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Please check it out. Be your own advocate! Hi Becky — I am familiar with the symptoms. I have 2 very active teenage boys 1 of which has Aspergers, so my Anxiety worry level is pretty high. I do and I made this change 20 years ago. Hope this somewhat helps.

But I continue on because I have no symptoms of hyperthyroidism. My temperature which is my guideline remains below 98F. Although it is creeping up. Thank Good for my sinus doctor who encouraged my primary care physician to step out of the box.

Does anyone know if hypothyroidism would effect wbc? I doing great other than that my EBV is low, at 2. Vit D is a little low as is iron, but everything else is good and I feel better than I have in a long time. What is your white blood cell count? If your neutrophils are low, it could be a B12, folate or copper deficiency. B12 and folate are the most common deficiencies and especially common for folks with thyroid issues. Copper deficiency can happen to anyone taking high iron supplements or taking too much zinc.

Zinc is common in thyroid supplements. More than 50mg a day for even a week or two can lead to a copper deficiency, which can be very dangerous. There is such a huge misunderstanding about EBV.

Many times EBV resides in places or lies dormant and does not show up on tests. EBV and heavy metals is the root cause of most all auto immune diseases and can be eliminated! Check out the book Medical Medium a must read if you want to cure the root cause. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age The only symptom was very irregular periods. I was prescribed 25mcg of levothyroxine. At 15, the doctor changed the dose to 50, at 19 to 88 and at 21 to Have been sluggish and overweight for at least 3 years… Nothing really seems to help much.

My numbers- from what I could tell have been normal. Now, my TSH is a little low. I have been experiencing sweeling of my hands and feet and very dry skin and hair. The symptoms you describe suggest hypothyroid. There could also be some other issues. Antibodies are produced by the immune system.

I recommend that you do some reading yourself and find an Integrative Dr. You may want to consider natural thyroid. I take armour thyroid. I feel better if taking a good multi vitamin a nd magnesium and d3.

The best bet is to see an integrative doctor. They have a much better understanding and are much more able to help in this area. Also do some good research on the web, there are also a lot of herbal supplements which may be of help to you. There are a few things that can lower thyroid function without raising TSH. Zinc deficiency and too much fluoride are two examples. Fluoride lowers the function of several glands, including the pituitary and the thyroid.

Fluoride is found in very high amounts in tea both organic and conventional , and in conventionally grown grapes and wine made in the US. Tea is actually how I ended up with a thyroid issue.

I used to drink Chai every morning. I liked it strong and that was part of the issue — more fluoride. Over about two years, it made me seriously hypothyroid, but with a normal TSH. I was so cold I wore socks to bed in the summer. Your TSH at 0. Normally the thyroid would make a little bit of T3 and a lot of T4. Levothyroxine is only T4, which is fine for some people, but maybe not for you. Selenium is important for making deiodinases which convert T4 to T3. Vitamin A is also important for converting T4 to T3, although the mechanism is not well understood.

Supplementing with retinal palmitate or acetate has been shown to increase conversion of T4 to T3. A one time dose of 25, IU retinal palmitate should answer the question for you.

If you feel a big boost of energy from it, you may want to follow the study, and take it every day for four months. First of all, you may well need T3. Levothyroxin and other synthetic big pharma drugs only have T4.

So get your T3 nd T4 tested. You have symptoms of low thyroid with swelling feet, hands and dry skin. I struggled for 15 yrs with low thyroid and then was put on synthroid, which did almost nothing for me. I use Naturethroid but there are other brands and it is prescription. LOTS more info here: You may also have adrenal fatigue, so read about that on the site.

They suggested that we have her thyroid checked in a year. So, what do we do in the meantime? She is tired all of the time, which for an active junior in high school it is just not convenient. She is taking vitamin supplements including one for Adrenal Function, thinking she may also be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue , and we are hoping these will help soon. This tiredness is causing depression, and she is feeling like she will never get better.

As much as I see little value in doctors it always helps to get a second opinion. More often than not it depends on the person you speak to. The web is full of info and Google is your friend so do some good reading. Majority if not all problems stem from the gut. Without a properly functioning immune system we become vulnerable to disease.

Strengthening the immune system is the best thing. Probiotics are key for that good ones from experience tend to be primal defense ultra, prescript assist and VSL3 again can all be found online. I am currently taking Ashwagandha and there are other natural herbs that can be beneficial. See if there are any changes. I know you are trying to be helpful and that is admirable, but from someone who has celiac disease and leads a support group, please know that advising someone to eliminate gluten from their diet before being tested is not a good idea unless one does not have insurance or the means to pay for testing.

One must be consuming gluten in order to get accurate test results for celiac disease. Unfortunately, once you eliminate gluten and reintroduce it, you will become even more ill than you were before. It is important to know because it is hereditary and other family members may also be at risk. Early diagnosis is crucial to avoiding additional serious health complications. In regards to research showing someone is much more likely to strictly adhere to a GF diet once diagnosed, I guess that all depends how good you feel after cutting gluten out tested or not.

I read the most important things for the adrenals are B2, B5 and vitamin C. But B1 is probably also very important because you need B1, or thiamine, for glucose metabolism and energy production.

Another reason to take B1,…. I found an extended release version of B1 and it has really helped. You said your daughter is already taking vitamins. Not all of them are created equal. I found much better results taking B-vitamins separately from a multi, and in the coenzymated form. Regarding iron, some research has shown the range for ferritin storage iron levels are not appropriate for everyone. Some people can have symptoms of fatigue with a ferritin that is considered normal, but in the low end of the range.

Athletes in particular feel better when their ferritin levels are in the middle of the range. The thyroid needs iron too, in order to make TPO for thyroid hormone synthesis. So iron is really key when the symptom is fatigue. Vitamin A and copper are important for iron metabolism and many multivitamins do not have enough, especially of vitamin A in retinyl form.

Hi Tony I have had hypothyroidism since I was in my teens and I am 60 now. I was so tired and depressed that my mom took me to the ER because she thought I was going to hurt myself.

I was admitted and they put me on drugs for anti depression these helped a little but did not fix the problem. My mom asked a friend of hers who was a nurse about my condition and she asked if I had ever had my thyroid checked and suggested I see an Endocrinologist, they specialize in diseases such as thyroid. I went and they put me on thyroid meds and took me off the depression drugs.

I turned into a different person within a month I felt fantastic the depression was gone and my energy level was back. I know its not exactly what your daughter has but it sure would not hurt. You can ask her doctor to refer you to one or depending on your insurance check out some reviews on doctors in your area. I am still taking the meds today and doing well.

I would highly suggest you check this out and I wish your daughter the best. Go to a naturopathic doctor. Most likely she does have adrenal fatigue. She may also have a leaky gut and loosing vital nutrients like iron which will make you very tired. Hi, what are her T3, T4 and Tsh levels? If not, she should be taking thyroid hormone, preferably natural, I. Find a good Integrative Medicine MD or endocrinologist. And get her checked for adrenal insufficiency: Cortisone, DHEA and pregnenolone levels.

I need those also. Go to another doctor, talk about the symptoms your daughter has and ask if they would put her on low dose thyroxine usually That would make her feel better.

If that doesnt, maybe she needs a but higher dosage. She is subclinical based on her lab, but obviously has increased antibodies, since she has been diagnosed with Hashimoto.

Please google, Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer. I am on this program and it has really been helping me. I am so sorry to hear this about your daughter.

I was diagnosed with Graves in March , radioactive iodine treated the Graves, however now hypothyroid taken levothyroxin ever since with dosage unchanged at mcg overweight for height at 76kg, cm.

Awaiting blood test results but would,like to know if constantly getting colds is something others suffer with — and what have you managed to find out about this to help you. Hi Julie, I would say yes, on the basis that there is a huge connection between hypothyroid and the immune system. Usually with hypothyroid the immune system is weak and out of whack.

Particularly if you are intolerant to feeling cold which tends to be a trigger with hypothyroid. What can you do? Try to rebuild your immune system, make it stronger, help it fight for your body and help it to help your body.

Prebiotic and probiotics are majorly important for that. A diet high in veg, garlic, ginger, turmeric and multivitamins. Fresh lemon in warm water or apple cider vinegar every morning will help alkaline the body. Have a search online for anything else that may help, Google is your friend! Hope you get some answers from the test. We are seeing a ND who has been very helpful with bloodwork, and general diet guidelines gluten free but follow the Type O blood diet. He has a goiter and he has been extremely tired and grumpy or bouncy and goofy for years — both extremes.

Has anybody else had this kind of situation? Does anybody know of any good resources for teaching a 12 year old what is wrong with him?? I agree with the correlation between healthy gut and immune system. Gluten is one of the main culprits for attacking the thyroid. If you have hypothyroidism it is advised to cut it out or least reduce it as much as possible.

Gluten intolerance is not just a celiac problem. Maybe ask your ND about a digestive enzyme your son can take. There are some designed to specifically help with gluten. Also, vitamin A deficiency is associated with goiter when iodine is sufficient. The World Health Organization has a lot of information about the interaction between iodine and vitamin A in thyroid disorder.

A deficiency can develop unless the diet includes a lot of egg yolks or beef liver. Plant sources contain only beta-carotene which is not converted to vitamin A during hypothyroidism. I tried beef liver myself, and felt like the energizer bunny for the next three days — it has about 40, IU of vitamin A. You may want to discuss with your ND. Only been at this for a month. Will this lead to cancer? There is a lot of material out there to educate yourself.

You must be your own advocate and not depend on doctors though. We fight for the quality of life by understanding our condition.

I have a pinterest board with articles collected to help others. You need to replace the thyroid hormones. I take Synthroid and Cytomel. You want your level for D to be around , Iron to be to work best with your thyroid meds and for foggy brain cut the gluten and sugar. Drink a ton of water. Here is more info: Dont be afraid just listen to your gut and keep check ups very regular. I finally went with my gut and demanded a biopsy. It was cancer, and I had to have a total thyroidectomy. If ever it does turn cancerous it is the best cancer to have, if caught early no chemo like normal cancers.

The only thing I wish I had done was listen more to my gut and my body. Also I wish I had done a lot more in the way of nutrition. I am learning so much maybe a little too late as the loss of a throud changes so much in your body. Good luck and listen to your body! I am facing thyroid surgery next week. I am 62 and female. So getting the right one removed it will put me hypothyroidism the rest of my life as I will not have a thyroid and will have to depend on meds to regulate all the many functions ur thyroid controls.

How did u do with ur weight and other issues not having a thyroid can change to ur body? Please share how u made out after living without ur thyroid.

Right now i have the symptoms of unexpected weight gain all the time, dry skin, tiredness, etc. I would also like to ask if theres different ways that I could try to lose weight because everytime I try it seems like i just gain more weight.

So does anybody know a different path i could take at attacking my weight problem? Do your best to support your immune system and get it healthy. Cutting out gluten and sugar will help the hard part is the first 2 wks but after that your body will have adjusted and gotten used to being without it.

Take time and listen to your body. Rhiannon, google Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer. I wish you well. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 15 years ago, and suffer the same. I was also diagnosed with Crohns in , both autoimmune problems. Please google Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer. I am on this program, and its really working for me. I was also born with Pernicious Anemia that went away as I got older. My levothyroxine seems to have quit working. Blood in stool, not visually noticeable.

Moderate to severe abdominal blaoting. Blood pressure going high when not previously a problem…. My Dr is checking me for the ussual: Colon cancer Prostate cancer… I believe she is taking the wrong path. Yes, it is quite common to develop more than one autoimmune disease and have a whole collection of specialists to treat you. Definitely get checked for celiac disease if you have abdominal pain and bloating.

Celiac disease and lactose intolerance frequently go hand-in-hand. Sometimes the lactose intolerance resolves if you strictly adhere to a gluten-free diet after being diagnosed do not start eating GF before testing is completed! Have you tried probiotics? The ones with billion live cultures You could have an over groth of candidia yeast if so cut all the extra sugar out of your diet.

You can get thyroid problems at any age. I was told with Hashimotos it is caused by a virus that attacked the thyroid. Now for my middle daughter, she had mono and soon was losing lots of hair that the hair stylist suggested she get her thyroid checked. This is my first time on any site asking questions regarding my thyroid. I was a-symptomatical until about years ago.

My only symptom at first was hairloss, and not so much on my scalp but my eyelashes. Then I started feeling tired and foggy. Then my eyelashes started falling out in clumps. I finally went in and through some testing I was then diagnosed with Graves disease 2 years ago and was told I only had 2 options, 1 was to remove the thyroid and 2 was to take a radioactive iodine pill to kill my thyroid.

I chose the pill. I have regretted this decision ever since. I took the pill 2 years ago and have since lost over half of my hair on my scalp.

My eyelashes are very very thin now. I am still having bouts of fogginess, my hair loss has slowed down, very little though. I am currently taking mcg of levoxyl and 2. I am eating, for the most part, as organically as I can, and also take iron, omega 3 fish oil, and evening primrose daily. I guess my question is, is there any hope? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Also a Biotin B vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss. Foltene scalp treatment, purchased from a beauty supply really helps.

It all grew back! To quell your immune response, you may be better off with a slightly lower TSH, but also keep an eye on T4 and T3 numbers and figure out where you feel your best. As far as alopecia goes, it may or may not be related to thyroid. You could try a low-inflammation diet I do paleo , and see if you have good results. Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I know I had a thyroid uptake scan which showed I had graves. I know a couple of weeks ago my tsh was at 2. In July it was at 1.

The doctor increased my levoxyl to mcg. I start that on Tuesday. I have an appointment with a nature path doctor in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for the advice. My eyelashes are falling out at a much higher rate this week and am feeling pretty defeted. Like I said though, I sure appreciate the advice and will look at the site on Facebook. My hair was falling out profusely and my eyebrows were only half full none on the ends. When my doctor added Cytomel a T3 synthetic medication I slowly started getting better. You have to be careful and go slow with T3 and increase every 6 weeks in small increments.

I was extremely nauseated the first month, but then it went away. With each increase by 2mg, I got better and better, but it was a process you have to be patient with. I now take 15mg of Cytomel with 75mg of Synthroid each morning.

My hair has stopped falling out and is growing back in. I have energy since T3 is what makes your ATP and mitochondria work on the cellular level. Ends up that I was right. I do better on the higher end and am sick as a dog on the lower end. That could be why I have so much inflammation on Nature-throid. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Thyroid peroxidase antibody TPO —the most common test for autoimmune thyroid disease; it can be detected in Graves disease or Hashimoto thyroiditis.

Thyroglobulin antibody TGAb — this antibody targets thyroglobulin, the storage form of thyroid hormones. Thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin TSI binds to receptors and promotes the production of thyroid hormones, leading to hyperthyroidism. Thyroid binding inhibitory immunoglobulin TBII blocks TSH from binding to receptors, blocking production of thyroid hormones and resulting in hypothyroidism. So sorry about your eyelashes and hair: I am losing hair from my scalp and eyebrows.

Good luck with your hair loss as well. Isabelle has a book called the Root Cause. Suzie Cohen has books out too but u can find her on you tube too. They both have given me a lot of hope.

And she has given me a lot of hope. I prayed about who to see and her name popped up. You can go on Isabelle website and she will daily send you emails with loads of info. You are not alone. Will keep you in my prayers. That you may find the answer you need. For women, our hair represents our femininity, and losing our hair is a constant reminder that something is off and that we are not well.

I hope that some of these strategies can help you get your hair back! If you have tried all of the strategies mentioned below. Sometimes, when your TSH is on the outskirts of the normal range, you can continue to lose hair, and your hair may lack luster and shine.

If you hair tangles easily, this is a sign that you may not be getting enough thyroid hormone. Talk to your doctor. You should see a change within weeks. Consider the type of thyroid medication you are taking. Synthroid, Levoxyl and Tirosint only contain T4, the less active hormone. Iron deficiency Iron deficiency is one of the most common reasons for hair loss in pre-menopausal women. Be sure to check your Ferritin levels.

Ferritin is the Iron storage protein and is an early indicator of Iron deficiency. When we have a lack or Iron, our body pulls it from hair, and conserves it for more vital processes.

Balance your blood sugar! Blood sugar swings brought on by eating too many carbohydrates and not enough quality proteins and fats can wreak havoc on your health and hair!

Blood sugar swings encourage the conversion of T4 to reverse T3. Consider a Biotin supplement. The inflammation puts the adrenals on overdrive, depleting our Biotin stores. Biotin is an important vitamin and deficiencies have been found to cause hair loss. Fatty acid deficiencies result in dry, dull, lifeless hair. Eating Omega-3 containing fish, taking an Omega-6 supplement like Evening Primrose Oil and even doing an Olive oil hair mask at home can help bring back the shine to your hair.

Ditch those processed hair products Opt for an organic shampoo and conditioner. Although I believe that healthy hair comes from within, shampoos that contain toxic chemicals and gluten can be detrimental to your scalp resulting in inflamed hair follicles.

Years ago they said it was alopecia. Though labs for zinc, copper, ceruloplasmin, B6, etc. Then you know where to start with supplementation pyrrole is due to a zinc and B6 deficiency as well as gauge progress with followup labwork.

Primary care physicians only treat if your labs are abnormal. The natural paths will treat if you have symptoms. Find an Integrative Medicine Doctor who treats the entire body. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was 30, now Initially hyper thyroid, now hypo with weight gain, fogginess and hair loss.

My thyroid has totally atrophied to not seen on an ultrasound. Hi I just found this site and I am feeling like if I have ant chance of feeling normal again it is going to be by my own hand in research.

I have been to so many doctors of many specialties and to no avail. I have had so many side effects from throid cancer that resulted in a thyroidectomy.

I have severe burning nerve damaged peripheral neuropathy that has really affected my quality of life. It started within 2 months of thyroidectomy. As well as blood sugar going into duabetic range, cholesterol etc. After 5 years of research I have determined that gluten is a no no, exercise is a must, a contnual watch of vitamin absorption.

But above all there is definitely a direct relationship between what is happening in my gut. The only doctor that I have received some confirmation from was a neurologist on tv, Dr. Next step I think is holistic nutritionist. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. My feet hurt within 15 minutes of eating and I cannot sleep without a pain pill.

I am not saying that every one who takes humira gets cancer. Please just be wary. First I like to thank you for the reply and recommendation. Its hard trying to live on my own with numerous disabilities. My Thyroid level is coming close to the limit. So my cholesterol is still high, and I just got a frantic call from the Dr. Office that I need to increase my Vitamin D. Can the illness confirmed on this blood work test, and I know all doctors do not like to here the word LYMES and have an excuse for something else.

But I was in perfect health until I contracted Lyme Disease twice. Not everyone gets it bad if its caught right away but some do and it just stays with them. As of today, I am numb from my waste down and have taken several falls, still having my seizures, also the arms and the typical joint pain enhanced from all my accidents with broken back, arms, legs, ribs, 10 concussions i received from 11 car accidents. I was the passenger hundred pounds slammed to the ground which took 15 min to get off.

All I can say is smile if you wake up, if its a bed day or week whatever. God Bless and keep the faith. Hi John, thanks for the reminder about enjoying one day at a time. I was wondering if you ever contacted Dr. I saw a Lyme specialist article by Dr. Auwaerter who seems to understand the disease.

Good Luck to you. I sent a relative info from somewhere on the internet a few months back regarding hyperthermal treatments for her lyme disease. One site directed basically home hot bath type treatments.

There are some centers that use such therapy but apparently the cyst form is resistant so it has to go on regularly to catch the spirochetes out of that form. Anyway my story is in 97 I developed the wonderful cyst you can get from LD. Had 8 surgically removed and actually was able to remove them myself thats how bad and disgusting it was. But after numerous diasese treatments, Lupus, as, ms, and several others.

After insisting treatment for LD after 9 months of the disease and medication games, i began to feel better Long story short, after the 4th massive bulls eye, it attacked my thyroid which had to be removed last year, we cannot get it under control going from hypo to hyper and visa versa.

Im on total disability because of passing out driving, seizures,and 63 more out of the 85 symptoms of LTL, and other autoimmune diseases. Im poked like a pin cushion every weeks. My question is when it ends up attacking the Liver is that basically it for people whom died from this disease? Maybe it will help people what to expect.

And please this is no disrespect to anyone, and I apologize if I offended anyone. Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Pond Ash. Dey Study on soft clay dampers. Dey Liquefaction potential of pond ash. Manita Das and Ashim Dey Parbin Sultana and Ashim Kanti Dey Rupam Saikia and Ashim Kanti Dey Puja Dutta and Ashim Kanti Dey Dey and Minakshi Paul Dey and Koushik Deb Dey and Tushar Samal Dey and Prasenjit Debnath Dey and Abhijit Sutradhar Application of Geopolymer in foundations.

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Tech taking classes of Seismology and also Rock Mechanics. Born in the year Sc degree in Geology from Guwahati University in D degree in from Guwahati University. Served as a member of different geological societies of ISTE. Innovative research work in the field of Adsorption technology. Research work for heavy metal removal from water and wastewater using rice husk is highly acknowledged. His recent papers in the international journals and their references in other international journal papers are being referred worldwide with more than Citation in International Journals.

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More than 19 years of teaching experience to UG and PG level students. He has supervised eight M. Tech projects and three PhD scholars. At present he is also supervising four PhD scholar. Admission Co-ordinator , institute level and CE department level 5. Lab In-charge of Environmental Engineering and to till date , Dept. He has published 66 number of Research Paper in total out of which 26 are in reputed Journals, 04 in edited books and the rest in Conferences.

He has more than Citation in International Journals. Tiwari, Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi, , Dutta, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, , Journal of Hazardous Materials Elsevier , B, , Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment. In other browsers If you use Safari, Firefox, or another browser, check its support site for instructions. What happens after you clear this info After you clear cache and cookies: Some settings on sites get deleted. Some sites can seem slower because content, like images, needs to load again.

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