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Healthy Vegetable Recipes

In fact, some of my most popular soups were thrown together, using up old vegetables hidden in the back of my fridge. It is awfully hard to go wrong in making vegetable soup. If you are just a beginner in the kitchen or having that special someone over for supper, a bowl of savory soup is always a winner. Find the biggest pot in the house and fill it half full of fresh cool water. The pot we will be using in the following recipe will contain 12 cups of water when half full.

You can adjust the measurements to the proportion and size of your pot. The key to good vegetable soup is timing and broth. Simulated chicken base is an excellent starting point. Check the ingredients to make sure that there are no animal fats or preservatives.

A good quality chicken base can usually be purchased in your local health food store. You may also want to try an all natural vegetable base soup mix. Before adding vegetables, taste the soup broth after ten minutes of boiling to make sure that it is full-bodied and perfectly seasoned to your taste.

If you like your soups thick, add Quinoa or whole oats that have been powdered in the coffee grinder. These are also excellent for thickening stews. Potato juice also is an excellent thickener working like corn starch. Once your broth has simmered for 15 minutes add any dried ingredients such as split peas, legumes or lentils. Go easy on these ingredients because they are rich, concentrated foods. A small amount is more than enough. They will also add to the thickening of the soup because of the starches.

Soak beans overnight before adding them to the soup. If you are not used to eating beans, brings the beans to a boil then throw away the water. Do not add it to the soup broth or you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation. Your next step is to add any starchy, dense vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, yams, turnip and squash. These vegetables take longer to cook.

Chop up the remainder of the soft vegetables while they are simmering on the stove. Timing is important so there will be no over-cooked mushy veggies. Vegetables are added according to their required cooking time. Just about now your house is going to be filled with savory smells that will entice your children into the kitchen asking you, Daddy is the soup done yet?

About five minutes before you turn off the heat, add the tomato paste. The longer tomatoes cook the more acidic they become. After turning off the stove, allow the soup to stand for about an hour. Then add good tasting yeast for a rich cheesy flavor. You can also add miso, but never cook this delicate fermented bean paste. Miso has been fermented for over two years in large cakes, keeping its enzyme qualities and producing healthy bacteria that help to clean the colon.

Before you change anything about your dog's diet, though, consult with your veterinarian, because some foods may be incompatible with certain medical conditions or prescribed diets. If you want to give your canine a few banana slices but don't want to deal with a squishy mess on your floor, here's an easy solution: Freeze the banana slices before you offer them to your dog.

Giving your dog peas instead of cookies can make you feel better about his caloric intake. Many dogs love juicy apples. Just be sure your dog doesn't get hold of seeds or the core, which can be harmful to him.

Plenty of dogs enjoy carrots, but if yours is hesitant about eating raw vegetables for the first time, you can steam or boil the vegetables for an easier transition. How about some fresh cucumber slices for your canine? Be sure to wash all fruits and vegetables and remove rinds, skin, seeds or pits before feeding them to your pet. Bartonella is a type bacteria that can be transmitted to cats, dogs and humans from exposure to infected fleas and….

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Best Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs. By Shayna Meliker January 5, Good news for all you green bean fans out there: It's safe to share them with your dog!

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