oil naptural85 along with ACV rinse.

I really needed this and will be taking a trip to target soon. Has anyone used Everyday Shea Moisturizing Conditioner? I am seeking a great conditioner that comes in more than an 8oz bottle that my hair swallows up in one use. I found this conditioner in a 32oz bottle and it has a very thick appear. I just hope that it works well. The views expressed on curlynikki. Brittany Smarr Created by: September 27, at 8: September 27, at 9: September 27, at Thanks for compiling everything in one place.

Where is my beloved Giovanni Direct Leave In on this list? Thanks September 27, at 1: September 27, at 3: I knew you would understand. Anon September 27, at 4: September 27, at 4: September 27, at 7: Thanks nikki for the list! I'm going to bookmark this page on my iPad.

September 28, at 5: You are the best! September 28, at 4: September 29, at October 4, at 4: October 8, at October 11, at Nadean October 21, at This was very helpful!!! Raina November 8, at 3: November 12, at 9: I still like cholesterol November 17, at November 19, at 7: December 1, at 7: December 1, at 8: December 24, at December 26, at 9: December 30, at February 2, at 5: Any good moisturizers that you or anybody recommends?

March 1, at 1: March 15, at 6: Thanks MsJones March 15, at 8: May 28, at 2: Thank you so much for breaking it down and adding in-store products July 17, at 2: Laca August 7, at August 7, at Thank your for this list! It is very extensive and saves us a lot of time! September 10, at September 22, at 4: September 27, at 1: Maybe I missed it someplace, but can anyone tell me what the co-wash ' CW is?

October 8, at 5: I love youe website!! October 26, at Noni, this is a great site keep up the good work ladies. Sandy November 8, at November 21, at November 26, at 4: December 1, at 3: December 16, at 2: December 19, at 1: Great info, i need to bookmark this! December 23, at 2: December 30, at 2: I need a gel to define my curls.

In what order should I apply the gel and sealant? December 31, at January 8, at 7: February 13, at 8: March 9, at March 29, at Can you please post some suggestions for moisturizers! April 7, at 8:

Treatments for sore nipples