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Thank you for sharing your story with that handicap gene HLA B Reams considered vitamin P useful for kidney health. Bach's Rescue Remedy Side Effects. Get a copy of Carol Sinclairs book mentioned in the article — it is very useful. Auckland July 11th, 6. Hi I am waris 37 years old my shuger level in fasting mornig time showing in screen it is good or bad?

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My levels have ranged from 58 to Before I eat breakfast it is usually between 55 to 60 and after I eat 70 to I have on ocassion have experience headache, blurred vision, dizziness and nausea. I wanted to know is it possible I have diabetes. To me it sounds like you are hypoglycemic. I only believe that because I have pre-diabetic hypoglycemia. I think if you like to check your blood sugar you need drink a full pint of lukojade Orange and wait two hours then check your blood sugar that way.

You get the perfect result thank you. Every morning before eating or drinking my sugar has been 79 after 2 hours it only goes to around to I started checking this recently because I had a really bad dizzy spell that only went away with sweet tea and a candy bar. Hai aim deepa here I year back I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and aim taking the daily 2 tablets of mg I have done my hbA1c it was 5.

According to the fasting blood glucose chart your level shows borderline. I think you should follow up with your dr. This link may help you, it shows normal levels. I am 26yrs old. I got my blood sugar checked early morning without taking breakfast or tea. It was mg. After this I had breakfast with cup of tea. I again got the blood sugar checked after one and half hour. Is it ok plz advice me thanks. I checked my 7 year olds sugar levels today because he hasnt eaten anything sence 7 30 am i checked his sugar at 6 30 the reading was is this something i should be worried about or is this a normal reading?

My bed time glucose levels have been around 6. I ate a serving of taco chips and salsa 30min after the reading of 3. I have never had a reading this his yet…. I ate dinner after the 8.

Is this a normal reaction? What action I need to do? Do I need to take a prescription from Doctor for diabetes borderline?. Hi Maria, just keep track of the food you eat. Get the glycemic index food list so you can track the carbs which will help you lower your blood sugar. Hi I checked my mom sugar level fasting this morning what precaution needed to be taken for her. Please let me know. I checked mine is 67 fasting. I am eating fruits like papaya, pomogrante orange etc.

Still why the RBS is increasing? I am not taking any medicine. Hi, some fruits have more sugar than others and if you check on the glycemic index of foods you can see the difference. I suggest you check the index to see what foods are low in carbs to maintain a low sugar level. What is the point of the chart above unless you specify if it applies to blood sugar levels after fasting?

What has to be done please suggest. Respected Doctor, i took rice, bread, banana dinner last night at 8pm. I have had my Dr. Can you help me regulate my sugar? Or advice me on what I need to do. Hi, the blood sugar levels chart is used for all body sizes.

My suggestion is for you to keep track of what you eat by utilizing the glycemic index of foods. When I get up in the morning and my glucose level is high it means that I ate a lot of carbs the night before. My trick is to only drink water in the morning or some type of home made fruit smoothie with fruits that are low in sugar. Check the glycemic index for the right type of fruits. I am 43 yrs old Blood Gluose fasting What food controls ,I need to do.

Hai Doc, i have daughter age 14 years, who i m concern with her blood sugar level after food is 9,do i hv to worry, pls inform me the actual reading for the children. I am 68 yrs old. It was 98 mg. After this I had two slice of bread butter with cup of tea.

It was 98mg again. My 3 year old Hga1c was 5. Do have have to worry? Are kids blood sugar levels normally higher than adults? I guess that your 6 year old children have his weigh over a little bit. I suggest you either that your child must train physically in order to lose his weight, or consult your doctor. She has been fatigued recently — is this alarmingly low? Doctor, I am 42years Male had my test mentioned below the ranges in reports am I diabetic and do advice me in regard. I just had blood work done for an upcoming physical and my 8 hour fasting levels were and 5.

Should I be concerned with these numbers? I am 5 ft 8in and pounds.. Hell doctor I am having type 2 dibetic and my suger level always high what new treatment can i use to bring normal. Kindly advise what these results are about.

Am i a diabetic or what? My ac1 is 5. Can you email me a good and bad blood sugar chart to my email. I am 27yrs old and my last sugar level read 7. Look up ketogenic diet and stop taking the insulin as it only makes things worse. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Saturday, September 15, Your provider and dialysis nurse will let you know how much you should drink every day.

Keep a count of foods that contain a lot of water, such as soups, fruit-flavored gelatin, fruit-flavored ice pops, ice cream, grapes, melons, lettuce, tomatoes, and celery. Reducing sodium in your diet helps you control high blood pressure. It also keeps you from being thirsty, and prevents your body from holding onto extra fluid.

Look for these words on food labels:. Check all labels to see how much salt or sodium foods contain per serving. Also, avoid foods that list salt near the beginning of the ingredients.

Look for products with less than milligrams mg of salt per serving. DO NOT use salt when cooking and take the salt shaker away from the table. Most other herbs are safe, and you can use them to flavor your food instead of salt. DO NOT use salt substitutes because they contain potassium. People with CKD also need to limit their potassium.

Normal blood levels of potassium help keep your heart beating steadily. However, too much potassium can build up when the kidneys no longer function well. Dangerous heart rhythms may result, which can lead to death. Fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of potassium, and for that reason should be avoided to maintain a healthy heart. People with advanced kidney failure also have anemia and usually need extra iron.

Many foods contain extra iron liver, beef, pork, chicken, lima and kidney beans, iron-fortified cereals. Talk to your provider or dietitian about which foods with iron you can eat because of your kidney disease. Fouque D, Mitch WE. Dietary approaches to kidney diseases. Brenner and Rector's The Kidne y. Dietary restrictions in dialysis patients: Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. Accessed September 7, Dietary guidelines for adults starting on hemodialysis.

Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Diet - chronic kidney disease. I never had a fast in last 25years but tomorrow i will enter 7 th day of gm diet. Do u only eat what is assigned for that day or can you eat additional things not listed for that day?

For dinner you just eat a ton of what is assigned for that day? Someone please please please answer this question. I am on my day 5 and have lost 3 kgs this morning. I am soooooo happy.

I also cheated a little. I used to have tea or coffee with sugarfree or equal with 2 tablespoons of milk once everyday. Also, used total of 3 teaspoons of oil in overall cooking in these 5 days. I have had half chappati too in between. Will update the exact weight loss after 7 days.

I really encourage everyone who wants to loose weight to go for it. Only 1st two days are a little tough and if you get through these 2 days, the other 5 days would be a piece of cake. Add a fruit that you like along in that mid day snack. And you do not have to eat exactly what is assigned and follow the exact reicpies- i have not followed any recipes infact. You can mix and match to match your taste buds and since this diet advises a lot of fruits and veggies- keep yourself loaded with those- raw or boiled- your option.

As per what is assigned, yes stick to the stuff but not recipies- 1st day- Only fruits- but no banana, no juices 2nd- Only veggies- souped, cooked, grilled, raw- any how- and only 1 potato 3rd- Combination of Veggies souped, cooked, grilled, raw and fruits- no juices.

No potato at all and no banana at all on this day 3. TIP- You can grill tomatoes and add lime on it with salt and pepper- it goes very well with brown rice. Ok, Completed the diet last night and today I was 4 kgs lighter. Never seen that weight on me since last 2 years. There is a complete veg version on this site- https: Started again with 10 day gap.

On my 2nd day niw, I have lost 1 kg on day 1. Remember only 1st day is the toughest, if u get through it, all other days will be relatively easy. Just like in the regular GM diet, only fruits are allowed to be consumed on the first day. All fruits can be consumed in generous quantities except for bananas, as they are high in carbohydrates and potassium.

Water intake should also be observed at glasses during the whole day. The second day involves potato and vegetables. Vegetable soup is highly powerful during this day, as it provides all the energy the body would need. Fruits and vegetables may be served the whole day, from breakfast to dinner, including midday snacks. Fruit juice can also be taken aside from water, although no bananas or potatoes are allowed.

Banana and milk combos may be consumed all day, with vegetable soup servings during lunch and dinner. Banana and milk may be taken in the form of shakes, during breakfast and midday snacks. Brown rice and tomatoes. Instead of beef, brown rice is used on Day 5. One cup of rice is good to last for the day together with tomatoes in order to induce cleansing. Brown rice and vegetables. On this day mixed vegetables may be consumed all day, together with one cup of rice.

Up to two cups of brown rice may be consumed, together with fruit and vegetable servings. By the end of Day 7, you should be feeling much lighter and look more glowing.

This is because the detoxification effects have already taken place and the body has already shed off kgs. I am through with day 6 diet and have lost 1. Can anyone suggest an alternative? Have 4 cups of boiled beet or 4 cups of boiled spinach instead of banana as u need to have enough potassium on this day. Successfully completed the diet. I will take a break for a week, and do it once more.

Unfortunately, I went back to my regular diet and sedentary lifestyle, and regained 1. I am now doing the GM Diet again, and have lost 3. Have tomatoes and any protein like 10 egg white ,, soya, chicken brest , beef , etc. Dear anita, My wgt is 84kgs n i follow d diet properly but i lose only 2kgs,i eat plain rice n dat also only on 7th day…..

Hi Saba — you will lose weight if you stick to the diet plan religiously. I was 76 kgs on Nov 21 and today, I am My target is to be 58 kg by March This diet definitely works. A colleague told me about this diet plan yesterday… Read through it.. I am only a bit concerned cuz i have hypothyroid. So beef, broccoli and cabbage is a strict no no for me. Will substitute with somethings else I guess. I hope this works. I am 78 kilos now.. I completed the GM Diet for the first time on Nov 27 and lost 4.

In the next 20 days, I went back to my regular diet, and could not do any workouts. So, I regained 1. Now, I am doing the GM Diet again. Today is the 5th day, and I have already lost 3.

This time I added interesting fruits and vegetables to my diet such as zucchini, asparagus, kiwis, guavas, etc. Also, last time, I did the vegetarian version of the diet and had brown rice on Days 5 and 6. This time I am doing the non-veg version and taking chicken breasts and fish on Days 5 and 6. Let me see if this has any effect on my weight loss. Just keep doing it every alternate week n before u know,u Wud have lost all extra wt.

I also cheated but not much- however I still lost 3 kgs. In your case- either u r ceating a lot or its just water weight that u see. I am sure you must have lost atleast 2 kgs. You can do it again. By the way- In your previous question — I suggest you do not have plain white rice. Sorry for replying soooooo late! There were times when with this diet and with lots of cheating, I have lost 1 kg instead of 2.

I have lost 11 kgs overall. Last time since u were unwell the medicines must have had that weight gain effect on you. Also- keep in mind that sometimes it is water weight and also that we are ladies, during that time too there is a You should keep eating the assigned food everytime so that u dont feel hungry. I also consulted my doctor and he said it is a good diet for effective weight loss in minimum time but u should keep eating and not starve.

I have not started the GM diet but will do so in all earnest. I wanted to check should I also hit the gym along with the GM diet and will there be any side effects like fatigue and low metabolism rate. Hello, I followed this diet plan and tomorrow is my 7th day , it was amazing experiance to feel the heating and burning fat all the day while waiting the balance scale how much it goes down every morning.

I have never lost more than gm in a week and Im losing now more than gm every single day. I started with 75 kg and Im now But I have to tell every interested one here to follow the plan precisely as it is. I also stucked to the gym every morning and was surprised how much I was energetic.

On Day 4… I have lost 4 lbs so far and my tummy is SO flat.. Days were killer as far as feeling so unsatisified, but today I feel great!! On day 2 , I had dreams of having Burgers last night …… it says here i can have cooked veggies … any suggestions how?? Hi Ragesh- For veg- there is a substitute- eat brown rice instead of beef or daal. Sadiq- Have daal- no wheat rotis at all pls. If daal- have 1 bowl masoor or tuar daal. This is the 5th time i am doing it. Every single day — i have 3 cups of tea with 1 biscuit for the entire day i divide that 1 biscuit.

Also i taste 1 to 2 table sppon of what ever is made at home for others. Also I add 1 table spoon of mayo to my salad on veges day.

This is the 3rd time I am doing the GM Diet. I did one cycle in November, 1 in December and now the third cycle. Today is the 6th day. My weight was 76 kg before the first cycle, and today morning, it was 68 kg. Seventh day getting over, wondering what to have for dinner, thought of cheating but will abstain from adventures. Yesterday was my day GM Diet is Marvelous one. My Results inspired my roommates to follow the Great GM diet.

I would Recommend this Diet, whoever need to reduce weight. Strictly follow the workout. My Objective to reach 80 kg. Day 7 starts with planed food intake — it is Mad Monday at office with conference calls and followups to the boot.

I have Soup with soy chunks ready for lunch and carying strawberries and black grapes for munching through the day. Permenant lifestyle changes are planned: I will surely post back often and update. From my experience, you will regain about 1. I have a target weight that I want to reach by my wedding anniversary in May. My total weight loss after 5 times of GM diet and with loads of cheating- is 14 kgs. Another 8 kgs to go. Thats really great Anita. I am doing it for the first time.

Today is my 2nd day. As I am having thyroid it is very difficult for me to lose weight. I have tried many ways to lose weight. But within a day I have lost 1 kg. I am feeling like flying. I am going gym and doing workouts for 2 hours a day. Pls suggest me other that cabbage soup. Mix cabbage with any other veggies of your choice and you can add very little dressing- not more than 1 tablespoon. I had done this diet a few years ago to lose some weight and i had lost only 6 pounds.

I tried to go back to this diet again but failed miserably by either quitting or just plain distractions parties and stuff. OMG i am so happy with the results. I am glad with the results and will try to maintain the weight hopefully. D, thats a lot of wt loss in 1 week. Pls cheat a lil if you have to coz otherwise it gets difficult to follow in your words- Horrifying. Also otherwise on 1st day one leaves the diet as it can cause weakness. Cheating along the way in this diet helps me do it more often, I was super overweight so I did it every alternate week with loads of cheating and it was no more a diet for me.

I have lost 30 Ibs along the way and still reducing. So I recommend a lil cheating so that i is no lnger a diet program but your daily life. Can anyone tell me something, I have completed the GM diet yesterday, when I started I was 68 kg and after completing my weight is If anyone knows anything about this please share and help me out. I am feeling quite miserable and demotivated any insight on this matter would help.

And yes, it is also beacuse you are only 6 kgs over wt. I lose only 2 kgs everytime i do it with cheating. Which other diet would let u lose 2. Actually, if you are a working professional, then a little cheating helps in completing the diet. A couple of cups of black sugar-less tea helps me fight off the headaches that I get on Days 1 and 2. Also, I cook my veggies in a spoonful of extra-lite olive oil. This is my second time on the diet. The first time was a success lost 8 lbs.

So far the 2nd time I have lost 7 lbs after day 5, I am very excited about that. This time I had more canteloupe and watermelon, more fresh veggies steamed or boiled and drank a lot of water. I substituted chicken on day 5 instead of beef, but only had 21 oz. On day 6 I am eating beef patties and having a steak for dinner.

With lots of water. The next time I do the diet I will have fish instead of beef. I feel so good after doing this diet it is unbelievable. Just my opinion Have a great day everyone, will talk later, Wish me well, Michele.

I am in last day of my diet and sucessfully burned 6. Thanks guys who really worked on this to find out formula for instant weight reduction..!! I did this last week till day 4, checked my wt after 4th day of this plan and reduced 3kg. Hi, Im on day 7 today. First thing in the morning I weighed myself and i lost 6kg already.

I was 60kg 6 days ago and its amazing after day 6 im 54kg already! Thanks for the GM diet plan! I wonder what would be my weight tomorrow after finishing today my Day7? I am recommending this plan to my family and friends at work and they are going to try this!! Congrats lily, thats amazing- good that you could follow it strictly. Seldom I hear that someone lost 6 kgs through this diet.

And it is not because of me but your determination and will that you could do it. I am sooooooooooooo proud of u!

Your body is storing what you r eating. U check your weight on day 8 morn when u get up. Day 7 has finally arrived. Gets much easier as the week goes on I feel great. Just have a question along with this diet should I be exercising? Just really do hope this works.

And do keep a gap of atleast 3 days before u start next week or else the diet will not be effective. A total weight loss of 17 kgs so far. I am on day 5 of GM and I am doing it since November. Just finished day 7 yesterday.

My boyfriend and I tried this about a month ago, and it works. After you get past those, you feel great. I lost 9 lbs and he lost We had a lot more energy and felt great afterwards. After Day 7, can I rest for days and start the diet all over again?

I love all the comments and suggestions this sounds so simple and easy to follow. I will be starting today. I will update with my progress see you in seven days. Hi, I tried GM diet during March and it really worked for me. I was 79 before this plan and I feel very much lite on my belly. It is only first 2 days which is difficult to pass through.

Otherwise, its cool… Easy and Great method to lose your weight. Donot go for any other plans… GM diet really works… I will try another session in the coming month. This is the most practical and healthy plan to weight loss…my skin has radiantly transformed and there is a distinct glow in my face now. Be committed with this entire 7 days and you will see it yourself. Please note the first two days are the toughest and you will feel slight headache in the forehead.

Once you pass on the fourth day, the rest goes smoothly.. Wish you all a happy weight loss program. Share your success story and pass this plan to others in need. I read all the comments and I am now wondering if I am losing weight too fast. I lost 12 lbs in 4 days, I am now on my fifth day.

I understand how the foods work in the body to cause the body to react a specific way and to burn the fat and shed the water. The hardest day that I have had is today when I started putting meat back into my diet.

It made me crave fruit. So by tomorrow I will be more than ready to add the fruit back into my diet. I plan on doing the diet on alternate weeks until I hit my goal weight and by that time I should have the healthier eating back to a routine. Well Lennia as per I know…the maximum amounts of weight loss through this program is about 17lbs in a week time.

And since on the fourth day you lost 12 lbs.. I must say you are perfectly going fine on this diet. People- I have now lost a total of 20 kgs after 8 times of gm diet n loads of cheating. So never ever lose hope n keep doing it, even it means losing 1 kg every week during this diet. Can I follow the GM diet plan. Also i am 30 kgs overweight, but my face is not fatty at all.

Will this diet plan reduce my face more, as after that my face will start looking bad? U shud ask yr doc for doing it if you have prob of pcod.

And yes it does reduce on face a bit too. I plan to have a cucumber for a snack and then finish the day with some fried veggies in a tsp spoon of oil. Completed 7 days on Monday … I started GM diet with weight of Can anybody tell what next….

I followed the GM diet last year and lost 9lbs in one week. I am going on holiday in 3 weeks time so Im going to give it another go to get my beach bod. Can I do it for a week, then eat healthy and exercise for a week, then do it for another week just before i go away? Starting my GM diet from tomorrow. Will club it with morning cardio exercise.

So actually lasted only 6 days. Ended up with a chicken sausage and bread for breakfast. Planning to just have one more meal of brown rice and veggies for dinner. Back to working out! You have to stop eating empty calories if you are. Eat whole natural organic foods. Most people need a total lifestyle change.

The diet to me is a good kickstart into 1. OR heir 1 cup of rice is already cooked rice? My arms and tummy is getting smaller! Hi,its hard to find strawberries in our country. Can I replace it with grapes or pineapple instead of strawberry?

Would it be alright to eat it for mid afternoon snack on Day 7 instead of strawberries? I have started my GM diet three days before. So far i have lost only 2lbs. So keep it going until the end,. A week before i have completed my first set of GM diet. Will redo it repeatedly to lose more. During the 7 day GM diet i was seated in an AC room, may be thats the reason for low wt loss because the heat generated in our body during fat burning might be compensated by the cooling?

Can anyone explain what process happens in our body while undergoing GM diet? Very eager to know!!!!!!!! Hi everyone, I took the GM diet for two weeks and reduced around 12kgs. Right now my wholebody feel light and energetic. I want to know wheher I Can hit the gym and start fitness and get the shape I wanted.. Great news… Yes you can hit the gym, but consider a burst or HIT style training as opposed to the traditional.

Easier and better for the body…. I lost 14 lbs! Hey Joule, this happens on many diets, called a set weight point so to speak, have to work hard, eat healthy to get past it. Google it and see what you find. It is not specific to this diet. It has made be more hungry than any other time. I feel dizzy too. The only good part is in two days i have lost 3 pounds. When if you eat these things cut grains, processed foods, sugar, caffeine and so on it can really take a toll.

The good thing about this diet is that it does allow fruit, so the fructose in that can help. Today was my 7th Day and i was very much conscious whether things would have worked well or not. But my thinking was wrong and I lost 4. I am very much happy and will keep following this diet once in a month…Thanks all for all the info that has been provided and it was very helpful.

And can I have paneer or lentils instead of beef? Hi Started the diet yesterday. Cheated on two small cups of tea, with very little sugar and skimmed milk powder. Lost 1 kg on day 1. Hoping to reduce lot more. Had all kinds of fruits and a little of wonder soup on day 1. Is there any other alternative for brown rice? Have started the diet today.. Lost 3 kgs last time..

Apart from that, maintained most of it. Rod—I found day 5 difficult too. Iam a vegetarian, so tried eating a cup of brown rice only, and 6 tomatoes. It was real hard. Hope to lose more this time around.

Hang in there, keep in mind a few biscuits and the wrong beverages will more than likely alter your results greatly. I am in 4th day and i find a glowing skin on my face. At least for this, i will follow this diet.. Hi all i started Gm diet. Today is my 2nd day and i lost 3 lbs in one day, i can also see my face loosing chubby cheeks. Now i realize all the food i have been eating is not at all healthy. I love Gm diet.

Hang in there, I have sure had that realization myself as I try and do better and better…. If coffee is allowed during this diet, is this kind of sweetener allowed in the coffee? It seems quite different from the other sweeteners: In the tomatoe soup, for a little bit of flavour, is half of the following broth allowed: I am not big on fake sweeteners, especially Truvia. Your body is not fooled. On this diet cut sugar for only 7 Days, please.

If you need some, use rarely organic pure stevia. So here are my results: From 79 I went down to 75! I am aiming to go down to 60kg till the end of the year and I believe that this is possible with the GM diet!! Author, when you can please, can you answer my questions so that I will have an answer when my 2nd round of this diet begins?

Maybe a just a few, but watch what the olives are in oil wise. I have followed the diet as per the schedule. Day 4 2 glasses of milk and 5 big bananas. But in total I had lost only 3lbs in these past 5 days. My weight is lbs for my height I have to be lbs need to lose another 5 lbs can u pls give me some tips. But just do the best you can. It seems like you are more fasting than anything here and only eating a little food. However on day 7 page you are writing: That is not meant to be your guide, just a sample.

Just follow this page for your day 7 plan. Can u please suggest me what is alternative for beef to continue my diet plan. Can i proceed with chicken? This is my 4th time in a little over a year to do the GM diet. I usually use it after a vacation or a holiday, or the back -to -work- lack -of- time- poor eating….

I typically eat well and lean toward portion control and healthy choices most of the time. I made these changes about 18 months ago, and added in physical activity 5 days a week.

I have lost 50 lbs. I find that this cleanse diet just makes me feel better. Day 1 and 2 are pretty easy for me. I lose anywhere from pounds, and my husband lost 12 the one time that he did the diet. I follow the diet pretty strictly, but do substitute quinoa for one of the Day 7 servings.

I add cinnamon to the banana shake, and use Almond Milk instead of dairy. I do appreciate GM for this diet, and for the results. Awesome, your substitutions seems fine and just what I would do. I do love raw milk, but like to use almond here and there…. You have said it best, the diet can be great, but you have made a lifestyle change and that;s what this diet should lead everyone to…. Please suggest how one should have food after day 7?

How can we maintain reduced weight? Since last 2 times I reduced KG and again gain the same after a week. I prefer at least 2 weeks. If so were you getting enough fat with your meat substitute? This is the second time I am doing this in three months.. Good luck, stick with it and you can knock some weight off, after though you must make a lifestyle change, happy to help when you finish….

I went to gym after 5 days and I felt really good. I was able to do treadmil for 20 minutes with 97 meters climb. Overall feeling is good.

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