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Western New York State U-Pick Farms - 2018
I recommend that everyone use a headset to truly appreciate it. The kids played on some play equipment this equipment is old not new, reminds me of the stuff from when I was a kid! I always use the coupon on the website.. Probably the most real video I've ever seen. Both maps are great visual representations of the event, as they symbolize the individual tornado tracks rated according to the Fujita Scale. The biggest flaw in Smash Bros to me is the lack of Ice Climbers.

Examining United States tornadoes… past, present and future

Super Mario Odyssey

Our waiter was extremely personable, especially toward our worn-out kids. He quickly engaged them and indulged all of their particular requests, especially for continuing to bring more of that tasty bread. The food was excellent and plentiful - all five dishes we ordered a rarity for us that everyone's food was so good. And when the bill came, we were pleasantly surprised at the value in such quality food, good service, and fine dining ambiance. We just wish we had had time to return for breakfast the next morning.

The pastries looked enticing. Coming from the town with some of the best steakhouses, I will be making Mckenzies my must visit every time I'm in "The Sprngs". Was promptly greeted at the door. The Hostess ,pulled up our reservation and escorted to us to quaint table. Our server Kurtis was exceptional!!. He offered great suggestions such as the New York Strip which was cooked to perfection and enough to take home.

Creme Brulee tasted delicious but wished it could have been heated. Being there on the Saturday before Valentine's day was an wonderful choice. Was a wonderful dining experience. Leon Gessi Pizza Cuisines: I live in Colorado Springs and this is one of my local favorites. After 8 years of marriage and 3 kids I had put on a huge number of pounds and was a size Frankly I wasn't the slender girl my husband had married - at least physically.

We still loved each other but had grown apart physically and practically stopped having sex. I began taking Max DietBurn and knew immediately that things were going to get better.

My appetite which previously had controlled me My energy level was thru the roof and my metabolism was like a furnace. I began to lose pounds and before long I was down to a size 4! Once again my husband began wanting to make love Max DietBurn is great! I always use the coupon on the website. Basically this place beats the chains, the fru fru pizza places downtown, and is just a local, good pizza joint! A close second to Boriello Brothers pizza but their sauce is sweeter and their crust is a little thicker.

But they do have an all you can eat Tuesday night dinner which is worth trying. They are very friendly, and they offer subs, pizza, beer, salads, ect. The pizza's really good, and I like the layout of the restaurant and think the pictures create a good atmosphere.

It's very enjoyable, good for a smaller group or a cheap date with a friend. The place makes you feel good when you walk out. Highly recommended-it's up there with Borriello Brothers for the food and Fargo's for the unique atmosphere.

I always use the coupon on the website.. Inexpensive Filipino and Chinese Dishes. Dance Floor, Karaoke, Pool and Darts. Celebrate your Birthday, Private Parties, Events.

For further information please contact: Enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed lemondade or have a Mexican soda while you enjoy tortas, burritos and tacos of bistec, al pastor, chicken, carnitas and more. Erimo's Fruteria has fruit cups, aguas frescas, licuados, raspas and paletas all at great prices. They spread out in a fan pattern, dealing multiple blows to foes they touch, while also pushing them towards the edge of the screen.

This Final Smash can even hit through walls and floors, making it easy to attack lots of opponents at once! A Mii sporting a blaster arm, this fighter is a great choice for those who prefer to fight the battle from a distance.

The Mii Gunner has a lot of special projectile moves available, so pick your favorites and use them when needed. Don't forget about standard and smash attacks! Gunners are all about the guns, of course. No matter how you set up your specials, you'll end up with a powerful arsenal. And it's not just their special moves that have excellent range - they have standard and smash attacks that can really go the distance too.

Use them to dominate the battle from afar. One of the Mii Gunner's side specials is Stealth Burst. The missile blends in, making it tough to see. Plus, you can control when it explodes, so it's handy for surprise attacks! You could also use Absorbing Vortex to absorb damage done to you by energy weapons. This is one fighter with a lot of tricks up its sleeve! This burst blends in, making it tough to see. The Mii Gunner's Final Smash unleashes a wide, long-range beam of painful energy. The laser will hit several times, pushing back opponents before launching them with the last blow.

You can adjust the laser beam's angle, so punish a foe who thought he or she was safe by trying to duck under the beam! Mii Gunner's Final Smash is a set of laser beams fired straight ahead that reach all the way across the screen. These can hit repeatedly and push foes back, ultimately launching them at the end.

While firing the beams, you can tilt them up and down, so fine-tune the angle to really go for your foes! Wii Super Smash Bros. This item can truly turn the tide of battle. Once broken open, a character's Final Smash will be unlocked. If your opponent collects this, you'd better brace yourself for a powerful special move. This item is pretty durable and floats around the stage, so timing and positioning are key. A special item that lets one lucky fighter unleash their Final Smash, a secret move unique to them.

Though it's a one-off opportunity that won't come around very often, this ultra-powerful attack could prove the key to victory! Smash Balls take a few hits to crack, so good timing and placement are absolutely essential.

This strange capsule contains a guest character who will aid you in your battle. Grab it to find out! Maybe it'll be a famous character from a popular game, or perhaps a goofy sidekick here to prove his or her worth. Too bad you can't choose who shows up or control them A mystery capsule containing a guest character who'll stand by you in battle.

You won't know who's in it till you open it! It could be almost anyone from all sorts of games - a famed warrior or a slightly loopy sidekick!

Whoever it is, you can't control them, so you'll just have to trust them. N64 Super Smash Bros. Throw or attack this crate to bust it open and get the goodies hidden inside.

The crate may look different based on the stage you're battling on, but the items inside won't change. Sometimes these things can explode, however, so it's best to be very crateful around them Just throw or attack crates to get at the goodies inside!

Their appearance changes depending on the stage, so maybe you'll get a wooden crate, or That doesn't change how it is on the inside, though, which is a good life lesson.

Also, it may just explode if you attack it - another important life lesson from us to you. A normal-looking box, this one actually has wheels on the bottom. Just give the box a little nudge—its own weight will turn it into a rolling weapon.

It's possible to ride on top of it, but you certainly aren't traveling in style. Be sure to stop the box or jump off before it hits something! These boxes look perfectly normal until you notice the wheels underneath.

Or until you put one on a slope and watch it roll away! You an attack a rolling crate for the items inside, or send it hurtling towards your enemies. You can even jump on top and go for a ride - just make sure you get off again before you hit something! These barrels are crammed full of items, but they're also incredibly tough to break. No baby hits here—attacking too lightly will just send the barrel rolling away, making it a dangerous obstacle for both you and your foes.

And if others break the barrel, they'll get the items you wanted! Barrels have all sorts of items inside, but they're tough! Hitting them lightly or throwing them might not be enough to get these things open. In fact, you might just end up sending them rolling, and just so you know, rolling barrels are a force to be reckoned with! They can send you flying off the stage! This tiny capsule can hold one item inside it, no matter how massive that one item may be.

How does it do that? But all you have to do to get the prize is break the capsule. It's possible for these things to explode, so it's best to break it against walls or opponents. They won't be upset. These little capsules are only big enough to hold one item regardless of how large that item turns out to be One thing to keep in mind, though, is that capsules sometimes explode when you throw them.

So, to make sure you stay safe, just throw them at your enemies! A celebratory ball, filled with irrisitible [ sic ] treasures just begging to be released. Once thrown, it floats into the air and releases its prizes. It could be a variety of awesome items, but you should be careful-sometimes the Party Ball is stuffed with Bob-ombs. These balls are just bursting with items! Hit or throw one, and it'll start to float up. Streams of confetti and goodies galore! Keep in mind, though, that there are actually two types of party ball - the other one is packed with Bob-ombs!

What do you call a group of those things, anyway? A kaboom of Bob-ombs? A highly flammable box packed full of gunpowder. The player who last threw the box will get credit for any KOs it causes. Setting off the box will result in a massive explosion, and you've only yourself to blame if you blow yourself up. A dangerous box packed full of exceedingly flammable gunpowder. Fire and strong attacks will set it off, and the explosion will be massive, so keep your distance!

By the way, any points for the KOs caused by the blast go to the person who last threw the box. If no one threw the box, nobody gets the points! This little guy makes a great sparring partner. In Home-Run Contest you'll send it flying, and in normal battles it has a habit of dropping items when you lay into it. Sandbag seems pretty content with being your punching bag, so it'd almost be mean not to go all out on it.

This little guy is pretty good to practise with! In the Home-Run Contest, the goal is to attack Sandbag and then whack him as hard as you can to send him flying! He even appears in normal matches, where you can hit him to get lots of food and items.

Don't worry, though - he loves to help out. It doesn't even hurt him at all! Pick up food and eat it to restore health. There are 28 kinds of food in all, including bread, which heals 10 damage, roast chicken which heals 15, and so on. The fancier the food, the more damage it will heal. Keep and eye out for Party Balls-they may drop a whole buffet for you to nom.

There are 28 kinds of food in all, including bread, which heals 10 damage, roast chicken, which heals 15, and so on. The fancier the food, the more it heals you! Party Balls normally have a lot of food inside, so try to scoff it all up yourself!

Grabbing this will make time flow at a different pace around you. Everyone else will slow down, letting you grab all the items and get in some blows. Sometimes, though, this item backfires and slows you down too. Worst case, it may actually slow ONLY you. That's not so great Pick this up to make time move slowly for everyone but you! With the timer in hand, grabbing items and attacking gets much easier, so if someone else gets it, start defending yourself.

Timers can be a little hit or miss, though. It might slow time down for everyone, or maybe just for you! A powerful sword with a blade of pure energy. It isn't the strongest weapon to land on the battlefield, but its shape can change based on how it is used to attack. A forward smash will make the blade especially long. Lash out at your foes from a distance—they can't hit back! The blade of this sword is made of pure light energy. It's not very powerful, but depending on your attack, it can have a pretty long reach!

Just wait till you use it for a side smash! You can make the most of its power by attacking enemies as they're falling, or when you're too far away for them to counter-attack. Combine this black bat with a forward smash to try for a home run, using an opponent as the ball! Unfortunately, the reach on the bat is not all that impressive, so it takes some real skill to line up a hit. That's what they say right? Get a home run by side-smashing an enemy right off the stage!

Enemies are more difficult to send flying than baseballs, though - or so we're told - and this bat doesn't exactly have a long reach, so if you want to hear the satisfying sound of your foe flying off-screen, you'll have to work for it! Grab one of these to instantly feel like you're fighting battles of the future! With the right timing, the rapid-fire green lasers can juggle fighters in the air, and they have the range to push foes off the stage. Unfortunately, even future weapons only have so much ammo.

Make each shot count! Grab one of these to instantly feel like you could be fighting the battles of the future! The rapid-fire green lasers can be used to juggle fighters in the air if you've got good enough timing, and they've also got the range to push fighters off the stage from a distance. You get limited shots, though, so don't get too carried away by the future! This may look like a handy hand-to-hand weapon, but the steel bit actually fires like a bullet.

You only get one shot, but if that shot hits enemies, it will drill into them, doing continuous damage and carrying them back. Don't forget to throw the base at them afterward, adding insult to injury! The drill may look like a blunt tool, but it is actually a single-use ballistic weapon that uses the drill bit as a bullet!

Shoot the drill into an opponent and its point will fly straight and true, inflicting continuous damage and eventually knocking them over. Then, to add insult to injury, throw the drill base at them. A tiny bomb that explodes in a big blast when it detects movement.

Stick it to the walls, floor, or ceiling, and wait for it to arm. Long-range weapons can destroy it, but only if your opponents remember it's there. Don't forget yourself, though, or it'll be you caught in the explosion! This little bomb might not look like much, but it's primed to explode when it detects movement, and it packs a serious punch! You can stick it on walls and ceilings, and it can be detonated by long-range attacks. With just a little bit of strategy, you can do a LOT of damage!

This one is incredibly sticky, clinging to anyone or anything it touches before exploding. If you happen to be the "anyone," you can hand it off by passing or touching one of your foes—time to get real friendly!

If there isn't anyone around, you'd better spend the next few seconds wisely This bomb will stick like glue to anything it lands on, moving or not, and then after a short while Don't worry if you get one stuck to you, though - just brush it off onto one of your opponents. Just be sure to get out of the way quickly afterwards or you'll get caught up in the backlash! It's hard to see through all the smoke this ball lets off.

You can throw this around a stage, obscuring the view, or stick it to opponents and really annoy them. The smoke itself doesn't do any damage, but there's definitely an advantage to concealing the battlefield.

A pesky little item that produces a thick cloud of smoke wherever it's thrown, making it impossible to see properly. You can pick it up and throw it again as often as you like.

Try hitting an opponent with it - it might stick to them! The smoke itself is harmless, but it's great for ambushing! What a fun game. And with this item, you can add a bit of pinball wham to the battlefield.

Once thrown, this item will bounce anything that comes near it violently away. Just don't get careless and walk into a deployed one yourself, or you'll get bounced too! You might recognise this from a pinball machine. Just like the metal balls do, touch one of these and you'll go flying! You can throw them, but we'd suggest affixing them strategically so that they hit just the right people and send them soaring into the distance.

An item exclusive to team battles. If you throw it at injured teammates, it will reduce the damage they've taken so far. It can be used against your foes as well, dealing a little bit of damage, but it can sometimes heal them, too. That's the last thing you want! This item only appears in Team Battles. Throw it to a teammate to reduce their accumulated damage. Alternatively, you can throw it at an opponent.

But since it only does a small amount of damage and there's a chance it'll actually heal them instead, why would you bother doing a thing like that? Coin battles see which player can collect the most coins. Beating up your opponents will send coins flying, and then you must collect them! There are three types of coins: Gold 6 points , Silver 3 points , and Bronze 1 point.

Deal more damage to your opponent to make the more valuable coins fly free. Coin matches are all about making your opponents drop coins by attacking them, then seeing who's collected the most at the end. The coins come in bronze, silver and gold varieties, worth 1, 3 and 6 points respectively.

The harder you hit a foe, the better the coins they'll drop - so get smashing to cash in! These elusive items are no good to you at all during battle, but picking up one adds a new song to your growing music collection. You can then give it a listen in Sounds and use My Music to set how often you'll hear it in battles. Yes, it IS a shame you can't also throw a CD at a foe, but not everything in your life is for throwing at people.

These elusive items are no good to you in battles, but picking one up adds a new song to your growing music collection. You can then give it a listen in Sound Test and go to My Music in Options to set how often you'll hear it in battles.

Yes, it IS a shame you can't also throw the CD at a foe, but not everything in life is for throwing at people. These weak fighters show up in droves in Multi-Man Smash. There are Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner types. Since they're based on the Mii characters saved on your Nintendo 3DS system or Wii U console, you could end up battling friends and family!

Don't get soft—just take them out! Almost any attack does the trick. There are Brawler, Sword Fighter and Gunner types. But forget that - just take them out! Any strong-ish attack does the trick. The mysterious Master Hand is the source of creation in the Smash Bros.

He appears in Final Destination when all other rivals are defeated. He fights with a diverse move set and only grows stronger if you make him angry. If you know when to fight and when to dodge, you'll take him down! Master Hand personifies creation in the Smash Bros. After defeating all your rivals, you face him in Final Destination. He forms various shapes to unleash a wide range of attacks, and on high intensities he'll become speedier, deal more damage and launch you further.

To beat him, you'll need to know when to attack and when to hold back. The erratic Crazy Hand embodies destruction in the Smash Bros.

You can see madness in the way he moves and the attacks he unleashes. Pairing up with Master Hand makes him an especially dangerous foe. Be ready for an intense battle when their laughter fills the air. The personification of destruction in the Smash Bros.

There's madness in every move he makes. He'll drop bombs on you, squeeze you and squash you into the ground. When Master Hand and Crazy Hand pair up, they're incredibly dangerous. Prepare yourself for an intense battle when their laughter fills the air. This sinister being will appear from Master Hand. A bunch of black objects, called "Swarm," will gather and mimic a variety of shapes, changing its attack pattern with each new form.

After taking enough damage, it will reveal even more forms. Defeat the Swarm's forms to reveal its true core. This fearsome being is what master hand becomes when he transforms. The black mass around it, known as the "swarm", mimics the shape of beasts, blades and more, and changes its attack pattern with each transformation. At higher intensity levels, it'll take on even more forms. Defeat the swarm to reveal the true core.

As iconic as iconic gets, this gaming celebrity is known for saving the world from Bowser. He's got amazing jumping skills and makes use of a wide range of transformations. In his free time, he plays too many sports to count. Say it with me: Whether he's wearing one of his special outfits or just his normal blue dungarees, this running, jumping, Bowser-bashing, princess-saving hero is an all-round superstar. And in this game, he's got enough tricks up his sleeve to deal with anything.

If you don't know which fighter to pick, Mario's a solid choice. Super Jump Punch is an up-special move that lets you leap high into the air, carrying any fighters you strike along with you. You'll be invincible for a moment after you launch this attack. The default side-special move, Cape, will flip a fighter around, making it easy to send a foe who's trying to grab the edge of the stage to their doom!

Mario's Super Jump Punch takes you high into the air, and if you catch an opponent with it, they'll go up with you. Try to hit them at the very start of the move to do the most damage.

His default side special, Cape, can flip fighters around. If you're really crafty, you can even use it to keep someone from getting back on the stage! Mario will fire a devastating blast of fire in the direction he's facing. The attack covers a wide range and travels far, so it's best to fire this from one side of the stage to the other.

The damage is impressive, and it can actually carry foes right off the screen! Flames spiral outwards in two intertwining stream, catching opponents in the wide blast with ease. It deals plenty of damage, and can also push foes off the screen entirely.

Fire it from an elevated position to take full advantage of its vertical range! Luigi recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with the Year of Luigi, but all that attention just made him even more shy and awkward. With the Year of Luigi long gone now, it's up to you to prove to everyone that Mario's cowardly co-star is still awesome. He may share a lot of moves with his brother, but he still puts his own spin on things.

When you Super Jump Punch a foe just right, for example, the noise he makes is epic. His taunts are pretty funny too. Luigi may sulk when his down taunt is used, but his little dejected kick can actually hurt a nearby enemy fighter.

It can even trigger a meteor smash! Notice an enemy leisurely hanging from the edge? Run over and pout on the edge—that foe will be the one with something to pout about! Luigi might look a bit sulky when you use his down taunt, but when he does it next to another fighter, it can get in a little hit - well, a "little hit" that can also sometimes be a meteor smash! Say you spot a fighter hanging off the edge of the stage. Just give them a pout and a kick with this taunt, and they'll fall to their doom.

A ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner created by Professor E. In Luigi's ghostly adventures, it's the only thing standing between him and complete terror. In this game, it sucks in enemies, damages them, and then fires them diagonally upward. If it's used in an area with no ceilings, you might send them soaring right off the screen! In Luigi's ghostly adventures, it's the only thing standing between him and abject terror. In this game, it sucks in enemies, damages them, then fires them diagonally upward.

Use it in an area with no ceilings, and you might send them soaring right off the screen! Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach continues to prove that "powerful" and "cute" are not mutually exclusive.

Where does she keep it all? The Mushroom Kingdom's princess isn't just a pretty face - she's also strong and crafty. She can dodge attacks by gliding through the air, and she's hiding all sorts of stuff under that dress: If you're planning to take on Peach, just know that she's more than ready for you! Peach may be a princess, but that doesn't mean she shies away from an honest day's work.

Her down special Vegetable is basically farm labor, and the fruits An angry-looking vegetable will do extra damage, too! She can also pull up Bob-ombs, or even a Mr. Peach normally sticks to tasks befitting a royal, but her Vegetable special is pretty much farm labour! You can tell how much damage the veggies will do by looking a them. And the ones that look like Bob-ombs or Mr. Saturn aren't veggies at all! Peach's Final Smash is quite a spectacle to behold.

Giant illustrations of Peach herself frame the screen, giant peaches rain down, and all the other fighters fall asleep. The closer they are to Peach, the longer they'll stay snoozing, giving Peach plenty of time to send foes flying or to recover her health with the peaches. Mario's archnemesis and the reason Peach spends more time in "another castle" than in her own.

His plans almost never work out, and occasionally he even finds himself on Mario's side. Hit him hard to send him flying! Yes, he's quite the villain, but he can also be a bit of a buffoon, too. And sometimes, he even ends up on Mario's side!

As a serious heavyweight, he's tough to launch, and using standard attacks on him will only make him laugh. If you want to send him flying, make sure to whack him really hard! Bowser makes good use of his heavy physique with his down special Bowser Bomb, slamming down with his backside. If he's on the ground, he'll jump into the air before crashing down. Also, he can gain a bit of altitude if you press the special button repeatedly while executing his up special Whirling Fortress.

Down special Bowser Bomb makes good use of Bowser's bulky physique to crush opponents. If you use it on the ground, he'll jump first, hitting anyone on the way up with his horns, then hit for a combo on the way down.

When you use his Whirling Fortress up special in the air, press the button repeatedly to climb higher. Prepare to behold Bowser in all his Koopa glory.

This fearsome form first appeared all the way back in Melee. While transformed, Bowser deals extra damage, is better at launching foes, and even gains special effects on some of his attacks. He won't flinch and can't be thrown, but he does still take damage. The definitive way to prove that Bowser's the king.

This fearsome form made its debut all the way back in Melee. While transformed, Bowser deals more damage, launches foes further, and certain attacks have extra effects like freezing opponents.

He won't flinch, and he can't be thrown either, but he will still take damage. In the puzzle game Dr. Mario, Mario threw on a white coat and decided to take a shot at that whole "medicine" thing.

In this game, he's a balanced fighter who can throw Megavitamin capsules and nimbly deflect blows with his Super Sheet. He's not quite as quick as normal Mario, but his attacks deal a bit more damage. Mario, released in Europe in , Mario threw on a white coat and decided to have a bash at the whole medicine thing. In this game, he's an all-rounder who can throw Megavitamin capsules and nimbly deflect blows with his Super Sheet.

Mario are only slightly different. Mario is stronger, but his MD slows his speed and lowers his jump. He also has a move Mario doesn't: Tornado, a down special that can trap opponents before launching them. You can move left and right while doing it and press the button repeatedly to rise into the air.

Mario is stronger, but his heavy coat affects his speed and jumping. Mario's Final Smash, he spreads his arms wide and then lets loose a pair of giant vitamin capsules that spiral through the air, taking out any pesky "viruses" in their path.

The wide range makes it tough for foes to avoid, and opponents they strike will take multiple hits, possibly even being pushed right off the screen! The mysterious Rosalina lives in the Comet Observatory with the Lumas. If you can trap someone between Rosalina and Luma, you'll be able to unleash incredible damage with their joined attacks!

Rosalina and the Lumas have been close ever since she travelled the galaxy with one to help the little star find its mother. Now, the commander of the Comet Observatory appears in this game, with her trusty companion fighting alongside her. Their greatest strength is being able to attack together at the same time.

Rosalina can pull in items and projectiles around her with her Gravitational Pull move. Her up special Launch Star is a diagonal jump and, though harmless, it has exceptional range.

You also have some control over Rosalina's trajectory when she uses it. With a flick of Rosalina's wand, the move Gravitational Pull draws in items - even ones that are stuck somewhere. Her Launch Star up special is a diagonal jump that can be aimed slightly.

It doesn't deal any damage, but it helps you jump higher and stay in the air longer, making it ideal for getting back to the stage easily. It launches fighters who touch it and also fires a barrage of smaller stars in all directions, all the while growing bigger and bigger.

Even if Rosalina falls off the stage right after activating it, the Power Star will keep attacking her foes until it finally explodes.

Bowser's beloved, spoiled son sports a bandanna with a large mouth drawn on it. Like his father, Bowser Jr. The Clown Car takes less damage than Bowser Jr. Bowser's probably a big fan of his son, what with him hating Mario just as much as dear old Dad does. The tyke's Junior Clown Car is packed with gadgets and gizmos to throw at enemies! By the way, he's extra vulnerable when he jumps out of it, but If you change direction while driving it, it'll spin and do more damage.

When you use his up special, Bowser Jr. Try to catch opponents with it while you're directly over them to hit them on the head! In Super Mario Sunshine, someone went around causing havoc disguised as Mario. It turned out not to be the brawny Bowser, but his brainier son, Bowser Jr. It sticks around after Bowser Jr. Now he becomes Shadow Mario again for his Final Smash, painting a giant cross on the screen. The youngest of the Koopalings, with a serious case of little-brother syndrome to match.

Charles Phoenix Retro Holiday Jubilee. Chicago Cabaret Professionals Annual Gala. Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass. Chinese New Year Celebration. Choral Arts Society Of Washington. Chris Macdonald's Memories of Elvis. Chris Welch and The Cicada Killers. Christmas From A Celtic Table. Christopher Houlihan Organ Concert.

Civic Symphony of Green Bay. Classic Albums Live Tribute Show. Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Elton John's Greatest Hits. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours. Led Zeppelin - Houses of The Holy.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I. Prince - Purple Rain. Queen - A Night at the Opera. Supertramp - Breakfast In America. Supertramp - Crime Of The Century.

The Band - Last Waltz. The Beatles - Abbey Road. The Beatles - Help. The Beatles - The White Album. The Doors - L. The Eagles - Hotel California. The Eagles - Their Greatest Hits. Classic Lightfoot - Gordon Lightfoot Tribute. The Music of The Carpenters.

Coast 2 Coast Live Interactive Showcase. Cody Canada and The Departed. Comedy Palace Comedy Showcase. Commercial Music Ensemble Recital. Concert For A Sustainable Planet. Country Crossings Music Festival. Cowboys of Kennesaw House Band Reunites. Crazy Babies - Ozzy Osbourne Tribute. Cyro Baptista's Vira Loucos. Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Dale Watson and His Lonestars. Dallas Symphony Christmas Pops. Dani Bell and The Tarantist.

Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries. Dark Desert Eagles - Eagles Tribute. Darling Nikki - A Tribute to Prince. Dave Bass Latin Jazz Quintet. David Caserta's Haunted Illusions. David Hillyard and The Rocksteady Seven. David Rosales and His Band of Scoundrels. Davidson College Holiday Gala. Dead Affect - Grateful Dead Tribute. A Salute To Dean Martin. Dennis Quaid and The Sharks. Diamond Dave - Tribute to Neil Diamond. Diary of a Worm, a Spider and a Fly.

Dimenation - Pantera Tribute. Ding Dong's Character Circus. Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Music From Final Fantasy. Distinguished Concerts Singers International. Django a Gogo Music Festival. Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. Duel of The Decades 80s vs. Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. Dvorak's New World Symphony. Dweezil Zappa Guitar Masterclass.

The Extra-Terrestrial Live in Concert. Eaglemania - Tribute To The Eagles. Echoes of Pompeii - Pink Floyd Tribute. Eighties Mayhem Halloween Dance Party. El Paso Youth Jazz Ensemble. Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Ellis Dyson and The Shambles.

Elton Dan and the Rocket Band. Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular. Epic Evolve - The Decades Show. Eric Burdon and The Animals. Erotic City - Prince Tribute. Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival. Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Two Generations of Chinese Women Composers. Fabulous Armadillos - Eagles Tribute.

Fall Mitten State Music Concert. Fall Out Boy vs. At The Disco Tribute Night. Festival Chamber Music Concert Series. Flannel Fest - 90's Grunge Tribute Show. Florida Blue Battle of The Bands. Floyd - A Pink Floyd Tribute. Formidable - The Aznavour Tribute. Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Franck's Symphony in D Minor. Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros. Frankie and The Witch Fingers. Freddy Vette and The Flames. Free Cake For Every Creature. Free Fallin - Tom Petty Tribute.

From Shtetl to Stage: A Celebration of Yiddish Music and Culture. Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience. George Thorogood and The Destroyers. Gershwin Piano Concerto in F. Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Grand Ole Opry Birthday Bash.

Grand Ole Opry Birthday Concert. Grand Royale - Beastie Boys Tribute. Gratefully Yours - Grateful Dead Tribute. Greg Ruvolo Big Band Collective. Gretchen and The Pickpockets. Gretchen Rhodes - Dave Mason Tribute. Halloween Tricks and Treats. Hampton Roads Soul Music Festival. Hans Gruber and the Diehards. Second Annual Sinatra Celebration. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. Hayley Jane and The Primates. Hazy Holidaze Winter Ball and Brunch. Head Games - A Tribute to Foreigner. Head Games - Foreigner Tribute. Head In The Clouds Festival. Heath Green and The Makeshifters. Hellbent - The Judas Priest Experience. Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue.

Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers. Heroic Beethoven and Enigmatic Elgar. Holiday Doo Wop Extravaganza. Home for the Holidays Family Concert. Horseshoes And Hand Grenades. Hotel Desperado - Eagles Tribute. House Of Blues Gospel Brunch. How The Moon Stole Christmas. Hyryder - Tribute to Grateful Dead. Illeagles - Tribute To The Eagles. Illinois State University Band. Illinois State University Choral Showcase. Illinois State University Symphony Orchestra. Illinois State University Wind Symphony.

Improv Class Performance. Influence of The World: Interstellar Echoes - Pink Floyd Tribute. A Tribute to Michael Jackson. Jamey Haddad's Under One Sun.

Looking back at the April 3-4, 1974 Super Outbreak